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Tina has over 17 years of experience in starting, building and selling companies, she's a speaker, teacher, mama and world traveller.

She's unapologetic about living an intentionally big life and if you want too, this show is designed to show you many different options to help you gain clarity over YOUR version of awesome.


I am joined by Her Empire Builder members Dr Mary Barson and Dr Lucy Burns. They're also our 3rd members to have reached the $1 million Empress Level in their business, and they're sharing with you the behind scenes.

In this episode, you'll learn how they went from traditional doctors to taking the leap in going all in on their online course as holistic weight loss doctors and finding success in a crowded market.

You'll hear about how they've helped each other get through the hard parts, the upsides and downsides they've experienced, the launch roller coaster, and how Her Empire Builder helped them to build their 7 figure online course business.

They're such an inspiration!!


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Dr Lucy Burns and Dr Mary Barson are holistic weight loss doctors. With their unique framework, these medical doctors help people make the changes that empower them to reclaim their health for good.

They offer real solutions to tackle weight loss and chronic metabolic health conditions by addressing the physiological drivers of body fat storage using evidence-based real food low carbohydrate approach.

Then tackling the psychological drivers and getting to the root cause of overwhelm. They do this with expert guidance, with kindness, compassion and support.

Get their free hypnosis download at

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Show transcription


Tina Tower 00:00:00
Hello and welcome to episode 203 of the Female Course Creator Show. Today I have for you two of my
beautiful members of her Her Empire Builder, dr. Lucy Burns and Dr. Mary Barson. So the reason that I
wanted to bring Lucy and Mary on is, well, it's multi . It's always multi one, and that they are my third
members to reach a million dollars in their business . So, incredible achievement for those of you who are
regular listeners of the show or follow me on social media, you know, it's one of my goals to help 100
women reach a million dollars by 2025 . And Dr. Lucy and Dr. Mary are number three , so 97 to go. But
what I love so much is the way that they continue to experiment and improve and the problems that
they've overcome . I mean, even Mary in the last twelve months has split from her husband , she's had a
baby. There's so much going on personally that they've had to band together and overcome and do that .
And it's such a great story because we think that circumstances need to be so perfect in order to gain
levels of success . But really it's spending the limited time and energy that you do have on the things that
are going to make that much difference , and leaning when you're in those hard times , leaning on the
people around you that can support you and help you to come through that and build you up as well. So
in today's episode , we're going to really be talking about because they're both GPS, what led them from
traditional medicine into this wonderful world of online courses , why they chose to partner together ,
because we have a few partnerships in Her Her Empire Builder. But for a lot of people , partnerships are
filled with strife and they do it so well together . So they're talking about that , about their first launch ,
why they joined Her Her Empire Builder. So they joined in September 2021. So they're going to talk about
why they joined and what the difference is since they joined with that , how they've made it in a saturated
market . So they are GPS that talk about sustainable , healthy weight loss and living . So like, what a
saturated market , right ? And so they're talking about how they broke through that . Because I know for
you listening , so many people come up against this thing of going , well, I can't do that , there's so many
people doing it. But if you're really passionate about it and if it's your area of expertise , we're in a planet
of 7 billion people . You don't actually need that many to be super successful and to reach your goals .
You just need the right people . And you do that through super clemers . Anyway, I'm not going to ruin it.
Mary and Lisa are going to talk about how they've done that and their most recent launch as well and,
and where they're headed in the future . So it's a really great chart they're super duper honest , which is
so helpful and, you know, really inspirational in going from zero to a million dollars in less than three
years. So a little bit about them officially , dr. Lucy Burns and Dr. Mary Barson are holistic weight loss
doctors . With their unique framework , these medical doctors help people make the changes that
empower them to reclaim their health for good . They offer real solutions to tackle weight loss and
chronic metabolic health conditions by addressing the psychological drivers of body fat storage , using
evidence based real food , low carbohydrate approach , then tackling the psychological drivers and
getting to the root cause of overwhelm . They do this with expert guidance , with kindness , compassion ,
and support . And they are also going to mention their hypnosis that they use and kindly have given us a
link that we can get a free copy of that . So if you're interested , you can go to rlrlmedicine .com nurture .
That's RL for real life rlmedicine .com nurture , and I've linked to it in the show notes as well. All righty ,
let's get into this conversation with Dr. Lucy Burns and Dr. Mary Barson, my beautiful number three
people to reach million dollar empress status inside Her Empire Builder.

