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We've got a bit of a different episode for you this week's episode of the Her Empire Builder Podcast!

A couple of weeks ago, Tina Tower had a bee in her bonnet, so she decided to put her Ranty-Pants on and go LIVE on Instagram to share some of the things that she simply couldn't let go of - mainly t
he inequities that females in business face every day.

This episode is a recording of the Instagram Live from July 2022, where Tina is rightfully donning her 'Ranty-Pants' publicly!

It is our hope that sharing this makes you feel less alone, and helps you know that you're right where you need to be right now.

You can do anything and create the absolute future of your dreams, no matter where you're at right now.

We hope you enjoy Tina's ranty pants!

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Show Transcription: 

Episode 175 - Ranty Pants - Why Women Have Less Time And Money 

Hello, you beautiful human you. I've got a bit of a different episode for you today. There was a couple of weeks ago, I had a bee in my bonnet. And I went live on Instagram about all sorts of things that were bothering me at the time. And I wanted to put it on here as a podcast episode because although it is not as structured and coherent as a lot of my podcast episodes are, it's something that I wanted to keep  not just as a fleeting thing on an Instagram Live, but put it on the podcast, because it's something that's really important to me.

And talking about, you know, the inequities that we face in terms of being a female in business, and that we all don't have equal starts and that we all don't have the same 24 hours in a day. And there was a few things that happened one after another that kind of got my ranty pants on. And it's not often that I rant. And so I thought, You know what, I'm gonna pop it on the podcast. So today for you, I have the episode that I have called ranty pants, which is the recording of an Instagram Live that I did a couple of weeks ago. I would love to hear your thoughts on it, share it with me on Instagram, and tag me Tina_Tower and let me know what you think, because I don't think I'm alone in a lot of this.

But I think a lot of it is not necessarily the cool thing to talk about. Or you know, it seems at the moment that it's this real vibe of we it's going away from work hard play hard to just play and somehow it's not cool to work, which is really confusing. Because obviously my value system is hard work. And I don't think anything is wrong with that. And most successful people I know work hard because they love what they do. Anyway, let me know your thoughts on this. I'm going kind of here, there and everywhere in this episode. But hopefully it's entertaining and more than anything, hopefully it's thought provoking. That is my goal with putting it on here is that it can spark some ideas in you. And that it will make you feel good about where you're at right now and what you're dealing with because I hate that people are made to feel bad about where they are in their own unique journey. And I'm hoping that sharing this makes you feel less alone, and makes you feel like you're right where you need to be right now and that you can do anything and create the absolute future of your dreams no matter where you're at right now.

Anyway, enjoy my ranty pants.

Hi friend. I'm Tina tower, business strategist and digital online Empire Builder. I've been in business since I was 20 years old and have since built and sold for businesses. I started in the world of online courses in 2017 and grew to a seven figure annual turnover in just under two years. To say I love the game of business is an understatement. I'm a world traveller, a mama, a wife, a best selling author, and I love the freedom that we have to create the business and life that we want to live. It takes courage to break the rules and shake things up and do it your way. Through her Empire Builder. I share my experience and bring you lessons from some of the world's best to help you dream big plan well and take massive action. It is absolutely possible to run a thriving, growing business that positively impacts the world and have a beautiful personal life without hustling and working yourself into exhaustion. I want that for you. Let's enjoy the journey my friend.

Hi friends. Hello, hello, it is Tina tower here and I haven't gone live for a while. A couple of months I think since I've gone live and I wanted to today because ah sometimes I think we are given different messages that come in from the world that cannot be ignored. And it's been one thing after another for me that keeps bringing up this topic of the gender pay gap. So today, I really just want to share some thoughts on little things on small things just like the gender pay gap, unrealistic expectations that we place on ourselves and on others, and bullshit stories that we are fed each and every day. And the bullshit stories are the ones that are getting me going. Because we see them all the time. All the time. We are fed these bullshit stories that can be really disheartening and can make us feel like we're doing something wrong. And this has really been pushed to the forefront for me this week because my husband is away for a week. And so I've been looking at it from a whole different angle. And I did a post, or a story like a couple of days ago about this. And usually, I have about 1000 people a day view my Instagram stories. And out of that I woke up the next morning to 122 DMS, from women saying, “oh my gosh, this, this, this, this, like this is such an issue”.

