Join business strategist Tina Tower as she explores how to build your empire by packaging your expertise into online courses, speaking, content, podcasting and credibility.

Tina has over 17 years of experience in starting, building and selling companies, she's a speaker, teacher, mama and world traveller.

She's unapologetic about living an intentionally big life and if you want too, this show is designed to show you many different options to help you gain clarity over YOUR version of awesome.


In this episode, I'm sharing my annual five-week trip around America, where I'm packing my backpack full of tools to run my business on the go. I take you through all the preparation that goes into this amazing journey, including what I pack to run my business, how I prepare myself and my kids for being apart, and how I manage the cost of travel.

You'll also hear about what I'm getting up to in America, from retreats with Her Empire Builder members, attending South by Southwest, and running the eight-day Her Empire Builder destination launch.

As female entrepreneurs, we all know how important it is to balance our business and personal lives. That's why I'm sharing my secrets on balancing business travel and family, ensuring everyone is happy and taken care of.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • how to prepare for a five-week business trip around America
  • the secrets of batching travel to get the most out of each trip
  • how to balance your business travel and your family

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Show transcription



Hi, friend, and welcome to episode 201 of the female course creator show. It is Tina Tower here and I am so happy to have you with me as well. My nerves my nerves are bubbling. In a matter of days, I leave on my annual five week trip around America. So my American tour, we do the same thing every year and it always has so much preparation going into it and always I feel so nervous ahead of it and there's so much that goes on.

 So I'm going to share with you today all about what I'm doing for the next five weeks. I'm going to share where I'm going, what I pack for being able to run a business trip like this one. Getting ready. Everything that's involved in getting something like this ready behind the scenes. How I prepare the kids. How I prepare myself for missing them, the benefit of batching travel and getting as much work travel done at one time, and how I schedule all of that in. I'm going to be covering managing energy with so much extraverting happening, I'm going to be covering the cost of travel and how I manage the finances, why I love it, and then finally, destination launching. So if you are wanting to run your business from the backpack at any point or just really intrigued at how I do mine, you are going to love this episode about my next American tour.


Main Episode

Hello, my name is Tina and I love to travel. I have my entire adult life. As soon as I finished school, before I went to university, I traveled. I went to America for three months. I hit 19. I went to India by myself for a month. I love it.

I've been to over 50 countries and I have never met one that I did not love. I just absolutely love the feeling that you get from travel when you go to an unknown place and never do I feel as alive as I'm walking down a street, just exploring things for the first time and there's different smells and sounds and cultures and food and people and just all of this discovery to be had. And the world is such a big, beautiful place and I just love being out in it. So I live in this duality of I love being out in the world and I love exploring and also I love my beautiful, simple home life. Like the kids joke about me and go, I only ever leave our suburb if I'm getting on a plane. 

That is the most ironic part is I don't really go many places. I work from home and so I'm at home a lot and I go to the little beach and I take the kids to school and their activities and surfing and golf and all the different things that they do in our close proximity. But it's like I live an hour and a half, 2 hours from the city of Sydney and there's so many things that happen in Sydney. I'm like, I don't want to go all the way into the city. Like, it's a long way.

But then this weird thing happens that I get on a plane and I switch into that travel mode and I just want to explore it all. So, yeah, it's a weird thing, but I love traveling to new places and I love exploring different things and I love having my head up above the clouds. There's something about I mean, I don't even know how many flights I would have been on. Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of flights and every single time a plane takes off and you get that feeling where you're like pushed into the back of the seat a little bit and the engines are roaring and you're just up in the sky. Like every single time I just smile and go, this is amazing.

I am so lucky to be able to live this life and to do this and to go on these adventures. And so, yeah, it's always going to be a thing for me. There will never be a time where I do not travel. And so every year prior to COVID, I would do the big trip in March, April, all kind of around south by southwest, so that's how it started. And then I would try and tack things onto that so that I tried to batch my travel, which I'm going to talk about in a moment.

