Ep135 How to create your Million Dollar Micro Business

I often like to do my planning from 'completion backwards'. That is I start with what I want at the end and then match the plan of action to those results. This week on the podcast I wanted to share a chapter of my new Best Selling (YAY!) book with you and traditionally that would be chapter 1 to try to entice you to jump on and purchase the book (if you haven't already).

But I'm anything but traditional. I am sharing with you today the final chapter of Million Dollar Micro Business. This is because I want you to know how it wraps up. I want you to hear the summary and feel what it would feel like to have followed the book and be ready to go BIG in the world with your online programs.

Then, if you love what you hear and want the gaps all filled in, head to milliondollarmicrobusiness.com and order your copy of the book and grab yourself the free digital workbook.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • A peek through the last chapter of Million Dollar Micro Business 
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Show Transcription:

Hi friend, I often like to do my planning from completion backwards. That is, I start with what I want at the end, and then match the plan of action to those results that I'm after. And so this week on the podcast, I wanted to share a chapter of my new best selling book, Thank you, with you, and traditionally, that would be chapter one. So when I've done this with my first book, I shared chapter one. Most people when they share an excerpt or a teaser, it's chapter one, to try to entice you to jump on and purchase the rest of the book, if you haven't already. And I know a lot of my beautiful listeners have. But I am anything but traditional. So I'm sharing with you today the final chapter of Million Dollar Micro Business. And this is because I want you to know how it wraps up. I want you to hear the summary, and feel what it would feel like to have followed the book and be ready to go big in the world with your online programs. And then if you love what you hear, and you want all the gaps filled in, you can go to milliondollarmicrobusiness.com and order your copy of the book. And if you have already got a copy of the book, make sure you go to milliondollarmicrobusiness.com because we do have the digital workbook there and I got the stats the other day from our publisher of how many people have purchased the book and we only have about 15% of those have gone to a milliondollarmicrobusiness.com and got the free accompanying digital workbook. So if you haven't got that, go and get all of those free resources. And if you haven't bought the book yet, grab your copy of the book, get all of those so that you can get all of the benefit that you can. So I want to share with you the final chapter for a Million Dollar Micro Business, and I hope you love it. 

Welcome to Episode 135, where today, I am sharing with you the final chapter of Million Dollar Micro Business. So this is if you've got a copy of the book, page 277. So maybe you have the book already and you haven't got this far. Or maybe you're thinking is this something that I need in my life and I want to share with you the final chapter here. So this is page 277 chapter 25.

Where to from here.

You, my darling friend, are ready to launch. There are many ways to launch an online course. The way I recommend you start with is both the simplest and the one that will get you the best results.

You want to be able to have fun at your first launch because this life is supposed to be fun. So try and keep it simple and keep it light you need to because the first time you launch you will be scared shitless. Well, it's a super low financial investment, you will have put a lot of yourself into it. You will have stepped way outside of your comfort zone. You'll be worried about being judged by friends, family, and especially yourself. This is not the time to back away and play it safe if you truly want success, this is the time to dive in and give it everything you've got.

A launch, done right, is full on. You're highly engaged with your team and your community and showing up in all the places you need to with lots of energy and crystal clear messaging.

In the lead up to your launch be prepared to show yourself embracing who you are and owning the expertise and credibility that I know you have. Know that you can do this, that all the ideas you've had for your life while you've been reading this book are totally possible for you.

A million dollar business means $83,333 a month, which is $19,230 a week, or $2,739 a day. They can seem like absurdly big numbers at the start but with time, you'll come to see that it can be done. From the example of the successful course creators that I've worked with, it's entirely realistic to expect to achieve that level within two or three years of starting. I'm going to caveat. This is not in the book. But this is the thing that I get asked all the time from people. It's strange, isn't it me reading things, because I'm always so off the cuff with my podcast.

So I may interject here and there. But this is the thing that I get asked all the time from people like how long do you think it's going to take me to get to that seven figure business, and there's, there's no guaranteeing anything in life, obviously. But what I've seen from the people that I've worked with is if you do all the things, two to three years is super realistic, which is amazing. Amazing. It took me nine years to do that in my traditional business. Okay, I'm going back to the book now.