Tina Tower 00:05:51
Dr. Mary and Dr. Lucy. Welcome to the Female Coast creator show.

Dr Lucy 00:05:57
Thanks for having us.

Dr Mary 00:05:58

Tina Tower 00:05:58
Nothing else. It's strange for me to be interviewing two people at a time . I know you guys are so used to
it, but I'm like, look at everybody on the screen . Hello.

Dr Mary 00:06:08
We talk over each other a lot , so we'll see how this goes I can imagine .

Tina Tower 00:06:12
All right , so I want to start right back at the very beginning . What led you into this wonderful world of
online courses ? How did you get into it in the first place ?

Dr Mary 00:06:22
Go Lucy.

Dr Lucy 00:06:23
All right , so Mary and I met at a conference . So both of us are doctors , and we have a passion for low
carb nutrition , so helping people improve their health , potentially losing weight by implementing low
carb . So I was speaking at a conference , and I happened to sit down at the end next to this girl who
looked fun and exciting , and we were chatting , and I happened to be Mary. And then when you just meet
someone in your orbit and you just have so much in common , and you kind of go, yeah, I've done that .

Dr Mary 00:06:54
What do you mean?

Dr Lucy 00:06:55
Yeah, me too. Me too. There was all of this just synchronicity happening , and so we just decided to be
friends , and we were running similar programs in our practices , and then we said, let's do things
together . Let's have fun. And so, yeah, we did. And we signed up to Kajabi and Metacourse and Hazard.
Here we are.

Tina Tower 00:07:17
And how long ago was that that you did that initial course ?

Dr Lucy 00:07:21
Our first so the the first thing we ever were May 2020 . So coming up to three years.

Tina Tower 00:07:30
And did the Pandemic have anything to do with going into it in 2020 , or you were you were planning that

Dr Lucy 00:07:36
No, in fact , if anything , people we had lots of naysayers because we launched , like, 2020 . There was all
this uncertainty . Everyone's going to us. No one's got any money. The Pandemic , everyone's losing their
job. You're mad. No one wants to lose weight . Stop. Just wait. Wait till the Pandemic is finished . Can you
imagine if we actually listen to that ?

Dr Mary 00:07:59
Still be waiting .

Tina Tower 00:08 :00

Tina Tower 00:08 :01
The the world is is an interesting place right now, but I do think that in the Pandemic , people went one of
two ways with health . There were the people that were like, Screw it. I'm just getting drunk and eating
pizza the whole time until this passes. And then there are other people that were like, I'm going to use
this opportunity to learn all the things that I want to learn and to be my best self and to do all of that . So
you were there at the perfect time .

Dr Mary 00:08 :25

Tina Tower 00:08 :26
So tell me about your first launch . How did that happen ? I really want you to get into the because a lot of
people , when they start , it's very easy to see where you are now, but when you bought your Kajabi site,
you had to set it all up. Did you do that yourselves , or how did you go, all right , do we do this launch
thing ? Like, what even is a launch ? How did you discover all of that at the start ?