So what I'm doing for the next five weeks is a lot. And I wanted to do this episode because I know if you're listening, it's highly likely you follow along on Instagram as well, and you'll see all of these travels and go, wow, like she's just dotting around everywhere. And I wanted to explain what goes into a trip like this. So my first stop is Palm Springs, which is my favorite city in the world. A lot of people have been there and they're like, you know, it's just another town.

I don't know what it is about. Actually, I do know what it is about it, but it just makes my heart happy. The people are also happy. It looks like something out of the Stepford Wives. Every garden is manicured and the houses are white and the furniture is bright and the food is fresh, and it's just beautiful.

It's just absolutely gorgeous. And I absolutely love it there. There's a couple of places in Spain and Italy that could rival it, but because it's in America, you've got access to everything. It's just rad. So the first stop is we're running our retreat for her Her Empire Builder members at the Sugar Hotel, which is a rainbow Hotel.

So it was really kind of them to make a hotel on brand for me to run my events at, but we're doing that first. So from the first of the 5 March, I'll be there running our retreat for our members. So we have 20 wonderful women all coming together for four days of magic, and that will be absolutely incredible. So every year for her Her Empire Builder, I run two retreats. I run one in America and one in Australia.

So this is our American one, which it's something we plan for since the one last year. We've already started putting plans in place for The One in 2024 and researching all of the different locations, which don't laugh at me, but I have looked at Miami and New York and Las Vegas and California in multiple different places, and I think I'm going to do it at Palm Springs again because I just love it so much. And part of having our own business is it's our party. And so I'm like, well, if I could run a retreat anywhere, I mean, it would be cheaper to do it in Vegas, but I'm not really a Vegas kind of girl. I'm a Palm Springs girl.

So I think I'm going to do it again there. Anyway, that is nothing to do with this episode, so stay focused, Tina. Stay focused. So we've got our Palm Springs retreat, and then when that finishes, I have two of my girlfriends, Michelle and Kirsty, meeting me in Palm Springs for a few days of downtime. So we'll go explore.

I'll show them all of my favorite parts, and we'll go to the day spa and just eat good food and chill out. And then we fly to Austin in texas. And there we meet another one of our friends, Clint, and meeting up with Susie Dafnis and a few other of our friends that are Australian contingent that go there. Susie is actually who got me into south by Southwest in the first place. So those who don't know Susie, daphnes is an absolute freaking legend.

She runs her business that used to be called Australian Business Women's Network and was my first ever mentor when I was 21. And she got me into south by Southwest. So I've been, I think, six or seven times with her. And so we're doing that again. For those of you who don't know what south by Southwest is, it is like Disneyland for nerds.

It's just like, I cannot wait to be back again. It is five days of the most full on days. Like full on, it runs. It's like Ted Talks on steroids. So every hour there is like ten to 20 different tracks running.

So different talks. They could be 20 people in a room, 200 people in a room, 2000 people in a room, depending on the caliber of the speaker. So I've seen brennay brown, barack obama, all of these incredible, incredible people. There Tim Ferris, Simon Sinek, all of these amazing people. But my favorite talk I have ever been to was in a room where there was just 20 people and I couldn't get into the room I wanted because the lines are really, really massive.

So you've got a way up, do you want to wait or not? And I went into this like, little room where I was like, that sounds interesting. And part of why I go to south by Southwest is to open up my mind to other ideas and to just get that creativity juice flowing and to just start thinking a little bit differently and it never lets me down. So I went into this room and there was an astronaut, Ron Garan, who had just written a book, the Orbital Perspective, because he'd just landed back from three years in the International Space Station and he was talking about his entry back into Earth and it was like everyone was just on the edge of their seat there. It was amazing.

So you never know what you're going to get at south by Southwest. There's so many different things. And then at night there's bands on every corner, so there's different tracks. There's Interactive, which is like the Nerdy one that I go to, which is all about tech and marketing and AI and all of the latest developments in everything. And then big thought leadership things and all sorts of fun stuff that goes on there.

But then there's music festival that runs at the same time and a film festival that runs at the same time. So it's all kind of happening. Oh, the city is just alive. I'm getting excited just thinking about it. So that is happening for five days.