And the reason that I started to get really amped up about it, it's not so much with the inequitable division of home labour, although that is a massive, massive thing. But it really made me start thinking about why men make more money than women. And this is why there are so many women that are trying to build businesses that are struggling, that aren't getting forward, because we have these ridiculous notions of what it takes to make money. And so I wanted to talk about that to you today is to share with you what my experience is. And what I have seen from coaching hundreds and hundreds of women over the last 18 years in business is it's a very different skill set and a very different thing that you're dealing with, to make money from nothing compared with growing wealth. Two very, very different things. And the cool part about this world that we live in, is once you have money, it is so much easier to make more of it. And sometimes I think that once people have money, they either forget how hard it was when they didn't have money, or they never came from a place of not having money.

Now what I mean by that is I was in a situation a couple of weeks ago, where someone was there. And they were upset about how much money they had, that they couldn't keep track of it. And that no one had taught them to manage it. And this was causing a lot of problems in their life. And also, now they've hit 40s, it's the first time they've got to watch their weight for the first time ever. And so these problems are real. Everyone's problems are valid. Now, this is what first started this train of thought was I was going yes, 100% I never want to discount somebody else's problems. However, there are very different problems to deal with. So there is a set of problems that you are so incredibly privileged to have. And another woman can have a set of problems that are so different, and they are not the same. And this is where it looped back in with my husband being away this week. I was going “oh my gosh, how do single women do this?” Like single mothers? How on earth do you build a business from nothing and from the ground up, and I was starting to think about when I got started.

Now that was a long time ago. But when I first started in business, we had nothing, absolutely nothing. And we had less than nothing. You know, and if you've been following me for a while, you know that story, you know how that will happen? So I'm not going to go into that. But I remember thinking at the time looking at people and I even give the same advice myself is I will say to people, okay, if you are lacking time and you want to build your business, you need to start outsourcing, you need to hire some help you need to get the kids looked after you need to get a cleaner, you need to get a team you need to get all the people that can help you to get your business to the next level. However, what if you have no money? It is a very big logistical issue. 


So I saw yesterday, three times from three separate occasions with the messaging around wealth building and mindset. And the way that you make money is all with mindset now. Yes, mindset is incredibly important to building wealth to putting yourself out there to have courage to finding the joy to not to lose to desperation, all of that 100 percent.

However, it is not all about mindset. Because there is logistics. There are pure and utter logistics. I hate it when people say everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. No they don't. My 24 hours now, so different to the 24 hours a day that I had when my kids were babies, my 24 hours a day now is so different to the 24 hours a day I had when they were toddlers, so different to the 24 hours when my husband stopped working and became a stay at home dad. 24 hours are not created equal. And so I think all of this messaging about mindset, and focusing on mindset can be so incredibly damaging because if you're the woman that is getting up at six o'clock in the morning, making lunches for the for the kids before they go off to school,  feeding babies, putting washing on doing like literally working like three to four hours before a 9am workday even starts. And then you go into a business that is high growth that you're like, I have ambition. I have plans. I have hopes, I have dreams. I have ability, like I am ready, willing and able and I'm gonna do this, right if you're thinking that you've been getting in, but you're already friggin exhausted.

You're getting into like, alright, it's go time, let's go. And you are feeding out and sending your energy out to each and every person. And then the day ends. The workday ends but it has not finished. There's thr kids there. There's cleaning, there's pets, there's housework, never ending housework, oh my gosh, not to mention. You're supposed to be sexually satisfied. You're supposed to create really solid friendships. You're supposed to have good relationships with extended family, and you're supposed to exercise. So how do you fit all of that in?

Well, the messaging is, well, if you want to do all that and have some peace and quiet for yourself and just wake up earlier. Okay, so we wake up at 5am. But what is the number one component to longevity? And long term health - it’s sleep! When are you supposed to sleep my friends? Anyway, so this was got me on all of these different things and going okay, how are we going to do all of this? And how are we going to grow because it is so easy to grow once you have money. Once you have money once you have those resources, it's all so much easier. And this is the thing that really stuck with me earlier in the week when I was receiving so many messages from women who felt like they were doing it wrong, because they were working so hard. And just this morning, I saw an Instagram message from someone who has been running a successful business for about a year. So not very long. And it said you know, “buy my programme, I don't need to show up or sell for three months and this business will still keep running without me. I spend most of my time sitting on the beach doing nothing.”