The key is to sustain your efforts for at least 18 months with as much enthusiasm as you had on day one. I'll say that bit again. The key is to sustain your efforts for at least 18 months with as much enthusiasm as you had on day one. You only, I'm adding this bit in as well, I'm thinking I should have added so much more of the book, it was so hard to keep it under 100,000 words. But I repeat that line twice. Because this is the hardest part, right? Is you come out of the gate all fired up, all ready to go, all like determined and excited and all of the enthusiasm but you're going to fall short of your expectations most likely unless you're like full pessimists that's like you know, if I get one person, I'll be happy. One of our success stories in the book actually was Kayse Morris and her goal at the start was to pay her Netflix bill. And so you know, when she got $40,000 in the first 30 minutes of her launch, she was like what, but most people aren't like that. So the key is to continue without any loss of enthusiasm or momentum, and know that your success is inevitable when you can do that you will get this so much faster.

Back to the book.You'll get the results if you persist until you achieve them.

Now to recap, to prepare for launch, you needed to work your way through the following steps that I've outlined throughout Million Dollar Micro Business.

  1. Create a brand that you love.
  2. Do your fear setting exercise. 
  3. Make your transformation promise crystal clear.
  4. Know your vision.
  5. Set up your business and protect your IP.
  6. Create your course.
  7. Set up your pricing 
  8. Create your webinar.
  9. Establish your content marketing.
  10. Run a practice webinar.
  11. Get comfortable on camera.
  12. Create your systems and procedures. 
  13. Hire your team.
  14. Create the launch plan. 
  15. Create your client onboarding and ongoing services plan.
  16. Set your goals.
  17. Go

So throughout this book, I've shown you how you can cover each of these steps. If you've read it in one hit, you go back to the beginning and this time create as you go. The book is designed as a handbook and a guide to bringing your business to life.

Your first launch is one of the most valuable learning experiences you will ever have. As the energy and anticipation builds, you will become increasingly apt. Clear your space and your time when you're ready to go. Everything that can be pre-scheduled should be. You need complete focus to give this the attention that it deserves. Don't find yourself writing the social media posts and emails on the day they're going out. All of that needs to be done well ahead so that when you're in launch mode, all of your energy is directed towards connecting with clients. Clear your inbox before you start and clear your schedule of day to day activities allow nothing else to interrupt or distract you in your launch week.

When you hit live and send your course out into the world your nerves will be out of control. Gosh, even I still feel nervous at a major launch. You'll check your emails like a woman possessed, watching sales coming in and getting so excited as you welcome another person into your course. Each one of these transactions represents the faith they've put in you and what you've created, and you need to recognize this and send them that message of love and recognition. You will spend much of your launch welcoming people, promoting on social media, answering people's questions and comments, and thanking people for sharing. You will go through periods of exhaustion, which is why I have emphasized the need to be well prepared to ensure you have the energy that you need to succeed.

Be really kind to yourself. Be patient and remember that this is a marathon, not a sprint. Your first launch may feel so far from your million dollar dream. But the launch itself is an incredible achievement no matter what the result. It will teach you so much about what you need to know, what needs changing and tweaking and how to get your messaging even clearer to attract your perfect client.

Unless you've run out of space, or you're a hardcore narcissist, you will feel the fear of being under the spotlight. This can hold you back more than anything else. People surveyed have said that they would rather die than step onto a stage and speak publicly. Your fears will threaten to undo you.

What if they don't like me?
What if they think I'm too fat?
What if they see that scar on my face?
What if they think I'm ugly?
What if they don't think I'm smart enough?
What if nobody shows up?
What if nobody buys my course?
What if they hate my clothes?
What if I sound annoying?
What if I phrase or say the wrong thing?
What if I make a fool of myself?
What if I'm just not good enough?

What if? There were so many fears you could fall victim to. But what if you recognize that and break through and do it anyway? What if you feel that uncertainty in the pit of your stomach and do it anyway? What if your wildest dreams come true and you become your own champion? Choose life. Choose to be the one of the few brave enough to step up and truly shine. Then you get to encourage others to do the same.

Yesterday, I took a break from writing and I went out on a friend's boat. I grew up with boats and used to water ski and wakeboard every weekend and I absolutely loved the free feeling of zooming around on the water. But then I stopped for two years while I had my babies. When I finally got back on the water behind the boat, I went to step off the pontoon onto my ski as I had hundreds of times before. I stepped off the platform, the boat accelerated and I slipped. I'm not sure what or how it happened. But the front of the wooden ski shot up and hit me right between the eyes, splitting open and breaking my nose. I found myself treading water in a growing pool of blood and in a state of shock. It was two years before I tried it again. This time there was no jumping off the pontoon. I was going to take a safer start from the deep water and let the boat pull me up.

The boat took off with a roar and I held on grimly determined to overcome my fear and stand tall. I gripped the rope while I was being pulled through the water. But I couldn't stand up. I tried again and again and again. And each time the rope was ripped right out of my hands and I was unable to hold on. By the time I admitted defeat my hands were raw and shaking. I cried with frustration and shared disappointment.

