Maximise Your Media Exposure


This week was a big one for me. In the span of four days my business, Begin Bright and I were featured on Page 2 of the Daily Telegraph, on three radio stations and on Channel 7's 6pm news. I opened two new franchised centres and ran a charity fundraising night for my trip to Uganda with Business Chicks and The Hunger Project Australia. Lucky? Not at all.

Building a profile in order to maximise media opportunities is something I have focused on for the last 5 years and spent hours and hours creating. I started my business with no capital so with no money to spare, free media opportunities were my only option for exposure. Whether you have a big budget or not, it's the free ones that usually have the most impact and highest conversion to your bottom line profits. Here's 5 tips to build your media profile and maximise your opportunities: 

1. Start writing

Whatever industry you're in, you should be writing and publishing articles about your field on related websites. I started doing that when absolutely no one was listening. I would be writing to no one, with no page opens and no clicks through to the website. That didn't last long though. Slowly, the community builds and the initial things you put out into the world will be read. 

2. Send your articles to everyone 

Every month when I write my articles for Begin Bright, I send them to as many child related websites as I can find so that they can publish them on their blogs, websites, Facebook and Twitter pages. Sometimes they will get published, sometimes they won't. Just keep sending! 

3. Take advantage of opportunities 

If your articles do get published online, in the newspaper or in the magazines, now's your time to seize the day. Share that article on your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages. Share it with other publications that may be interested to encourage them to also run with the story. When we were in the Daily Telegraph on Monday I immediately put it on Facebook and Twitter. I saw it was on the Today Show and Sunrise morning show so I tweeted to them about our involvement. Within 5 minutes, I had a call from channel 7 news. The communication channels are so open now with social media so use them. 

4. Say Thank you!!! 

The power of thank you and gratitude is completely under utilised in our society. Whenever you're in the media it is doing you and your business huge favours. I always send the person who published, wrote or photographed the article a thank you note and usually a basket of goodies. You never know when they may need you again for a story and you want to be remembered and also to make their day as they made yours. 

5. Be persistent

I started this Juggling Act blog last month. I currently am only talking to 114 of you so this won't reach many people today. When I started Begin Bright no one was interested in what I was saying as the credibility and history wasn't built up. There is only one way to build it, start today. When someone Googles you or your business, you want to be repeated over and over for pages. If you've got something worthwhile sharing, start sharing now. You can start by listing your blog or website in the comments section below. 

Happy promoting!

Tina Tower