And I wanted to go oh my gosh, bullshit! Like bull shit! Somehow we're supposed to make it look easy. And make it look like everything is just happening so simply and falling in our laps and somehow that is supposed to be better. But what it does is it sends the message to every woman working her ass off right now that she's doing something wrong. And I want you to know this for sure. Nobody creates something from nothing. Simply nobody. Like I have been in business for a very long time. I am yet to see anybody do that. Because it takes so much time and energy and effort. And it breaks my heart to think that a woman who is dousing the coffee in the morning, doing everything to the best of her ability all day long for everybody in her life, getting to the end of the day pouring yourself that glass of wine, seeing some idiot on Instagram say it all happens effortlessly. And I make $100,000 a month and I barely have to work and her drinking that wine thinking what the fuck am I doing wrong? Because there is nothing you're doing wrong. 


And the thing is, what is cruel is, like I said before, it is so much easier to create something once you've already got some wealth. But at the beginning, that's not available. So it does suck. And it is really hard. One of my favourite sayings is entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won't, so that you can live the rest of your life, like most people can't. 


And the message I want to leave with you today is if you're going through hell right now, if you're at the stage in your business, where you're like, I have big dreams, I know I can get there, I'm a smart woman. Go through it, like go through it goes through that hell, but get to the other side as fast as you can. Don't feel like you're doing something wrong from working hard, because it is hard work. Otherwise, everyone would be successful. I mean, the statistics in Australia is there's two and a half million small businesses. The average income of a small business in Australia is less than six figures a year. So let the statistics tell you not everyone's killing it. But the reason is, is that it's so hard to get ahead. But the thing is, it is very, very possible. If you grit, if you can see the possibilities for yourself, if your dream is strong enough, and you are willing to sacrifice to work hard to go through the hell and do what you have to do until you can do what you want to do. If you can do that you will get to the other side.

What I think is so difficult is that so many people beat themselves up feeling like they're doing it wrong and they stay stuck in this loop of going “I should be working less, I should be outsourcing more”. Do not pay other people more than you're paying yourself. You deserve to get that remuneration, but if you're getting the remuneration, guess what - you're doing the work.

And that's what a lot of people don't tell you. This is the unfair part right is I don't believe in toxic positivity. So I was in two minds of whether to get on and rant to you today, because I'm going, you know, it's out of character for me. But it's something that's obviously got me so worked out because I think it is so incredibly damaging. And it's a dream stealer and killer. And I hate the thought of people feeling like shit every day for just doing the thing that they know they have to do to get that dream that they want to be able to get to. So I don't believe in toxic positivity.

However, I also believe in checking our privilege. And so people will ask me all the time: “How did you get through that?” It took a lot longer than what it takes now, like we didn't have the internet, we didn't have access to all of these things. It is, I think, more achievable. Now I see so many people, especially the people that are getting into online business, taking like a year or two to get through this bump. But the hard part is people feel like they should have one launch. And they should be hunky dory. But that is definitely not the case. And so what I like to do is go let's check our privilege. Let's know that no matter how hard we're working, no matter how well we're doing, there's always someone doing better. And there's always someone doing more poorly. And what made me so mad if you've been on since the beginning. What made me so mad was when the woman was talking about how difficult it is to manage her millions. And how that was a valid problem. Yes, I mean, that is a problem for her to deal with. Is it worth angst? No. I mean, one of the reasons why I love travel so much is because it knocks you in the face. How incredibly lucky we are. And I know that a lot of people will say it's hard work, not luck. Do not be mistaken. It is both. Like it is such a combination of both. And if you're watching me right now, I can guarantee you you are one of the lucky ones. I mean, if you step anywhere outside of main capital city in Asia, in Africa, in the Middle East in Eastern Europe in South America got the majority of the world lives on a couple of dollars a day.

Our problems are real, yes. However, they don't compare to what a lot of people are dealing with every day. And so we need to look at our problems and go, yes, they are valid, yes, they are there, but also, what a beautiful set of problems to have to deal with. My husband is away. And it was so beautiful to me the problems that happened. So like on Monday, I woke up to a shitstorm, like literally shitstorm, my dog had eaten something, there was poo all over the house, like everywhere, I go to take my beautiful designer sheepadoodle to the vet and get her fixed. The second day, we ran out of hot water on an eight degree day. And I'm like, You know what, I can call the person I can get it fixed. Like, again, all of the problems that we have, are things that have broken or things that have gone wrong from such a privileged position. And when I was doing all about, I got to then thinking about why is it so much harder for women than it is for men? Why is it that so many men are not dealing with the logistics that we as women are?