Dr Mary 00:08 :49
I love it. At Lucy and I had pretty different experiences , so it's actually , well, the same experience , but it
felt really different for both of us, which I love. So I was like low grade terrified a lot of the time , just
doing it anyway. Growth happens at the edge of your comfort zone and all of that . And I was like,
everybody's going to hate this . I think I look stupid on camera . No one's going to buy internally , like little
duck going on the water. But yeah, you just did it because that's the only way anything gets done. And
we started off by promoting we're not really promoting ourselves , just we got a Facebook page,
Facebook group , and we started doing daily lives to build an audience and get people to know and like
us. And then we decided Lucy had this brilliant idea of making this membership program , and we went
off and got some education about how to do that . And it's pretty much a soft launch . We just opened it
up and we got 30 beautiful people initially , and included in that was what is now our twelve week mind
body rebalance course . And we were making it as we went . So, like two weeks ahead, we were creating
the content for our beautiful members as we went along. And so we kind of built the course by doing it.

Tina Tower 00:10:13
And 30 is a good first launch . Like 30 people is a decent launch . How much time did you have before
opening doors for that first course in getting that Facebook group established and doing those daily
lives and building that list ? And do you remember how big your list size was at that time ?

Dr Lucy 00:10:32
Yeah, we started obviously with zero. We probably did about six months of faffing around .

Tina Tower 00:10:45
And look , remember when we safeguarding around but I know you well enough now, Lucy, because when
you're safe faffing around , you are not faffing . No experimenting .

Dr Lucy 00:10:55
Like, there was a weekend where Mary and I went , yeah, we're going to hire a beach house and we're
going to go and we're going to go and record our whole course . And so we did this and this nice beach
house and it looked the aesthetic was good and we were hopeless .

Dr Mary 00:11:08
We did it so bad.

Dr Lucy 00:11:11
And I looked back at those videos and I had way too much makeup on. I sort of looked like some oh.

Tina Tower :11:17
Yeah, we've all been there .

Dr Lucy 00:11:18
Yeah. And we were shouting at the camera and we were so unnatural and look , it was a great practice
and it was a great experiment in how not to do anything , but it also gave us some insight into the
perhaps . So I have magical thinking where I think I can do something that it's probably going to take a
month and I can do it in a day. Which I know you relate to, Tina.

Dr Mary 00:11:44
I can relate .

Tina Tower 00:11:45
I think it's a hallmark of a lot of entrepreneurs , though . We've got optimism bias, otherwise you wouldn't .

Dr Lucy 00:11:52
Do anything and exactly that I look back and go, wow, we did have to do a fair bit of work . And if I'd
known in advance exactly how much , I may not have done it, but by the same token , whenever I get a
little bit overwhelmed or think , oh my God, I've got so much work , I just crack on and do as much as
possible and then I feel better .

Tina Tower 00:12:11
Yes, same.

Dr Mary 00:12:13
It's a great way to manage your anxiety.

Tina Tower 00:12:15
Yeah. Sometimes people will tell me, when you get overwhelmed , you need to step away and take a
break and I think there's always a space for that . But for me, if I'm overwhelmed because I have too
much to do, nothing solves that problem . Like making a beautiful color coded list , starting at the top and
getting it.

Dr Lucy 00:12:29

Tina Tower 00:12:33
the easiest thing . So you started with 30 people . Was that kind of when you did that first launch
and you got the 30, was that to you? Did you know at that point that it would be as successful as it's
ended up being ? Like, did that give you the confidence to go, we're on a winner here, or were you still in
the stage of going , is this going to work ? Is this not going to work ? At what point did your mindset flick
to, this is inevitable ?

Dr Lucy 00:12:58
Certainly not that first launch , because in fact we changed quite a bit of stuff and again, we've learnt this
from you, Tina, that it's okay to change things up. So our first launch , like, we included weekly zooms
and our thinking was that the more you include , the more value people will see, the more that they are
likely to purchase . In fact , what we did was we completely overwhelmed our members and they felt that
if they weren't coming to every single session , they weren't getting their money's worth . And so then
had a little rejig and we actually pulled half the sessions and gave them a discount . And so again, I guess
for us it was that idea of, OK, we're going to make mistakes and we did, we made truckloads , but it's all
right because like, we're not in front of an audience the size of the MCG. We don't have a hundred
thousand followers . You know, we've got 30 people here and they, they're kind and and we, you know,
just nurtured them and so it was easy then to be able to improve by not being fearful of buggering it up.

