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Tina has over 14 years of experience in starting, building and selling companies, she's a speaker, teacher, mumma and traveller. She's unapologetic about living an intentionally big life and if you want too, this show is designed to show you many different options to help you gain clarity over YOUR version of awesome.

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Vanity metrics are definitely a thing in the online course world - revenue, email list size, social media followers... they're important, for sure. But - none of it matters if you don't have profit and quality engagement.


Quality over quantity every single time.


In today's episode I'm sharing with you my thoughts on building your list. If you want to know the top 5 ways that I have found to build a quality engaged email list, register for my free webinar at tinatower.com/list

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Show Transcription: 

Hi friends and welcome to episode 162 of Her Empire Builder podcast. Today's episode is a nice short sharp one answering something that I get asked all the time; how important is list size to your success as a course creator.

So I'm going to run you through that today but I am also running a detailed masterclass for it for Her Empire Builder open week when we have doors open for a week on 5th April. The masterclass is going to be on 12th April so if you want to know how, then I'm going to be sharing with you the five best ways to build your list. You can register for that free masterclass at www.tinatower.com/list but today, what I'm going to be sharing with you is how important is list building to actual course creator success. As a hint, I will let you know that I reached my first million dollars with 2,000 people on my waist. So there's a little hint. Alright, let's get into it.

Hi friend. I'm Tina Tower, Business Strategist and Digital Online Empire Builder. I've been in business since I was 20 years old and have since built and sold four businesses. I started in the world of online courses in 2017 and grew to a seven figure annual turnover in just under two years. To say I love the game of business is an understatement. I'm a world traveller, a mama, a wife, a best selling author, and I love the freedom that we have to create the business and life that we want to live. It takes courage to break the rules and shake things up and do it your way. Through Her Empire Builder, I share my experience and bring you lessons from some of the world's best to help you dream big, plan well, and take massive action. It is absolutely possible to run a thriving, growing business to positively impact the world and have a beautiful personal life without hustling and working yourself into exhaustion. I want that for you. Let's enjoy the journey my friend.

So there are a lot of vanity metrics in business. You know, a lot of people will talk about revenue, how many followers they have on social media, what their list size is, and all of these things are definitely important. Definitely, but revenue does not matter as much as profit. How many followers you have on social media doesn't matter as much as how much engagement you have, and how big your list size doesn't matter as much as the quality of that list. So rather than focusing on vanity metrics, what we want to focus on is quality over quantity.

When it comes to building your list, there's lots of different ways that you can do that. I just mentioned our webinar, that's going to show you the five best ways that I've learned for me and my clients. So you can register for that one, www.tina tower.com/list, but the ways that you build the list will determine the quality of your list size. Then your list is incredibly important because the bigger your list, the more success you will have every time you launch. So what I mean by that, across the board with all of my Her Empire Builder clients, when we do a launch, there's always launch debriefs. So I get to see a lot of the numbers and a lot of the conversions and usually conversion, when you run a launch, you will have sales that will be 1 to 5% of your list size. So whatever your list size is, it's usual your goal should be between 1 and 5% of that, for how many people will buy your programme.

Now 1 to 5% is a massive difference and what I find the difference in that is how that list was actually obtained. So the people that, you know, the bigger you go, normally the lower it actually drops because it's not as organic. You know, you're starting to use Facebook advertising and starting to cast the net a little bit wider but what you want to do on that path to your first six figures or even your first seven figures, is don't be all things to all people because like I said before, it's not the quantity but the quality that matters most. So when you're going to, I mean we all know the easiest way to build your list is with a great lead magnet. That is definitely the easiest way but again, you know, you have to market that lead magnet because build it and they will come is not a thing. You've got to be able to get that in front of the right people but when it comes to making a lead magnet, you can even make a lead magnet that is totally wide and popular and appealing to a lot of different people, which will build your list but is it going to build your list with clients that are going to want to pay you for your services. This is the most important part. Sometimes I see people that will, you know, focus on list growth which, obviously, I'm a fan, because the bigger your list, the more people you're going to be able to have buy from you, but you want to have the people that are on your list being the people that are going to want to do business with you. So when it comes to designing your lead magnet, you want to be perfect for your perfect customer. That's it.

I'm not going to run webinars and lead magnets and podcast episodes on things that are unrelated to my perfect customer because if you're not interested in lead magnets, and you're not interested in list building, you're not interested in personal brand, then you know what, you're never going to be a client of mine. So I only talk about the things that are going to be perfect for my perfect customer, because they're the people I want to talk to. So every time you go to put something out, I want you to ask yourself with that perfect customer, is this the exact thing that they're looking for right now? Is this going to deliver them massive value? Is this going to be something that they're going to see and go yes, this is exactly what I need in my life right now. So, you want to really focus on that. Don't be all things to all people, be perfect for the perfect customer.