And even a lot of the women that I know whose husbands are stay at home dads, or take the primary caregiving responsibility, the women are still having a lot of that mental load. So even with the decision fatigue of figuring out through the day, all of the things like what do we make them for school lunches? What are we going to cook them for dinner? What are they eating at the moment? Do they like it? Do they not like it? Where are they going after school? What are the different activities? And then what are we going to look after for ourselves?

So between work and parenting, and health and exercise, and cleaning, and learning and studying, so that we're growing? I mean, every now and then I'm walking around looking at the indoor plants, and I'm going, Oh, shit, I gotta water the indoor plants. There are so many things to do. And for ambitious women, I think we have more ideas than we do have time and energy available. And so it's a combination of working out, okay, how are we going to get these ideas, put them into place? And how are we still going to function as normal, normal adults? And there is a tipping point for that. So if you are in your first year or two of business, and you are working your butt off, and you are looking at people on social media, and you're like, okay, they're taking a lot of time off, they're working only a few hours a week, they're earning a bazillion dollars, what am I doing wrong?

I want you to know this. They're either lying, or they've been doing it long enough that they've made enough money that they have help. And so for me now in my life, I have my husband that does all the cooking and cleaning. I don't have to worry about that in my mental load at all. He looks after all of the kids school notes, because I mean, oh my gosh, how many times do the kids schools like email you? He looks after all of that. He looks after taking the dogs to the groomers. I have a community manager who does my community and content. I have an EA who does my emails every single day so that I barely see any emails in any messages. I have someone that comes and does the gardening, I have someone that cuts the lawn, I have someone that does our cleaning, I put my laundry out and it goes to the laundromat and comes back all folded. There are so many things in my life now that I have one by one, earn a little bit of money and offloaded that to buy my time back. Because for me I want to spend my time on either doing the work that I love to do that I know is going to make an impact in the world that I want to make or playing. Let's hit play, enjoy whatever is bringing that at the time. But I don't want you to look at that now and think Gosh, what's she doing? How is she doing that? When I'm working my ass off all day because I want you to know there were so many years of me doing all the things of me finishing the day wondering how I was going to get any more energy to be able to change the world.

Hell, I didn't even want to change the world. I just wanted to be able to go for a walk or have 10 minutes on my own. I was meditating this morning. I'm going Gosh, remember when 10 minutes felt like like I would when my kids were toddlers sometimes shot myself in the pantry and just sit there and go and try and breathe because it was literally the only time I had the day that I got by myself.

Now, that version of me had a much more difficult life than this version of me now. So if you're in that situation, I don't want you to beat yourself up about being in that situation, my recommendation is get through it as quickly as you can keep your eye on the prize and go, right, I am going to improve my situation, every time I get that little bit of money, what am I going to do to be able to buy that little bit of time and making sure that you're leveraging that. So for me, I knew like, take my washing, for example. So washing, the laundromat picks it up on our doorstep, it's $20 a basket. And I know that I live just outside the city. So it's a little bit cheaper for me than then people that live in the city. But it's $20 a basket. Now they wash it, they bring it back folded, I just put it away. So that saves me around two to three hours a week, a lot of time and costs me about $50. Now to be able to do that, if I can use that two to three hours a week to do private coaching sessions, or anything in my membership, I'm getting 1000s of dollars an hour. So it's going to be worth doing that. And so what I did at the start was I did as many highly paid things as I possibly could. And I took that money, and I bought my time back. And so I'm in this constant loop of going, how can I create more whitespace, more whitespace, more whitespace to do bigger and better things. And it's asking your partner for what you need. So one of the biggest, one of the biggest, like prevailing themes through the messages that I had a couple of days ago, when everyone was messaging me about, like this, these gender roles that we play in our family was one. How did you get your husband to do this? And how do you not feel guilty? Now these are two very, very, very big things. So the first one, how did you get your husband to do this?