So it'll be full on all day, every day. You kind of put your backpack on and just run to the next place and run to the next place and just let your mind just go nuts. And then you just go to sleep is the big thing. A lot of people I mean, I'm speaking to people that party all night as well and then back up the next day. That's never been me.

I've always been a nana. I have to have eight or 9 hours of sleep a night, or I just don't function very well. So that is me. I'm going to bed. So we do that, and then from south by Southwest, I then fly to Miami with my friend Clint, who lives there and spending a few days with him.

And then I've got a few days where I will be working. So I'll be running coaching calls Elite intensive day. And what else am I doing? Some 90 day planning for her Her Empire Builder members. So I've got like a few days of just catching up on all of the work that I will have missed from the south by Southwest because I'll be all consumed and focused on that.

So I'll be doing all of the work there. And then from Miami, I go to St. Lucia. So in St. Lucia is part of The Mastermind.

I am part of so not running it, but I am a guest at it, which is so lovely, with the beautiful Jill Stanton, who has Millionaire Girls Club. And I went to her retreat last year in Costa Rica at the same time, and it was one of the best retreats I've ever been to in my life. So I'm really, really looking forward to St. Lucia and to seeing the beautiful ladies again, because we talk all the time on Tower and on Zoom, but it's just so nice to be there in person and connecting with people and having a hug and doing all of that. So doing that in St.

Lucia. And then from St. Lucia, I fly back to Palm Springs. And then I have rented a house for myself and three of my team members to run her Her Empire Builder launch from. So then we will be running our eight day live launch.

So we've got as part of the launch, this time, I have a training, a new training that I haven't ever done to the public before. So it's called Her Empire Builder that I'm really, really, really excited to bring to you. I think it's some of the the most valuable, incredible training that I have ever put together. And I'm giving it for free as part of our launch week. So that'll be a really nice experience.

And for the first time, so I have desTination launched quite a few times, which, if you've been following along, you know, that's my norm. I like to get my head out of my normal office and into a different space for that launch energy, but this is the first time that I've done it with other people, so that's going to be interesting. I'm really looking forward to the energy of that, of everyone kind of being there on their laptops by the pool in Palm Springs and just having that. And I haven't launched from Palm Springs before, so it being my favorite city in the world, I'm really, really excited about that. I've launched in Thailand and Mexico and Hawaii, a few other places, so I'm excited about doing it in my sole location.

And I've also just noted how many times in this episode I've said excited. If you were playing some sort of drinking game and had a shot every time I said excited, you'd be on the floor. So I will try and find another adjective instead of that pumped, stoked jazzed, of all the things, okay, so what I pack, how I get ready, how I get organized, all of that sort of thing. If you do want, I do have my travel pack list. You can go to and you can get a list of that, of everything that I put in my backpack because it has been honed over the years so that I know I can fully run my business from a backpack. So I have an additional screen, my podcast mic. I take my mouse, my mousepad, like, everything that I need, I take with me and I put it in my backpack. So I always have the essentials. I always have it ready.


I do get very organized to travel. So a lot of what I needed to prepare, so like all my Master classes for my membership, all of my slides, all everything that I need to do is actually already done. That was all done in January. So January is our quietest month of the year. So that's the time where I kind of prepare everything that once the end of February, once March hits, I am very busy for March, April, May, June, July, August, September.

There is like seven months of the year that I will kind of go. There's not like a week. That's a down week. In that seven months, every week is pivotal. Every week is big.

I travel to a lot of places. I have a lot of trainings. I'm doing a lot of things. And then once October kind of goes, and then November, December, January, February are my quieter months where it's kind of just a little bit of a slower pace and all of that sort of thing. So because I know that cadence and because I know everything that happens in the business, I'm able to get everything organized so that I don't get slammed and so that I don't catch material kind of thing.