Tina Tower 00:14:07
Yeah, I think a lot of it too is to me it's not mistakes , you do the best you can with the information that
you have at the time and then one of the benefits of being entrepreneurs is we have the ability to be
agile so we can always do better . Like I don't think even where you're .

Tina Tower 00:14:25
At now, even where I'm at now.

Tina Tower 00:14:27
I'm never done like it's always going what we do in this launch and what we do for this cohort of people
like, I know in twelve months time it will be better . Always we're going to do better and be better and
that's what really sets us apart from the rest . So never for a second do I think it was a mistake . I think
you had to do what you had to do. And I always think it is so rare to find somebody who didn't go
through over delivery for clients going because we're so eager at the start to prove that this is a really
great thing . And we think the way to do that is just more information . Like, how can we make them
successful no matter what ?

Dr Mary 00:15:05
Yeah, let's start .

Tina Tower 00:15:07
You will succeed .

Tina Tower 00:15:10
I still remember on my first lot of people that went through and if someone didn't show up to alive or
something , like, I'd call them and be like, are you okay? What's going on? Why didn't you show up? And
people would leave? Because I would overwhelm them and be like but I just really wanted them to get a
result .

Dr Lucy 00:15:30
Which is good though . I mean, again, it's a measure of caring . And we, Mary and I often talk about we
are deeply invested in the outcomes of our people because we want them to succeed . I mean, that's our
whole modus operandis is, you know, we really, really want you to have the results that are going to be
helpful for you.

Tina Tower 00:15:48
Yeah. And so so on that note , with the results , you have now made a million dollars in your business ,
which is such a short time frame to do that in. So I'm so happy for you. I'm so proud of you. And you
joined her Her Empire Builder in September 2021. So you've nearly been going 18 months by the time
you joined . I know you'd looked at it earlier and we're like, I'm not ready for that . What caused you to

Dr Lucy 00:16:17
This is an easy question for us. So Mary and I are the queens of winging it and we are rubbish at
systems , absolutely rubbish . And we're frantic like these little ducks , as Mary said before , with your legs
pumping . And we just needed some assistance in systems and strategy and actually making the
business karma for us.

Dr Mary 00:16:44
Yes, you have to. We also were doing this part time as well. So we were doctors working nearly full time
in our GP world . And this was our side hustle initially . And so we were very busy as well. Very busy and
also rubbish at systems . It was not a very good combination at all. And now, certainly real life medicine is
no longer a side hustle . It's like our main passion , the main thing that we do, which is wonderful , but
systems are still really important .

Tina Tower 00:17:22
But you love following them . Like, I see you using them all the time , you just don't like creating them .

Dr Lucy 00:17:30
No, we didn't know about them . I think that was part of it. We often talk to people about , you might have
a desire to do something , change your life, get run your business , whatever it is, but if you don't actually
know how to do that in a way that's not just frantic , then you need to go and get some help.

Dr Mary 00:17:49
We needed help.

Dr Lucy 00:17:51
We needed help. Yeah. We're very good at doctoring , we're very good at the course content . Like all of
that , that's our genius zone. What we weren't good at was the systems behind it. Yeah, we had no idea.