The same? People asked me the same thing about my kids like, `` How do you get your kids to be independent?” For me, it just always has been that way. So right from the very beginning of our relationship. We've always been partners, like we've always seen each other as we're in this together. And we don't necessarily have male roles and female roles, but we have roles for the season of our life. So pre kids, we both worked our asses off like constantly, I had three jobs while I was going through uni we bought property like I've always been a hustler. I've always been very ambitious. So we did that. And then when we had kids, babies need their mamas. And so I had my kids strapped to me. I would crouch under the desk, feed them like they would just with me all the time. And I absolutely loved that. But still never did any housework like, You know what? I'm growing? I'm feeding humans over here. I don't have time for all of that that you can do. And did I ever feel bad about that? Hell no. Why should I like it? I don't understand where the guilt comes from. Like, it's just not, it's just not a thing for me. And it breaks my heart that it's such a big thing for so many people. Because it's so hard to be a model. Like if you're doing everything in your home, and trying to build a whole business, it's literally logistically too many things. Like you will get burnt out you will break like remember, burnout is very, very simple. Burnout just happens when you have more stress in your life than more joy, and space and reward.

That's it that balance gets out of whack, burnout will happen. And so one of the things that we have to manage is going, how can we manage our problems? How can we manage our logistics? How can we manage our lives to have more joy and reward than we do have stress? It's very, very simple. And so looking at that, and then going how do you deal with the guilt? So once my kids went to school, that's when my husband became a stay at home dad. Because I was like, You know what, they don't need me 24 hours a day. Now we've got this like a school window, and I want to fly like I know exactly what I want to be able to do. I want to do all of these things, let me add it kind of thing. And he does not have the ambition that I have. And so rather than male role, female role we looked at, well, what's going to make you happy in life, what's going to be the best solution for our family. And that's what worked so well that he decided to stay at home and I went to work and it has worked beautifully. Our kids are so happy. I am so happy. He's so happy. I don't feel guilty about that at all. Why would I feel guilty when my husband literally gets to surf every day, gets to hang out with his mates and live a simple, easy life. like he always wanted, while I get to go and make massive impact to get to create things, get to be intellectually stimulated, all of the things that I wanted to be able to do. And then we both get to co-parent, our kids, like, it is so wonderful. And had I let the guilt get in the way of that we would never have been able to create that situation for our family. And so rather than like, if you're feeling now, well, you need these things in your life, you've got this ambition, you've got this goal that you want to be able to do with your business. If you don't have that equitable balance of housework or logistics of family management, then have that conversation be like, You know what, I can't do that. I need your help. Thing is, this is how lovely this is, right? Men are genetically predispositioned to want to help. So if you started with, I need your help. They're gonna be like, How can I rescue you? I am here. And my husband. I mean, we've had people through the years go, like, how do you feel like the woman? How does he feel like the man? I'm like, Are you kidding me? He's such a man. He's taking care of his family. What's more manly than that? I don't know. But I hate that it gets in the way of other people. So if you're feeling exhausted, there is a season for exhaustion.

Like I said earlier, I don't think that if you're feeling exhausted, it's necessarily a bad thing. If you have big goals, and I know the health and wellness people right now, it'd be going well, because everyone I know that's created a successful business has had to push through some sort of difficulty, like somewhere, sometimes it lasts for a few months. Sometimes it lasts for a few years. But you have to push through this gap where you're like, you know what, I have this level of ambition, and I have all of these things that I want to be able to do, but I can't do them yet. There is a gap there. You can't pay all the money you need for your support team for outsourcing for home for all of this. You can't afford that yet. So you've got this, like, messy gap where you just have to go through it. And don't let anyone tell you that that is unhealthy. Because otherwise you will stay stuck right here because you'll be like, Oh my gosh, like I've got to keep my chakras imbalance. And I have to meditate and walk on the beach for two hours. And, you know, do all of this stuff. You can't.

