Getting Tough Mudder Ready


Five weeks ago I decided to take part in Tough Mudder which is on in September. Going from slightly overweight to fit and fearless is going to take a lot of work. So here I am, five weeks in on a planned run morning and it's POURING rain.

Usually, sure sign to go back to bed. This, time though, off I go. My youngest child stands at the door as I start putting on my shoes crying for me to stay at home. I try to not feel bad that I work and now selfishly leave to exercise (won't it make me a better Mum if I'm fit enough to play all day?).

Last month on my first run I made 2km and felt like I would collapse. Not promising. But today I run not only through the pouring rain, but I made nearly 7km. Huge improvement. While running I asked myself why. Why was I going through this, let's face it, a mild case of agony. I have not yet reached the stage when exercise gives me more energy and endorphins, I feel absolutely exhausted. I was happy with my why answer though. I want to live a great and adventurous life. I want to ice climb in Antarctica, go black water rafting in New Zealand, water ski, snow board and be able to join in on any game I want to and not have to sit and watch because I don't have the fitness. I'm heading in that direction and with two sons I'm pretty glad I will be able to play.

Four months until the event and about 5km to lose and the capability of running 15km. Many more painful sessions to endure, though I did feel pretty tough running in the rain!

Tina Tower