Tina Tower 00:18:07
And now you've just flown , which is so super exciting . So I would love to ask you about the side hustle
component and when that flicked over, because a lot of people , like most of our members , come into her
Her Empire Builder with an established , successful , service based business . So they're confident in that ,
they're getting all of their income from that , but they want to transition over. And the hard part is how to
put your time and energy and investment into something that's not making the money yet and take the
focus off the thing that is making the money. How did you deal with that balance and that belief in the
thing that wasn't producing yet? Because I do think that you did put a lot of effort into that , which is why
you hit that seven figures . But it's easy in hindsight to see why you did that . But it's hard when you're in

Dr Mary 00:19:00
Yeah, I think having a friend helped . That would be a significant part of it. So having someone to work
with was useful , but it was like a trapeze . You sort of hanging on to your regular day job and there's this
other entrepreneurial online course creator that you want to grab , but to let go is pretty frightening . I
think when we could see that our message was resonating , that we were able to pierce through or break
through what is a really crowded world of weight loss. And people resonated with us, they resonated
with our story . And we were getting people in, getting followers , getting information that it felt pretty
safe to let go and grab on and keep swinging . And the systems that we got with you really, really helped
in that process , as we know that this really is a strong and viable way to be doctors out here in the online
course world . And I think it happened with a bit of faith , but also by looking at the evidence that this
actually is working .

Tina Tower 00:20:12
And did you have like a set milestone to go, we have to reach this before we will take our foot off the gas
over here? Or was it more just , I think this is going to be okay?

Dr Lucy 00:20:22
Bit of both .

Dr Mary 00:20:23
I had a baby.

Dr Lucy 00:20:24
Mary had a baby in the middle of all of this thing .

Tina Tower 00:20:28
Like, you've built a seven figure business and you've had a kid halfway through it as well, which is
incredible .

Dr Mary 00:20:37
Lucy did really, for two months there , she shouldered a lot , so there's that . I was shouldering a lot . I had
a newborn . But, yeah, so for two months , I did check out , and not completely , but I did. But, yes, I got
back in. I think it's beauty of the working from home is that especially because I love it, it's not it's not
that onerous . Being able to do it with a baby in a sling , being able to do it while the baby naps, being
able to do things at 02:00 in the morning because I'm wide awake, feeding a baby like that , that was
useful . But, yeah, I had a baby, so I stopped doing my clinical work . And then two months later, after the
baby was two months old, I started getting back into the business . And then I just realized , oh, actually ,
this is good . Yes. Lucy's story is different , though . Yeah.

Dr Lucy 00:21:30
I mean, again, I'm fortunate in that I have been able to wean down my in person practice . So I started full
time , then I went to four days a week, then three days, then one and a half, and then the hardest bit was
actually just letting go, that last little bit . And it was one of your master classes , Tina, where we had
Amber, and she just said, I think that by Christmas you will be finished . And I don't know, I mean, I do
love a tiny bit of woo, which is not very doctory , but it is helpful .

Dr Mary 00:22:04
And I think it was sort of.

Dr Lucy 00:22:06
Just every now and then , you just need someone to give you permission to do something that you know
you want to do. And so having her say that I went , oh, right , it's inevitable . That's what I'm doing .

Tina Tower 00:22:17
Okay, yeah, you already wanted to do it, but it was like this sign in going , I can do the thing that I want to
do, because it is unconventional . I think the world that we operate in with online courses is still quite
unconventional compared with traditional business that we're used to as well.

Dr Lucy 00:22:33
Certainly for medicine . Very doctors aren't making courses , they're doing one on one consulting . That's
what you do.

Tina Tower 00:22:40
Yeah. And so, on that note , I would love to ask you about that , too, because a lot of the time , people
have ideas or they've got different things and they're like, how can I start from zero and cut through the
noise in being known when there's so many people already doing what they're doing ? And I don't think
there's anybody that has more of a saturated market than you in health and weight loss. How did you set
apart your point of difference ? And were you ever psyched out by that ? Or you were like, we're just
going to show up as us and just see how it goes? Talk us through that part .