So I get everything ready beforehand so that when I am in those moments, I can really be present and really be there because it's such a waste. One thing that used to happen to me a lot when I first started traveling and working at the same time was I would go to somewhere like south by Southwest, and I would have my brain filled with all these beautiful things, and then someone would say, hey, do you want to go out to dinner? And I really want to go out to dinner and have these awesome conversations. But I had to rush back to my hotel room and finish my emails and get everything done. And so now I really try and go, how can I get as prepared as possible so that when I'm there, I can be completely in the moment?

And there's always a little bit. Usually not a day will go by that I won't do like an hour of work every single day. I will do that. And then on the days that I have off, like in that Miami kind of middle bit, I will do, like, 312 hours, days in a row to just get everything touched again. Because I will.

By that time, I know what will need refilling again, and then I'll fill it all up again, which will give me some space to then go and immerse myself into St. Lucia. And so I really try to be strategic with my time and what I'm doing in that time so that I can make the most out of that travel as well. So then the next thing is how I prepare the kids and myself for missing them. So, like I said at the beginning, I exist in this duality of going.

I love to travel and I love being at home, and it's always been the hardest thing is the travel bug has never left me. I had kids when I was I had my first son at 24 and my second at 25, and it wasn't a switch that got flicked off when I had kids that I no longer wanted to do these adventures. It's just always been there, and I always wanted to do that. But what was ever present after that time is the gaping hole that occurs in your heart when you go away without your children. And every time I leave, I cry like a baby.

I miss them so much. It has gotten a lot easier as they've gotten older. So now they're Kaisenly, 15, and Cohen's, 13, and it's gotten easier as they've gotten older because they talk to me a lot. So it used to be when they were younger, like when they were in early primary school kind of age, they would not tell me about their day every day because they'd talk to me and they'd just be like, I miss you, Mum. And so that would of course, make me feel bad.

And then I couldn't enjoy my travels. And when they were younger, I'd never go for longer than two weeks. Two weeks was like the absolute max. I figured always my sweet spot has been four days as a mom. So since I've been a mom, I quite love the four day break.

I can go away for four days, really get that spaciousness, really get that time, get creative, and my head up in the clouds, but anything longer than that and the ache just got too great and then I couldn't enjoy myself. But in the last couple of years, especially since COVID hit, it's like, you know what, I can go for a few weeks and they're totally fine. Last year I went for four weeks, this time I've gone for five weeks because I've added on launch at the end. And so it's the longest time that I have been without them. And so we've been talking about it a lot and now they message me every day we FaceTime all the time and it's not the same, but I also know they're totally fine.

They see their mum off in the world, having my life and doing great things and making my heart happy, and I think that that's a good example for them of going after your dreams and doing what makes you feel alive and then when I come back, I can focus completely on them. Speaking of that, so I'm coming back. I've got another retreat for a program that I'm part of, like ten days after we close launch. But because I didn't want to be away for that long, I'm flying home from La to Sydney for five days for my son's birthday and then flying back again for four days and then flying back again home. So it's a little bit crazy, the end part, but we do what we've got to do because it was more important to me to be home for Kai's birthday.

And so I'm like, well, I'll just have to be in travel for 23 hours each way and do that a couple of times because I don't want to choose, I want to be home for his birthday. But also I know that my work is important and I want to be able to be a part of that retreat too. So instead of going, well, it's that or that. I'm like, Well, I'll have that and that, how can we make that work? So we do talk a lot about it, make sure they're okay and how they're feeling and all of that sort of thing.

And they're really good about it now and we do a lot of things together, so my kids do get me a lot more than they get, like their mates get a lot of their parents so they feel like even though I'm going for a burst, they do get a good end of the stick kind of thing. So we work on that. So in terms of scheduling, I just want to touch on that for a second of the benefit of batching travel. So what I have discovered is going away for four weeks, for example, is a lot less disruptive to life and family than it is to go away four times for a week. So that is definitely something that I've discovered through the years, is whether you go away for one week or two weeks doesn't normally make that much difference.