The second thing when building your list is to build relationships. So again, one of the reasons why you get more towards the 5% conversion when you're starting out rather than the 1% is until you get massive numbers, you actually have more time and energy to build better relationships. So, when you've got tens of thousands of people on your list, you can't be reaching out to people and saying, hey, how you going, tell me about your business, tell me about your day, what's happening, like, let's make an actual real life, relationship and connection. It's much easier when you are smaller. So making sure that you've got all of the automations set up on your list and Kajabi does this so well in when someone joins your list, like that's a massive thing, but you want to keep them engaged, because lists are filled with a whole lot of people that will opt into something and then unsubscribe, and then you've wasted that whole opportunity. So if you've got someone where they're like, oh my gosh, your thing is the thing that I want, and they've joined your list, you want to help them stay on there and you do that by creating that relationship. So you want to make sure that you've got that email sequence set up and if someone hits reply, I see this all the time, if someone bothers to hit reply to your email, hit reply back, don’t just delete that, because that is something. Someone’s reached out to you, someone's taken the time to go, hey, how you going, this is what I'm going through. Make sure you're taking the time to send that back to them so that you can keep that relationship going, because the thing is, when we come to building our list, when we think of the whole purpose of building a list, it's so that we can start to form relationships with people. It's the online version of our old networking events, when you know, if anyone's been in business for long enough, you know, those, oh my gosh, I'm so glad that those days are over, where you used to go into a room and do like your 60 second elevator pitch and then people would start handing out business cards. Then at the end, though, you'd have this pile of business cards. I'm showing my age here aren’t I, but you had this pile of business cards, and you would decide, do I want to keep this one? Like will I work with this person or will I want to refer someone to this person or does this one go in the bin? This is exactly the same, but the online version.

People are opting into different things and then they're going to decide, do I want to keep engaged with this person or do I want to put this one in the bin? So you want to keep that engagement going and what happens is something incredibly magical. When you get that engagement going you never have to sell again. This is what I love so much about the online world that we live in now, with launches especially. So in Her Empire Builder we launch twice a year. We have a sales period twice a year for two weeks but we never have to do hard sell on people because in that every six months, in that offseason, I'm continuing to deliver every week. I'm putting out valuable podcast episodes, I'm putting out content on social media, blog posts, articles, videos, everything to help people grow their business, which means that the audience stays engaged. Then when we open the doors to our programme, it's not this scrambling in going, how are we going to find people to come in? Everyone's there ready, waiting. They've been waiting for the doors to open. So there's no selling involved. It's just going, hey, we're now here, don’t miss it, here’s how you can join. Then my audience can decide, are they ready for that now or not? Are they wanting to level up now or is now not the right time for growth, and they want to wait another six months? That's really what it comes down to.

This is what I want for your business as well. If you are building your list, and you're keeping that list engaged, never ghost people when you're not launching. This is the biggest thing on list building is, you know, you, you want to have that weekly newsletter, you want to have that engagement going, you want to have content going to your customers that is going to keep them engaged, that is going to show hey, you know what you're talking about, and you can add massive value. When you do that, you never have to sell again, which is a place of beauty.

Okay, I said this one was short and sharp so I'm keeping to my word. That is the benefit and why it is so important to build a quality list. So yes, list size is important, but only if it is quality over quantity. Then of course, more quality will mean higher course sales and a more profitable business for you. So if you want to know the five best ways that I have found to build your list, register now for our free webinar, www.tinatower.com/list, and I so look forward to seeing you there on the screen. When I run the webinar, I will be running it from Cabo in Mexico, which I'm so excited about. I'm travelling around for five weeks, so I'll be in Palm Springs and Sedona and Miami and Costa Rica, and then I'm running my launch from Mexico because I want that energy. So you will see beautiful Cabo in the background if you come on to the masterclass, and you know, I might have some maracas or something there. I might have flowers in my hair, who knows, but I hope to see you there, www.tinatower.com/list. It's a free webinar. It's the only free webinar that I'm running this launch. So I will see you there but in the meantime, get to building a perfect lead magnet and engage with your list. So if you're someone who's listening, and you go, actually I've ghosted my list a little bit, I haven't been keeping up with the correspondence or I haven't been giving massive value to the people that have subscribed, that’s the thing I want you to do today. Go, how can you engage with that list again? Or if you're not really building an email list yet, if it's not at that size, and you need to increase, jump onto social media, say hello to the people that are following you, get that engagement going, build that relationship, go old school. Don’t think of it like numbers and followers, think of it as humans that you're connecting with and building those relationships with. Have the best day.

Thank you so much for listening to this episode of Her Empire Builder. If you loved it, please share it on Instagram for your friends and be sure to tag me at @tina_tower so I can say thank you, and if you really want to deliver me smiles, you can pop a review on Apple podcasts. I would love to hear from you so if you have any questions at all, email me at [email protected], and if you would like to work with me further, all of the free resources and my courses can be found at www.tinatower.com. Now I truly hope this podcast gives you so much value and you can use it to dream big, plan well and take massive action in building your very own empire that's just for you. Have the greatest day.