Dr Lucy 00:23:12
Okay. So we recognized that there are two components that we talk about a lot for weight loss. And
interesting , the weight loss industry is sometimes I feel like we're walking through landmark times
because there is the concept of what we call weight loss at any cost , which are people who are
promoting really unhealthy and unsustainable ways to lose weight , which can be very restrictive . They
might be shakes, they might be things that are just not sustainable . Unless you want to live on shakes for
the rest of your life, you do that . And then there's this sort of glorification of, oh, my God, you're
amazing , because , look , you've lost 20 kilos . And so sometimes people will say to me, what's the fastest
way to lose weight ? And I'll go, well, cut a leg off. Honestly , that is it's really about being able to lose
weight in a way that is healthy and kind to your body and your mind , not punitive , because the thing you
do to lose the weight is the same thing you do to maintain the weight . And that's the bit that people
don't get . And it's not their fault . We talk a lot about it not being your fault . You've been conditioned ,
you've been marketed to, you've been told about maintenance . And maintenance apparently means you
can eat more food . And it's like, well, yeah. So there's all of these little myths . So we just came up with
these two basic concepts , which are the physiologies , understanding the hormones that actually really
drive weight , fat storage in particular , but weight gain. And then the psychology , which is your stories ,
the marketing , the way your brain works , and really just continuing to speak to those two pillars . But I
guess as part of our psychology , both Mary and I, and this was one of our light bulb moments when we
sat next to each other at the conference , was that we have also done a wonderful course in medical
hypnosis . So bringing hypnotherapy into the program really helps unlock people's minds around some of
the stories , in their heads, around all sorts of things self worth , FOMO. We talk a lot about people's idea
of FOMO, using food to soothe all the things .

Tina Tower 00:25:32
Yeah, I can totally relate to all of that . And we have a free hypnosis for everybody as well in the show
notes at rlmedicine . Comnurture . But I've got the link in there so that people can just click that and get
that as well.

Dr Mary 00:25:48
We also told our story . We focus on our message is healing the physiology and managing the
psychology . And I believe that really sets us apart , as well as our expertise as medical doctors and our
lived experience as people who have previously been overweight obese and healed our metabolism and
found a great way to manage our mind . And so just being true to our story , being true to, like ourselves ,
just being real, I reckon that is what people connect to completely .

Tina Tower 00:26:24
And that is what I think about you, too, is going there are a whole lot of people perpetuating unhealthy
myths in the health industry that you coming in with that real life sort of depiction . There is your point of
difference .

Dr Lucy 00:26:40
Absolutely . But I love it because it means that it's like Mary and I both turn up. We've done lives. I've
done lives in my dressing gown . I've done lives without my hair done, because it's just real. We're
constantly saying we're not curated . Neither of us are aesthetically perfect bodies . Neither of us, that's
for sure. But that's the whole point . That is the whole point you do not need. And the idea is that we
don't all look like Elmcpherson I'm showing my age here, but or whoever, the latest Kim Kardashian . We
don't all have to look like that . And we can't because it's not real. It's not real. Yeah.

Tina Tower 00:27:23
And so with that showing up and having the audacity to be able to do that is not a normal skill set for a
doctor . Was that something from the beginning , you were like, we're just going to do this , or was that a
learned thing ? Did you always have the confidence to do because you started with the daily lives as
well? Or was that something that was like when you rented the house that was super uncomfortable at
the start that you just had to do a few times ?

Dr Lucy 00:27:48
Yeah, absolutely . No, we had to do it a few times . And it's interesting , even now, I'm much better at alive,
where I recognize , oh, it's alive. I don't have to look perfect than when I go and do record a Masterclass
or something .

Tina Tower 00:28:02

Dr Lucy 00:28:03

Tina Tower 00:28:04
I find life so much easier than pre recorded . There's something about recording that requires the
production value that you don't have live completely .

Dr Mary 00:28:16
The amount of makeup that I've worn to do the live has gone down with my confidence . Now I don't wear
it. I'm actually , most of the time in my pajamas, got no makeup on.

Tina Tower 00:28:29
Now you reached the seven figure business , which is a lot of people's pipe dreams , and you did that in
the first couple of years. Where are you headed in the future ? What does success look like for you?

