Happy New Year! How to Set Your Financial Year Goals


Anyone that knows me knows that I am meticulously planned. I have been reading business books since I was 15 and they've all said that you must set goals, and set them far in advance. I have on board in front of me right now, believe and achieve. While I do strongly believe in the plan, there are times when it can be quite detrimental.

BHAG, the big hairy audacious goal is the centre of a lot of companies and the successful people who run them. Though what I am starting to realise, is you have to celebrate the small successes along the way to avoid burning out. As I write this, it's the last day of the financial year. At this time last year I sat down to review my vision and work out what we wanted to achieve both financially and the shape that Begin Bright would take. Without giving too much away, we have far exceeded last years turnover, though we are no where near where I wanted us to be. Are the goals set too high or is performance not enough? To avoid disappointment, I am going to try the following strategy for next financial year:

Break it down. Rather than one massive goal, break it into small increments to encourage yourself along the way and congratulate yourself for each small step.

Don't set it in stone! The five year plan is revised each year to take into account the events that have occurred. This should also be done monthly with your yearly plan. No one knows what is going to unfold, so have a little flexibility.

Pause-itivity. Thank you Kirsty Dunphey for this wonderful idea. In her blog, Kirsty talks about the importance of pausing throughout your life to stop and reflect on what you've achieved and concentrate on achieving one thing at a time from start to finish rather than trying to do many things at once.

Begin with the end in mind. While I do want to not be disheartened by not achieving the final goal just yet, I still want to work each second of each day with that goal in mind so that every thing I do brings me that little bit closer to achieving the dream.

Good luck in achieving your goals and in the words of the great William Ward, "If you can dream it, you can achieve it". 

Tina Tower 
Begin Bright Founder

Tina Tower