Dr Libby Workshop - Recipes to Feel Awesome

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I love going to events and learning from amazingly wise people. Yesterday I got to go to a Business Chicks workshop in the Gold Coast and listen to Dr Libby Weaver speak for nearly 2 hours. Best time ever. That woman is smart... razor smart. You know when you're around people and hear people speak and you just wish you could listen to them all day every day because they make you feel so good? That's Dr Libby.

The last 6 months have been particularly challenging for me. Goodness, the last 6 days have been challenging! So it was refreshing to get re-centered and remember why I love life so much and what's important.

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Our family started eating paleo in the new year and apart from when we're out with friends (even I wouldn't want to be friends with the person in the corner drinking water and eating carrot sticks), we've stuck to it. In 2 months, we feel great, I know my thinking is clearer, I get less headaches at my desk, I've stopped craving sweet foods (with the exception of a couple of times each month) and I'm fitting back into my old clothes. The motivation for me is not to lose any weight, it's because I want to live a long and happy life. I have an image of me playing with my great grandchildren and I want to achieve that.

In the world we live in now, filled with so many processed foods, toxic chemicals in our products and all around us, it's important to be conscious of the choices we make. One of my favourites quotes was "Are we living too short and dying too long?" These are the notes I took which may not make much sense in isolation, but they'll help trigger things for me in the future and hopefully they'll be handy for you too. My biggest advice, would be to head to Dr Libby’s website, buy every one of her books, watch her incredible Ted talk and feel how good it feels to be well.

  • Our bodies are designed to produce amazing energy so that we can live with vitality at every age.

  • Every 28 days, all skin cells reproduce. Beauty and health is from the inside out, treat your insides with the respect they deserve.

  • We need to alter our perception of pressure and urgency. Of course there will be stressful situations to deal with, but it's our perception of that which will determine how our biochemistry responds.

  • If you're truly grateful for what you have, you cannot make stress hormones simultaneously. Your nervous system can't do two things at once. (For this, we're going to try in our office writing 200 things we're grateful for and read that list when stress hits to get ourselves out of that state). This will help us when we go into the 'red zone' sympathetic nervous system dominance.

  • We need to let ourselves have what we already have and enjoy all of those things: our children's smiles, the love of a partner, laughs with friends, shelter, car, clean water from the tap, fresh abundance of food.

  • Enjoy the opportunities and privileges we have.

  • The ONLY way to extend time in the 'green zone' is to extend the length of your exhalation. Deep diaphragmatic breathing gets you to calm and function again. We must have strategies when we go into shallow chest breathing to get back into deep breath.

  • It's important to identify what REALLY stresses you out. Identify it and how you perceive that it makes you feel. That will show you what you're frightened of. It's usually to do with being rejected and disliked.

  • It's not about perfection, it's what you do consistently every day that impacts and serves you.

  • Your food is the only way to get your energy and nutrients. Why on earth would you want to eat anything processed? (Remember this Tina).

  • Your behaviour is the outer most expression of your beliefs. Trouble is, most of us don't know what our unconscious beliefs are or the beliefs were acquired by other people, people that we don't even have in our lives anymore.

  • Humans will do more to avoid pain than they will ever to have pleasure. Identify what allows you to consistently execute a plan and carry that into other areas of your life.

  • Our greatest fear is that we are not enough and that we won't be loved. Therefore we believe that if we are 'not enough' we won't be loved.

  • The reticular activating system will reinforce and show you what you want to see so focus on what is important to you and what you want to manifest in your life.

  • There is huge power in the meaning we make from events, our interpretation and our perceptions. (For me, this is where the power of meditation comes in, to rationalise the day and make sure I'm consciously aware of the meaning of the events rather than take everything too personally or let it scar me).

  • Food is used to distance yourself from the way things are when they are not the way you want them to be.

  • You see the world how you are, not how it is.

  • Maky people make it really easy to feel lousy and really difficult to feel good. Be one of the people who wants and decides to feel good!

  • Whatever you focus on you feel. Be curious about thoughts and meanings. Otherwise you create stress by not being content with who you are and that makes you numb the pain with unhealthy practices.

Brilliant hey! Thanks Dr Libby.

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