A New Genre in Business Magazines

I like to read a book each week to stay informed, inspired and motivated. There was no time for books this week, every available moment was reading a new business (if you could call it that) magazine called Messenger Collective

Messenger Collective is jam packed full of so many different things that are just absolute reading candy for an Entrepreneur. There is stuff on business, economics, global trends, environmental sustainability, spirituality, travel, fashion, health, philanthropy and practical tips. My goodness - what a read!

I met the creator, Lisa Messenger, a few years ago but only had my first real conversation with her at the Commonwealth Bank Women in Focus Conference last year. She's as incredible as she seems in her media portrayal. Bubbling over with excitement for life and a mind as sharp as tack.

The main highlights for me:

Lorna Jane’s story: The woman is an icon and exceptional in how she's built her business and stayed committed to her mission in life.

- The funny facts: like there are more people with mobile phone ownership than toothbrushes!

- Bradley Taylor Greive: The guy who wrote the 'Blue Days Book'. So much more to that story that I never knew. LOVED his quote, 'We are able to live free without fear. We can fail and fail again and again and we still have the opportunity to fulfil our dreams'

Kelly Baker-Jamieson: She's the owner of Edible Blooms and tells an extraordinary tale of growing her business and now fitting around her lifestyle on her farm while still propelling her company forward. As someone who is moving to my ocean side acreage next year this really appealed to me.

There is so much more, just go and get a copy. It's everywhere!

A word of warning, it's very wordy and doesn't go overboard on the pictures so make sure you have time to immerse yourself before having a read. You certainly can't just flick through it like some magazines. I for one am so glad that this new genre of magazine has hit the shelves. It's like having multiple books full of helpful information and inspiration all crammed into one. Congratulations to the Messenger Publishing team!

Tina x

Tina Tower