That was eight years ago. Yesterday, I sat nervously on the boat wondering whether to try again. I knew that if I succeeded, I would feel so empowered on top of the world. But I also knew that if I failed, I would not only feel humiliated in front of my family and friends. But more than anything, I would be disappointed in myself. I ran through the fear setting exercise in my head and decided the possible upside was worth risking the potential downside. I was in a safe space, and no one on that boat would have thought less of me if I failed. They just wanted me to give it a try. I strapped the wakeboard onto my feet feeling my heart beating heavily and the nerves in the pit of my stomach.

You know the feeling. In my mind, I ran through a quick visualization of the boat taking off with me holding strong and standing, standing tall. I felt what it would feel like to do it perfectly. And I jumped in.

Once I was ready, I looked expectantly at my husband, Matt, the only one who knew what this actually meant to me. And he just smiled calmly looking like he already totally knew I would nailed it. I yelled out, yep, ready, and tightened my grip, looked at my body and told it, we could do this. The boat took off. And up, I popped straight to the top of the water like that old fear had never even been there. I skimmed across the water feeling the spray hit my face and feeling like I could do anything in the world. I truly wanted to. I share this story, because we all feel like there's things in life that are just not for us. Like there are things accessible to others, but not on the cards for us. If you have the desire in your heart to do something, you owe it to yourself to try, you will never feel like you're truly capable of something until it's done. The only person it's important to prove yourself to is you. Every time you find yourself doing something you are unsure you would be able to do it will give you a little more confidence in yourself, which will then fuel you to go on and try that next step. That momentum will build and before you know it, you'll be stepping onto that stage with the spotlight on you. Your heart, yes, we'll be beating like a drum. But because you've stepped up and proved it to yourself hundreds of times in little ways before, you know you're going to be fine. You know, you're safe to try because you've tried so many things before. So don't hold back from trying that next little thing, it could well be that the world is waiting for that very thing that you have in your head right now.

Our 'what if' fears are all about us. And this is actually a selfish way of looking things because this launch is really not about us at all. It's about the people we serve, and the impact that we can have on others. Don't make it about you. Focus on those you're helping and what you can do for them.

Think of your first launch and the subsequent ones as an experiment. And know that not only will you achieve your goals, but the journey will bring you more than you could ever imagine. The journey is the fun part. I've just added that in there. The only way that this doesn't work is if you don't do the work. You'll learn so much about yourself and about the world. You'll enrich your human experience on this earth simply by daring to have a go.

Be proud of yourself for committing to a life less ordinary, and being bold enough to design your life on your terms, while committing to living a life of service to others. Trust in the process. Think about the clients you're serving. Listen to your heart and follow your joy. Know that if you do this, your life will be quite different in the years to come. Your current circumstances right now, do not determine your future. Never underestimate what you are capable of, and who you are capable of becoming.

You are creating something that will give you a level of freedom denied to so many in this world, you will be one of the few lucky ones who get to do what they love and get paid well for doing it. Then you can use your wealth to make a difference in your community and in the world and make your life count.

I am incredibly happy for you. I'm so grateful that you've trusted me on this journey and I can't wait to receive that email from you about your new course and your first launch. I believe in you and your dreams. And I know you're about to prove to yourself just how awesome your life can be.

Dream big, plan well and take massive action.

And that my friends is the final chapter of Million Dollar Micro Business.

So if you liked that, and you want to know how to get to that point go completion backwards graa copy of Million Dollar Micro Business, you can get it from any bookstore. If you're in the US, as I know a lot of you are, it's launching in the US on August 9. So not very long to wait. But you can pre order now from Amazon. And be sure to go to milliondollarmicrobusiness.com and get your free digital workbook. And thank you so much for everyone who has purchased it already, who has shared it with your friends who has left a review, I'm being sent reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. And that just helps it to go far and wide. And you know this being an author is not an easy thing. There's so much work that goes into it and so much that you have to do to try and expand the reach of the book. And, you know, for me getting messages and Instagram DMS and seeing people that I don't know, has been one of my biggest delights because it means that you, my beautiful community who know me so well have been sharing it with your friends. And so I want to say a big massive thank you to that. I do appreciate it and appreciate you. And you, I hope that all I want with this book is to make it easy and accessible for people which is why I wrote a book in the first place is because under $30 you can grab it and know how to get a start in the online course world. And that's what I want for people to be able to experience it and and help others with your beautiful unique knowledge that you already have. So thank you for joining me on that journey. I hope you love the book, please share it with your friends, and have the most awesome day.




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