Discover How

A Mother Of Two
Boys Found An Extra
Two Hours Per Day

To Successfully Build a
Franchised Business System

  • Mentoring

    Mentoring is a way for you to have access to an individual coach that can assess your goals and help you to create your ideal life and business. Tina provides a ver personalised approach to help you to earn more, use your time more wisely, scale up your business, love your life and elevate your success.

  • Speaking

    With experience in small business, franchising, launching at 20 years of age and having two young children, Tina has a fresh and inspirational perspective on how you can grow and reach your potential.

  • Tina’s Story

    Tina started in business as a young woman at 20 years old while studying Primary Teaching at uni. She's now running the Nationwide education franchise Begin Bright, is married with two gorgeous boys, works for The Hunger Project and combines the city high life with life on her Tweed Coast farm.


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Yesterday I dropped the ball big time. Something that is not a regular occurence but when it happens, it makes me feel like I’m the worst Mum and business owner there is. Most working mums have been there before and […]

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