Naomi Simson - Living What She Loves

Yesterday I got to attend the Business Chicks lunch to launch Naomi Simson’s new book - Live What You Love. I first met Naomi in 2012. I was attending my first Commonwealth Bank Women in Focus  conference and was so excited about going to an event where I could spend 4 days with my absolute rock stars and idols.

I also felt amazingly intimidated and like a huge fraud. Here were all of these spectacularly successful women and I was rocking up in one of the worst financial times of my business career. I had started franchising a year before hand and had poured all of our money into the growth of the business but more than that, I was struggling with the emotional side and my mindset.

I didn't know at that point whether I was strong enough to run a franchise business and deal with all of those aspects and combining that with the call I received from my accountant while at the airport on the way to the conference telling me we would have to move out of our house and rent it out to financially survive the next year made me feel well out of my depth.

There's a huge temptation when in settings like that to just sit and listen to everyone and pretend like everything is right in the world. When I arrived though, I decided that I had so many knowledgable people around, I would share my story and see if I could get any advice.

The first morning I walked in and sat at the table and who comes and sits down next to me? Naomi Simson! I had read Naomi's books and blogs and admired her for so many different reasons so had to take a moment to work up the courage to talk to her. What a champion! After telling her an abbreviated version of the story, she laughed and said "Oh honey, we've all been there!" And then a conversation erupted from women telling their stories of triumph after trepidation. What ensued was the best 4 days of my business life and myself Begin Bright would not be what it is today without that first encounter.

I don't know if any of them ever remembered the conversations but the impact they had and the generous nature in which they shared is something I'll be eternally grateful for. Naturally, when I saw Naomi was going to speak at Business Chicks, I got a ticket straight away! It's so awesome to see someone who genuinely loves their life and is spreading that love.

My favourite take outs from her talk yesterday were:

  • Being an entrepreneur is like being a clown punching bag, you get knocked down over and over and you have to keep popping back up with a smile on your face!

  • Know your strengths and accept your non-strengths. Hire an A-grade team to excel where you don't.

  • If you want something, set your sights on it and determinedly go after it!

  • Each second, minute and hour of the day is precious - play it forward.

  • You get to choose your own journey

  • Positive words will deliver positive outlooks and positive outcomes

  • The words you use define your reality. When you say it's possible, it is.

  • The biggest thing stopping us from living our passion is fear.

  • We know we have to do hard work but we have to feel fulfilled in that work.

Thanks Naomi! :)

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