It's kind of like once the flow and the system and they're missing you is already there, whether you go for a few extra days or not isn't going to make a difference. But you go again the following month, and that does make a difference because it's like, wow, you've gone again, and then back they need to go. So one of the things that I try and do is batch the travel. So that is why I bookend a whole lot of things. That's why I've got Launch in there and the retreat in there kind of bookended on south by Southwest and St.Lucia. So because I knew I had all of them, we chose our retreat to be at the same time, and then we chose launch at the same time so that we could kind of batch it all at once. So then I talk about managing energy with so much extra virgin. So it is a lot of energy travel, but also travel has a lot of downtime. So I love being on a plane because I love turning off my phone and just sitting there staring out the window.

Love it. So that is something that I get a lot of in travel, is that beautiful, beautiful downtime that I don't normally get in my normal day. So I do get that kind of recovery reset time. But there's also other things, like south by Southwest, for example, I used to not be able to afford to do a room by myself, so I would share a room, and I found that that was really hard on my energy. Even if, like, the person I'm sharing with absolutely awesome.

You've still got to make conversation. You've still got to be aware and wary of the person that you're sharing with and all of that sort of thing. So now I try and factor in as much downtime and alone time as I can in between everything to kind of recharge those batteries. So after the retreat, and even during the retreat, I'll still be in bed by 10:00 every night and I won't get up until 07:00 in the morning. So I can still get a long time there of just being completely alone, not talking to anyone and just not talking at all and just having some quiet time and recharging those batteries.

I'm also really clear with the people around me. So when we're staying in houses together and going, you know what, I just need some quiet time. Let's all just do our own thing. Because there are some people that love that are natural born extroverts. That like Michelle, my friend that we're going to south by Southwest with.

She's my favorite person to sit next to at a dinner. Not only is she one of the most warm, beautiful humans on the planet, but also she's one of the most extroverted people I know. And so you can sit next to her and she will make all the conversation, and then you can just listen to all of these great conversations going on around you and just smile and nod. So she's my favorite person to sit next to that in there as well, because you never have to work very hard with conversation because she's such a good conversationalist. Whereas small talk is not my skill set.

I'll go straight into, so what's your hopes and your dreams? What's your life purpose? What are you doing here? Which isn't always the coolest thing to be doing. So I'm very conscious of managing my energy.

Otherwise you hit the wall. You hit the wall. It's a lot of travel can bank up on each other. So I always look at my schedule and make sure I've got like a day in between each thing where I will like one of the days that I'm in Miami will be scheduled as like, Netflix Day. So I'm hanging with friends, and then I've got three days where I'll do like twelve hour days, and then I'll have one day before I go onto the next retreat that is just like I don't get out of my pajamas.

I sit there, I have room service, I watch TV, and we'll just let those batteries fill up before I go on to the next thing and get all that extroverting in there again, because I want to be recharged. Like, I want to get into it. I don't want to waste the opportunity when I'm all the way on the other side of the world and I'm so excited to be around people. There we go, excited again. I'm so pumped to be around people in there.

I do get excited about that, and I'm really looking forward to it. So I've got to make sure that I manage that energy so that I don't crash and burn and sit there with a splitting headache and going, oh my gosh, I need some dark room therapy because I'll get that on the flight on the way home. So there's that one. Then we've got the cost of travel. So finances. Now, my husband and I were talking the other day. We saw a financial planner at the start of this year for the first time ever. And we were like, gosh, imagine if you added up the amount of money that we have spent on travel. Because my husband is also a traveler, so it's not abnormal for him to go away surfing for two, three, four weeks of the year. And he goes to all sorts of tropical, beautiful places to do that.

I've always been a traveler. The benefit of mine is that it's a tax deduction, so I put it under work, which. Is always beneficial. But we were going, oh, my gosh, like the amount of money that we have spent on travel, it has always been the thing that if I have a limited amount of funds, I will cut so much before I will touch my travel budget. Because I know that it's kind of like if I can't travel, then none of it is worth it because it is the thing that sparks all of the ideas and conversations and connections and relationships and so many things that I know from this five weeks of travel, so many opportunities will come as a result of that.

