Taking a Break

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I am a huge advocate for hard work. I think the saying of working smarter not harder is a myth when you're in a growth phase of business. There's no getting around the fact that there's a shit load of work to be done and the only way to get there is to knuckle down and just do it.

Next month I celebrate 10 years in business and through that journey there's been many ebbs and flows of workload. Since starting franchising 3 years ago, there hasn't been a light week at all. That's just the way I like it. It means we're growing and building a bigger and better business that can reach more children and enrich more lives.

Lately though I've been struggling. I've felt tired. I've felt short tempered. The love and happiness I feel when I sit down at my desk in the morning is just a flicker. When I was telling a friend about this a couple of weeks ago, she asked how long since I'd done something non work related... Non-work related? Ummm... It's been a while. I haven't had a week day off since January, I've had some huge projects like starting a new company owned centre, moving offices, my son starting school, opening 8 new franchises, awards, lots of media, new back end systems to run our businesses, changing our franchise structure, conferences and normal things that go on with every day life that it has seemed that if I take even a day it would all come crashing down.

So I've decided to take a whole week off. It sounds so simple but it can be really hard to come to terms with when there's new team members, new businesses and so many things to keep on track. I was talking to my Grandma and telling her I felt like I needed a little rest but I don't even think I can take a day. She laughed and told me to get over myself, the world won't end without my influence for a week! Sometimes that's all you need to hear!

I believe in rest and rejuvenation and since I've simply made the decision to take a week off I feel better already. A week to just drop Kai at school, go canoeing up the river with Cohen, pick Kai up from school, clean out some cupboards that have been piling up. The simple things are needed to recharge and come back full of good energy to do it all again.

So goodbye for a week, I'm going to get out of my own way and play. No one will even notice I'm gone :)

Tina Tower