Stopping to Breathe

A lot can be said for taking a moment to breathe! I got to spend 3 days in a wellness cocoon on a Business Chicks Gwinganna escape. I feel amazing.  

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Everything that seemed completely overwhelming last week has now dissipated to a situation I can look at with clarity and deal with.

It's amazing how big and problems can seem after a prolonged sustained period of stress. This year's certainly been a huge one for me and there's been moments I've been pushed so so close to breaking point. It's tested my resilience, my conviction and every self belief I possess. 3 days is such a brief period of time but it really was a significant life impacting journey. Upon arrival the phone got switched off (scary) and then we get shown to beautiful room and the detox begins. There's no coffee (I had a 4 a day habit), no alcohol, no sugar, no dairy and no gluten.

24 hours in and I was feeling awful. It was hard. My body was completely crashing and working overtime to cleanse out all of the crap that I hurriedly put in on a daily basis.

I think the biggest shock though was the change in pace. I pretty much have survived on adrenalin this year as we worked to propel Begin Bright to the next level. I cam into the retreat all pepped up on caffeine, adrenalin and sugar and just had to stop.

Just stop. And breathe.

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I haven't done that in quite a while and at first it didn't feel great. I felt exhausted, as did most of the women I was there with, I felt emotional and so unwell.

But then I reached the other side. I got to spend 3 days on the greatest organic food I could ever dream up. We got up at 5:30 for Qi Gong (like Tai Chi), followed by a vigorous walk, then breakfast, stretching, yoga, dancing, more stretching, information sessions on how the brain works and how the body responds to stress, information on creating and maintaining an organic edible garden and then lunch, spa treatments, swimming, dinner and bed. A recipe for feeling wonderful.

I want to maintain this level of health and vitality. I want to remain caffeine and sugar free. I want to be able to be presented with stressful situations and breathe through it, think about it with clarity and have the power to either solve it or move on.

I know the chances are the that blissful bubble will soon fade and the temptations and stresses of the world are likely to throw me right back where I was.

But fuck it. It's my life, my company and I make the decisions that effect me. Too often we place blame on other people and get lost in our problems and fears. I want to choose a better life. Already 2 days back in the office and I've had so many different things thrown at me, as we all do on a daily basis. I feel that familiar twinge in my neck as the stress levels rise and instead lay back with a cup of tea and lavender eye pillow until I can calm it down.

This could be the most significant change of my life or a passing fad. But in the end, it's up to the power of the mind.

Wish us luck!

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