Am I Too Emotional for Business?


If I ask people what their typical description of a 29 year old woman is, chances are I'm way off. I've never fit neatly into any stereotype and never felt that I needed to.  

I am also deeply committed to lead an extraordinary life and improve my skills to be able to do this. I spend a lot of my time learning and reading about new ideas and how to be better at business, life, parenting and sometimes I read something completely irrelevant. One main thing that's popped up over the last couple of years as I've expanded my business is my propensity to be overly emotional.  

I'm an emotional woman and feel things strongly. Repeatedly I read by incredible business leaders and wealth creators that you can't master business until you master your emotions. It is important to note that this is often said by very successful male leaders which has me questioning whether it's the right advice for the way a female brain operates.   So, I've spent the last few months doing just that. Trying to control my emotional state. Every time I catch myself going up on an emotional high, I level it back out and every time I dip down I think of great things to pick me back up again. It's left me feeling exactly as it sounds... Flat.

I truly agree that an unemotional person can make better decisions based on the reality of the situation rather than the perception and I'll no longer make decisions or have important phone calls, meetings and emails until I feel neutral but with everything else I think stuff it. I LOVE the feeling of achievement, of having a goal and working towards it and inching closer to my vision day by day. I love seeing people succeed and knowing I played a small role in that. I love the euphoric happiness that comes from living a life that I created that has a sexy husband and two of the most incredible children in the world. I don't want to level that feeling, I want to revel in it and stay there for as long as possible. That's why we work so hard right? To get that feeling? Otherwise what's the point?  

As much as I think it would be lovely to be completely in control emotionally and to never make a decision based on emotion, some of my best results have come about as the result of strong reactions and feeling. I work damn hard because I love the feeling of stepping of a plane with my family in another country, I love the feeling of when I get to do some great experience with my kids because I've sacrificed in another area. Having great experiences and the feelings that are associated with that motivates me to continue what I do every day.  

It helps at the other end of the spectrum too. I see great benefit in getting upset when I've made a decision that other people are angry or unhappy with. Rather than say, my way or the highway, I'm wary that I myself don't like it when an idiot will do something that ruins my day and in turn, I certainly don't want to be the idiot ruining someone else's. It makes me think of the consequences in greater detail and back myself 100% before anything is put forward and change bought about.   So I may never amount to much as an emotional female, but I intend to feel as fully as I can to be authentic and chase that great feeling.

I guess the next ten years will show me what's right and if it doesn't work out, I can always try the cold fish thing in my 40's. I get told a lot that I live in my own little world. I can say that watching the news and listening to the world around, I like my world. It's happier in here. I know many exceptional women who lead fabulous lives and do it in their bubble, it seems to work just fine.

Want to join me?

Tina Tower