Selling My Business


A week ago today I handed the keys to my office over and walked out the door. It was a massive moment for me, and one that I feel like I needed a grieving period for. I know it sounds melodramatic, but anyone who has started a business knows how much goes into it and how hard it is parting with something that so much love has gone into. I am lucky in the sense that I'm not leaving altogether. Begin Bright Cronulla was where the Begin Bright program and brand was born. There are many people from the area that attributed to my success and who I owe huge thanks. I have sold the Cronulla centre to enable my family and I to move and to concentrate on growing the Begin Bright brand across Australia.

I still get to play with Begin Bright every day, just from a different perspective. We have wanted to do the move to a small acreage as a pipe dream for years by saying, 'one day wouldn't it be great to...' Then last year when I went to Uganda with The Hunger Project it really put what's important in life into perspective for me and we decided to make the move. The plan was set and put into motion. The reality was much much harder (isn't it always!). The day that we moved into our house at Pottsville will go down as one of the most epically wonderful days of my life.

So now I'm trying to adjust to not having my beloved centre, but working on providing an exceptional program, build a solid national brand and growing our existing centres. And I'm back in my home office. It's been a week and I remember why I don't like working from home, but more on that in a future post. Lessons from the last few weeks that I would like to share:

  • It's ok to cry, business is personal, that's what makes it so fun.

  • Good people are precious, love them and let them love you.

  • It's your life, believe in yourself with 100% conviction and anyone who doesn't want to jump on that train shouldn't have a seat.

  • The best plans will always stuff up, everything takes so much longer and so much more effort!

  • Snakes are not more scared of me than I am of them, I'm petrified.

  • Some people actually can do a better job at something than you and that's ok.

  • Lawyers are way over priced.

  • When you're doing it, things seem to take so long and so much work but once it's done, it proves worth it (equally so for businesses and babies!)

  • Children don't like listening to Anthony Robbins for a 12 hour drive.

  • Set pipe dreams and then action steps to turn them into a reality.

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