A Massive Month

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There are stages in running a business where it's head down bum up time. No time for books, seminars or learning anything new. You have the knowledge, you have the experience, time to implement. I have just had one of those months It's been the culmination of things I've been working towards all year and now done I toss up between wanting to curl in the foetal position and rock myself or go and do it all again. There's that saying that you should fill your day with high priority things or low priority tasks will take over. I made sure to leave no time for anything non-essential. It goes to show that with hard work and planning, a lot can be achieved in a few weeks. It kicked off with the Fun For Kids Festival that I organised with Justin who owns Little Kickers and my friend Rochelle who owns Begin Bright Gymea. An absolutely awesome day.  

The day after was Tough Mudder. I decided 6 months ago to do Tough Mudder and have since lost 7 kg and learnt to run. The 19.1km course was gruelling. I ran for about 14km and then had to drag my arse through the rest of the course but was very proud (relieved) to cross the finish line.  

The following week was my first ever Franchise Conference. It was the first time that the 7 Begin Bright franchisees had met each other and a great opportunity to share experiences and help each other build business.

That night was the My Business Magazine Awards. I have been in business award finals quite a bit with my business, this was the first time we have won! We won the category for Women in Business and then I got the shock of my life when Tim Bailey named Begin Bright as the overall Action Coach Award for Outstanding Excellence. Amazing.  

Next big item was my little boy turning 3. Can't believe my baby has been in the world for three years. A reminder that time really does fly and be thankful for every single moment I get with those gorgeous little people. We had a superhero party.  

This was followed on the same day by my sister in laws hens night. Having 5 brothers, I was super excited when Loren asked me to be her Chief Bridesmaid (Matron/Maid of honour - not sure). Then last Friday they got married. It was such a gorgeous wedding and I felt so honoured to be a part of it.  

I write this sitting in a hotel room in Cairns ahead of visiting the Begin Bright centre here tomorrow. Certainly a perk of the job, but oh so lovely to have a few hours of rest by the pool in sunny Queensland. It's been a big past month, but that's how I love it. Living as much life as possible. Now to get ready for Uganda next week!

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