Do you want to be a millionaire?

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This book! It’s been on my top 5 list since I first read it when I was 18. Since that time I’ve read it at least ten times over and every time it appeals to me in a different way and I learn something new.

Mark Victor Hansen and Robert Allen have done something with the book that I’ve never seen before. They respond to people’s desire for left and right brain learning techniques by having a fable on the right hand side of the page and all of the practical business lessons like a standard business book on the left hand page.

The story follows a woman whose husband dies and the grandparents get custody of her two children. She places a wager with them in order to get her children back and has to raise $1 million in 90 days or she will lose her children.

It follows all of the things she does to make this happen from real estate details, retail, online and information selling.

It’s such a great read and I cry every time! Though the lessons stay with me. My copy of my book contains so many underlined sentences, notes in the margins and back pages and asterisks next to so many paragraphs so there’s too much for me to summarise here.

My biggest overarching lesson from the book is to create yourself multiple streams of income and LEARN! If you don’t have the skill set or knowledge to do something right now, find someone who does and partner with them. The value of a good mentor is priceless.

The other major lesson is using your money for good. You can achieve a whole lot more for your community and worthy causes with many than without, so acquire money, grow it, spend it and give it away.

The recommendation for money split is:

10% to charity

10% to high risk investments like shares

10% to medium risk investments like commodities and real estate

10% to conservative investments like managed funds, bonds and term deposits

60% for living

The book obviously encourages business as the main way to make your income and finding something that does good for the world. If you find a way to add massive value to people’s lives through your business then it’s a win win. It makes for a great plan for life!

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