So many things that I create will be a direct product of ideas that I had somewhere along that trip. I don't know where, I don't know when, but I know for sure that that's what will happen. So I always look at travel as a major investment. I am part this year of three different Masterminds, which is involving a lot of travel just with that. I didn't intend to be part of three Masterminds.

That wasn't part of the plan. But I got the opportunity to join three and I didn't want to say no to one of them. I wanted to do all of them and they're all very, very different and unique in their own way. So I wanted to say yes to all of that, but it means it's a high cost. So then I have to figure out always I go completion backwards.

So always if I see something that I want to do, whether it be travel, whether it be something else in the business we want to invest in, I'll always look at it and go, how. So it's not can I do this or not? If that is important to me, how can I make that work? How can I make that happen? What would I need to do in order to be able to do that?

It's how the Boujibuji, Hawaii house came up last year was that was me taking how just a little bit too far, just a smidge too far. But it was a beautiful example to me in going, well, you really can figure out how to do anything we want to do when we really, really want to. And so I always look at that from a financial point of view and going, all right, if I'm going to invest this much into the travel, then what's the return going to be? So the idea around renting a house and running launch is obviously a really significant financial investment. It's me taking a week out there.

It's flying in my team from all around the US. Taking one person from Australia as well to fly in and be at that house, it's costing thousands and thousands, tens of thousands of dollars. So is it worth it? Well, I've never done it before, so I don't know. There's a good answer, Tina.

I don't know if it's going to be worth it. But why it's worth it to me to take that risk and take that investment is because I look at it and I go, so I want to run a really good launch. I want to run the best training that I have ever ran for people, whether you join her Her Empire Builder or not. Even with the four days training, I would love to have hundreds and hundreds of people attend it and for them to go, I learned something so valuable in that. And for me to know that I've given tangible tools that were so good that people can go and put into their businesses, I want to be fully present with that.

I want to be connecting with people, talking with people, delivering the best service that I possibly can. And so I need other people in the back end to be looking after the marketing, the customer service, the admin, all of those sorts of things to enable that to happen. And what's really difficult is the way we normally run our business is we're so siloed. So we're all over the world, my team and I, and so we'd never come together. And what better time to do it than launch when Cohesion is so much more important than any other time because it's like a fire hydrant of activity.

So I really wanted to try to do that and see what the result was going to be like. And if nothing else, it'll be a really great team week. So even at the very least, like, even if we don't smash launch records, even if it falls short of what my expectations are, I will get awesome humans in a house together, and we will be able to plan. And look at how rest of our year and what we're going to do and what direction we want to take it in and how we can add value to our clients and what we can do for our members and all of those sorts of things so nothing will be lost from it. So I always look at it like an experience and it always is an experience.

So there's that. And then the final thing is the desTination launching that I wanted to empower because people always ask me about desTination launching when I do it. And I did think for a second, should I make a course on desTination launching? And then I decided, no, stick to your lane, do what you've got to do. But I love desTination launching because I love getting out of the norm for a launch.

So a launch to me is all in in terms of I love that we don't have to sell all year. We have three windows, so normally we launch twice a year. We're launching three times this year. So instead of just launching twice, usually we launch in March and September. We're launching in March, June and September in 2023.

And the reason that is because people have to wait so long in between. And people have said, I've got sick of waiting. I've gone somewhere else. And I don't want that to happen. So even when we go to launch in March, we've had people on our waiting list since September last year.

So it's been, what's that? Six, seven months of waiting to be able to join her Her Empire Builder. So I don't want to make people wait for that long through the main part of the year. So we'll be opening then. And not every launch will be a desTination launch.

Probably the March  and probably the September , depending on how we go with our first team desTination launch. But I always love being somewhere different because I really love going all in on it. And when I'm in that launch period, I really do shut off everything else. So there's no point in me being at home because I don't do any socializing. I just kind of go into the family at dinner, eat my dinner, and then I'm back in it again.

Like I'm all in. And I love the batching of that. I love that we can do three weeks of the year in sales and then the rest of the year is just loving up on our customers and going, how are you going with that? How can we develop more things? How can we add more value?

