The importance of congruence

I went for a horse ride today for the first time in a couple of years. I have loved riding horses since I was a little girl and never quite seem to get enough of it.

Tina Tower Riding1.JPG.jpg

Today was exceptional, exhilarating, relaxing and beautiful. As we were riding through, the guide asked if we’d like to canter. Of course I said yes! The horse took off and I felt the massive smile grow on my face and the he picked up speed. It was bumpy though, not like I remembered a canter to be. I was bouncing up and down in the saddle and couldn’t quite get the rhythm right.

On the second canter, I let go a little, I relaxed and felt the movement of the horse and fell into an easy rhythm in motion with him. We ran through the bush with kangaroos jumping out of the way and me grinning like a fool! Then it felt wonderful and I remembered why I love horse riding so much.

When we kept walking afterwards I was thinking about the experience of doing the same thing, cantering, but feeling so different each time. The first time, I was certainly not in congruence with the horse and it was harder than it should have been.

The second time, I got my mind and body back to where it should be to feel the rhythm of the horse. The feeling of riding in congruence was so completely different. It’s just like everything in life really, where you have natural congruence, everything flows. Your energy is good, your happiness levels are high and productivity is way up there.

When you’re not congruent with your values, your goals and the way you want to live your life everything is strained and much harder than it should be. You get tired, you get stressed, you procrastinate, you blame and you look for a way out.

One of the big keys to business success and personal satisfaction is finding what’s congruent for you, doing more of that, and enjoying the ride.

Tina Tower