And so my whole message around here is going there's no 24 hours in a day that are the same. If you are starting from wealth. Congratulations, you are very, very lucky. You can come in, you can buy time straightaway. You can outsource. You can get some team in place like you've got it going on. I have so many people that join my programmes and starting they're like, You know what, I've come from a corporate job or I've come from different things. But if you are on the flip side and you're like you know what, I have nothing. I am starting from nothing. Can I even do this? I want you to know that. Yes, you absolutely can. But it is going to be hard. And you can do hard things like it's totally possible. Just block out and ignore anybody that tells you that you shouldn't be or that it's wrong if you're exhausted or it's wrong, that you're pushing yourself or It's wrong, that you're ambitious or anything like that, because it's not, it is just like the normal rite of passage and normal things that you have to get through. Because to create something from nothing, to just have an idea, and even just to have the courage to go after that is going to use a lot of energy, you're going to be filled with a lot of self doubt. If you have other family and friends around that are going, What about the kids that you're spending time working over here, when you're not earning any money? Like, what about I can't even tell you how many times people have said well meaning people to me, What about the kids, oh, my gosh, my kids are so fun. My kids are more than fine. They have.

And I want this to be a lesson for people that have young kids. So my kids now have never known their mom, not being a business owner, I started my business four years before they were born. They're now 14 and 12. They love it, they get to travel the world, they get to meet interesting people, they get to go to good schools, they get to eat good food, they get so much of me in different times, like I can pick them up and from school and take the day off and take them shopping or take them on a special date or have a night in a hotel, like our life is unconventional and it is fabulous. And my message to you I want to be is your life doesn't have to be like anybody else's, you can make it exactly your way, no one starts from the same starting point, no one has the same 24 hours in a day, you've got to do the best you can do with what you've got to get to where you want to go.

So the final thing that I want to leave you with this kind of on wealth, because I did mention at the beginning, wealth building is very different to making money from nothing. Once you start getting money, it is so much easier to get more of it. Like it has been one of the most cruel but fabulous lessons of my life. Because sometimes I will say no to different opportunities that come up. And parts of me will go oh my gosh, how could I possibly say no to that, like, five years ago, Tina right now would be going are you kidding me? We need that money. Like you have to say yes, but now time is my most important asset. And I know how incredibly lucky and privileged I am to have that opportunity. But wealth comes when the desperation disappears. And when more joy comes in. And this is the most difficult part is most women are operating their lives on fight or flight or operating their lives on trying to squeeze so much in such a small amount of time that it is completely unrealistic. Like the expectations that women hold themselves to even just like with some friends. And I was like, Hey, I've got the kids for a week by myself, like what are your lunchbox ideas? Even just that alone? I was like, Are you kidding me right now. These are some elaborate things, I can't even find the right lid for the Tupperware containers. Like that drawer is a mess, that needs a system like that is just anyway, that's a small thing. But the expectations that we place on ourselves and the lack of help that we have when we're starting out. I mean, when I had one of the advantages, I think of having children so young was an even business so young was I didn't ever have the fear of asking for help. I didn't feel like I needed to have this facade that I had it all together. I was 20. When I started my business, I was 24 when I became a mum. And so what my girlfriends and I would do was we would take each other's babies, we would have them for a few hours. So the other one could go and clean or go and get the work done or whatever they needed to do. We would switch kids at night. So we could go and do date nights, once a month with each other's kids like we had so much help. And I think there are so many people drowning without saying, hey, I need help or without saying no.

I mean, the people pleasing, I could go another half an hour on a rant on the people pleasing side of things because it's just getting us into a bigger and bigger hole. So I want you to be able to go look at your day right now. Look at today. Look at the rest of the week. How can you create some space in that? And when you create that space? How can you use that space? To get closer to your dreams? Whatever they may be? Maybe it's creating more wealth in your life. Maybe it's creating more time in your life, maybe it's creating both. How can you maximize that and say no to the shit that doesn't matter? Like there are so many things that we do in our day in our life. That just does not matter. It really doesn't matter if you say no, no one's going to make any difference. I mean out totally Deborah says the villages just don't seem to exist as much now make one make your village. You know an example of that: my cleaner came in on Wednesday. And she walked in she goes, Oh, isn't Mat away? Mat is my husband if you don't know that? I like yeah, she's like, oh, yeah, I noticed it's a bit messier than normal. And I was like, oh, oh, ouch. out, but also, alright. Yeah. Because yeah, things might not be put away perfectly. But that's because I work and I don't care. And so we have to take more of an attitude sometimes or just don't worry about it. Like, don't worry about the things that don't matter. Worry about the things that do matter. Worry about getting more joy, more space, more fun in your life and stop being so hard on yourself. Because we need more women making more money because women that make money change the world.

That is the end of my rant.

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