Ep136 - Clint Salter - the nicest millionaire you'll meet

books business Jul 27, 2021
Tina Tower Her Empire Builder Podcast

Clint Salter, one of the nicest millionaire I have ever met, has been a good friend of mine for over the past six years, I think. As to why I've said it, will be on the next few notes here on this blog as well on the podcast if you haven't heard it.

Clint is an award winning entrepreneur, business development strategist, and best selling author of two big books. Today, he's the founder and CEO of Dance Studio Owners Association, the largest community of dance studio owners in the world. Clint has helped over 34,000 dance studio owners grow their business, impact their local communities and improve the lives of over 800,000 children through the programs and services that he's created in DSOA. And he's also featured in my new book Million Dollar Micro Businesses as a Success Story! 

Why I believe Clint is the nicest millionaire I've ever met are based on the things I knew about him in his focus for his business, his ownership and accountability with his team and members, and his overall love for what he's doing. Here are just the few of my favorite statement Clint said on the podcast:

  1. Creating experiences for his customers is Clint's statement for DSOA.
  2. If your customer is winning then so are you!
  3. Creativity doesn't have to mean creating new stuff. Creativity means that maybe we go into an existing program and keep some things, lose some things, or add instant things.

  4. Clint prioritizes things that will add value in giving the best experiences for his customers and members. His time and energy are solely for that purpose now!
  5. There have been big scary decisions that I've had to make. But I never make more than one at a time.

The best I got from Clint was how much he loves and desires to serve his community. Something we all need to do. It is truly one win-win situation!

Show notes: tinatower.com/136

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