And so it leaves us 49 weeks of the year to just serve the bejesus out of our clients and three weeks of the year to do those sales. So I love doing it in a desTination because I can kind of go all in on that, focus on that, be like hyper obsessed over it, and then go back to business as usual. So desTination launching works really well for me with that because I kind of wake up, I'll have a swim or I'll go for a walk, and then I'm in it. I'm, like glued to my computer and glued to my phone, and I love that then it can finish and I go from that. So recently, I really do believe in knowing yourself very well.

And I'm a projector in human design. I'm a three in an anagram. I know all of my things. But as part of one of the programs that I'm part of the Rainmaker residency with Veronica Romney, which is a dual program that I go through with my marketing manager, which is really cool and unlike anything else that I have ever done. But that's a side note.

I might talk a little bit more about that down the track in the podcast, too, because it's really super rad. I've had Veronica on the podcast before, if you're interested in that. So as part of that Rainmaker residency, they did an assessment called the Harrison Assessment, and part of that showed that I thrive under pressure and love pressure and perform really well under pressure. So it is no surprise that I love live launching and this is the thing because there are people that I talk to that launch is like the most terrifying, debilitating, exhausting experience that they can imagine. And if that is you, what I would say is find a different way.

Like a live launch is so good for the fire hydrant of information. It works really well for me in being able to batch and go all of our marketing activities can kind of lead to this event. We can crescendo anyone who wants to join her Her Empire Builder can come on in, then we close the doors and then we get back to serving people and then again and on it flows. So I really love the pattern of that but it means that it puts a lot of pressure on that week because if you tank, you don't get a chance to sell again for months and months and months but that actually works quite well for me. So I would always recommend for you to be running business in alignment with yourself and maybe that is live launching, maybe it is desTination launching, maybe it is just having a really kickass evergreen sales funnel.

Whatever is going to be right for you is the right way to do things and this is one of the most frustrating things that I talk about inside her Her Empire Builder is I will say it depends when people say like what is the recipe? And one of the things I always come up against is going there are so many ways to do business even as niche is ours where I help female course creators who want to build the business behind their online courses through organic marketing. There are so many ways to do that. You may want to live launch. You may want to evergreen launch.

You may want a combination of each. You may run a mastermind. You may be a high touch point low touch point. You may be high priced. You may be low priced. You may be a combination of all of them. You may have live teaching group programs. You may have one on ones. You may have just all courses that fly with so many different options. And so part of the work that I do is helping people to figure out what is the business and life of your dreams.

And then how can we help you bring that to life? And so when you're hearing me talk about this, it's the kind of thing that this is right for me. This is the way that helps me to thrive as an individual. And I know some people look at my life and some people will look at the next five weeks of my life and go that girl is bat shit crazy. Like I know my husband loves to travel, like he goes on his surfing trips but the trip I'm about to do is his idea of hell.

He's like, I don't want to be around that many people. For starters, I don't want to be dotting here, there and everywhere. It's a lot of pressure. It's a lot of activity. It's a lot of different things.

It's a lot of moving hotels. You don't know who you are, where you are. I love it. I find it such a rush, so good. And as much as I will miss my dogs, as much as I'll miss my husband, as much as I'll miss my kids, as much as I'll worry that all of the food that I've gone to the effort of growing and tenderly watered every day is slowly wilting and dying, it's worth it.

Because for me I am working not only to set our family up for financial freedom and retirement, but also to enjoy the journey and to have a beautiful life each and every year. And to me, that involves travel. That's it. And so throughout the next five weeks, so you've got a couple of interviews coming that I have already recorded, and then I'm also going to do a live lessons from south by southwest for you so that I can share all of that with you. And I'll do some lessons from our Palm Springs retreat so I can share that for you along the way, too.

But please follow along on the travels. Tina underscore tower. If you want to be a part of the free training that's happening, you can go to her and jump on the waitlist there. Like I said, it's something I've never done before, and it's going to be absolutely epic for your business. So I look forward to seeing you in all the travels. If I'm seeing you in person, I can't wait. Let the travel begin.


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