Dr Lucy 00:28:40
Well, I think part of the number is yeah, of course , everyone loves a vanity metric or a number, and it's
wonderful . But I guess for us, a lot of it is also recognizing that when we hit a particular number, that
also means we've helped a certain amount of people . And for us, the money is helpful . Obviously , we've
got to make a living , and we're not doing general practice , you know, one to one medicine anymore , so
we definitely need to be able to sustain ourselves . But the more we earn it's , it's really about , well, that
means the more people we've helped and the more people we can then go on to help. Because, like a lot
of business owners , you invest the money back into your business so that you can continue to grow. So
for us, it's really just I guess I'd love anybody who's ever had what we now term diet trauma , which is
really anybody's ever done. You know, I you know, my name is Lucy, I'm an ex dieter. I have was the
Weight Watchers lifetime member. I, you know, lost and gained that same ten kilos , or 20, in fact ,
probably 40 times over. And I was just so sick of going into my cupboard and praying that something
would fit . And now I'm just going to my cupboard and know everything in my cupboard fits . And so I
would just love, I guess , to have everybody have that experience and know that you're going to go into
your cupboard and everything's going to.

Dr Mary 00:30:07
Fit well, just be well. I want to change the world one person at a time . That's my goal. I love that .

Tina Tower 00:30:15
Just a small goal, change the world . So a lot of people will be sitting thinking you've achieved something
that a lot of people don't achieve . I know it's all the things we know that we talk about that a lot inside
her Her Empire Builder. But is there certain things that , you know, you have done that you weren't doing
before that have really accelerated your growth in the business that can give someone something to help
in going , where are you spending your time , your energy, your money that is actually growing the profit
and the revenue of your business ?

Dr Mary 00:30:51
Podcast .

Dr Lucy 00:30:52
Yeah. Again, we're very lucky and we haven't even talked about podcasting , but the podcast has been, I
think , successful by external measures . We love doing it, it's fun. But Tina, in our thing , we often talk
about the when we're not talking about the physiology and the psychology , we talk about the success of
all programs requires the three C's, which is content , coaching and community . And so that's what you
provide as well. Like, it's the same, we have the same thing . And so for us, community is really
important . But what and I often joke, and you've heard me say this , it's like sometimes I feel like you're
psychic . It's like everything suddenly I need to do something and, oh, we're doing a Masterclass on that
next week. How exciting . And so, for us, doing her Her Empire Builder has been, the thing that it gives us
is implementation as well, gives us a framework on how to implement and you can listen . And I think a lot
of people get stuck in this planning phase. They listen to podcasts , they watch videos , but they don't
implement . And so the implementation of what you do is the key to growing your business . You have to
implement and implement fast and it doesn't have to be perfect . Absolutely .

Tina Tower 00:32:13
I think imperfect action is one of your gifts . Like I do always marvel at, like all of our Master classes , we
have action steps afterwards . Because I do think that it's one thing a lot of people , like you just said, can
hear different things and be like, yes, that sounds really good , but then get off a call and they go about
their lives and don't actually take the action steps . And I always laugh because literally within 48 hours
of running a Masterclass , you're in the Facebook group like did it, here it is. And it does . It means every
single month you're developing the business , you're moving it on up. And I think that that is so good . But
what causes you to take that action ? Because I know a lot of people intend to, but they don't take the
time because they've got the fear of different things . Is that mindset of experimentation something
that's inherent ? And is it in both of you? Or do you encourage each other to go, should we do this ? Let's
do it.

Dr Mary 00:33:11
I think a bit of both .

Tina Tower 00:33:12

Dr Lucy 00:33:12
Yeah. Mary is definitely Mary is what I call the voice of reason. So every now and then I'll come up with
some big idea and I run it by, do you think this is every now and then she'll come up with it and it's good
because otherwise I reckon I could come up with massive ideas and bankrupt our business in a day. So it
is really, really helpful to have a person who's a sounding board and by the same token , sometimes I just
got to know this is what we're going to do, it's going to be really good . And she'll , you know, as she said,
has that little internal fear that goes, oh my God, that just goes with it.

