How Full Is Your Bucket?


I love a great book. This one is a doosey! How Full is Your Bucket? by Tom Rath & Donald Clifton Is short (about 45 minutes cover to cover), concise and beautifully written. It's written to encourage positive strategies in work and life and for people to 'fill each others buckets'.

In a world where people always seem to be trying to get one up on someone or so focused on themselves, this is refreshing. The power of the mind is something I have always believed in. While I'm not as die hard as 'The Secret' would allow you to believe, I do think that whatever you focus on and whatever mindset you can maintain, is what you will manifest for your life. By helping other people, expressing gratitude or simply telling someone how much you like them not only makes them feel better, but you too.

It even shows scientific evidence that the more optimism and happiness you have, the greater your physical health. Yep, think happy and you will be healthier. There doesn't seem to be many downsides does there

Focus on all of the wonderful things that you do, what your strengths are and allow yourself to feel great. A task now: write down the last 5 things that someone else did that you're grateful for. Now write a little thank you note and send it to make their day and fill their bucket and yours.

Tina Tower