Dr Mary 00:33:49
Just do it.

Dr Lucy 00:33:49
And yeah, just do it.

Dr Mary 00:33:51
I think we look at lots of.

Dr Lucy 00:33:53
Things and go, right , we've tried this , it didn't work . A bit like having a zoom call every week for the first
membership . So experimenting is really and again we talk about experimenting in the twelve week.
Experimenting is the key. And if you can look at everything as an experiment and then say, okay, well, we
tried that , that wasn't as good as we thought it would be, or we didn't love that that much , we'll try
something different . But I also know that if you don't persist like nothing happens , nothing happens . If
you just stop or see it or wait, nothing happens .

Tina Tower 00:34 :30
So good .

Dr Mary 00:34 :33
I was going to say that , I think just overcoming your fear of failure . Before I was a doctor , I was a scientist
and in science , results , experiments don't fail. You get positive results for negative results , but it's all
data, it's all useful and we just apply that mentality here. You just have a go and you don't fail. Either it
works well or it doesn't work well. You tweak , you change , you keep going . We've made mistakes where
it possibly could look a little bit foolish , but it's okay, you just keep going and just feeling that fear and
doing it anyway, I think is the biggest key to our success and to our enjoyment in what we do.

Tina Tower 00:35:10
Absolutely . 100%. So, my final question , we are opening doors to Her Her Empire Builder at the end of
this month . What would be your message to people who have their online course and are looking at
doing it, wondering whether it's going to be right for them or not ? Should they jump on the waitlist ?

Dr Mary 00:35:30
Absolutely . Yes. Absolutely . Extremely helpful and useful for our business and our enjoyment of our
business as well.

Tina Tower 00:35:40
Yeah, I love that , the enjoyment of the business .

Dr Lucy 00:35:44
Absolutely . And again, I look back and go, why didn't we join first time round ? And it really was a little bit
of fear that we didn't back ourselves . It was part of what it was. It's an investment , obviously there's a
financial investment . And for us, it was like, oh, well, what if we don't make that money back ? And it's
like so it was really just a change in mindset . Was that recognizing if we want to grow, we need someone
who's smart , who knows systems , who can help us do that , that we can mimic , because that's what we
do. If Teen is doing it, I'm doing it, and therefore that has been the thing that has increased our
trajectory . We already had a successful product , but I reckon if we hadn't done Her Empire Builder, we
would still be faffing around making doing things last minute .

Tina Tower 00:36:40
I mean, I'm confident in the ROI. After you joined and you said to me, I don't know if this is going to be
valuable and we're going to get an ROI on this . And you did a launch straight after using the launch plan
and did sixty k and then did one a couple of months after that and did eighty k, and I was like, oh, yeah,
absolutely .

Dr Lucy 00:37:02
And I think the idea that you often tell us about valuing your time and you'd think as doctors we would
value our time , but in fact , we don't . None of us do. We've often done. We've come from an industry of
service where doctors do buckets of work that isn't paid, it's unpaid work , and our value is never
measured financially . It's on. How kind are you, how empathic are you?

Dr Mary 00:37:29
How much , how worn out you are at the end of the day.

Tina Tower 00:37:31

Dr Lucy 00:37:32
So then getting a mindset shift for us was actually where we're valuable .

Tina Tower 00:37:39
Congratulations . I am so happy for you. Yours is one of my favorite success stories . You're just doing it
so well and you're so helpful to everybody else around you. So I appreciate you and I thank you and I
can't wait to see the million dollar year.

Dr Mary 00:37:55
Thank you. Thank you.

Tina Tower 00:37:58
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I'm Tina Tower and I'm cheering you.

Tina Tower 00:38:37

On all the way.