Off to Istanbul


In a couple of minutes I will be boarding the plane to Istanbul and I'm feeling so incredibly thankful. Lately I daily thank my lucky stars for the life I get to lead. Eight years ago when I started in business I truly believed that I could create my ideal life. One that allowed me to exercise my brain and my creativity, to create a legacy, to raise beautiful children and have a good marriage. Last year was a particularly shocking one for me. I had started franchising and had to learn how to handle doing business in such a different environment and it cost so much more money than I budgeted for. It was like being a start up all over again. Working all day every day and not getting paid.

I have always had a simple philosophy in my business life, work hard, be nice to people and if you find yourself complaining about something more than once, change it. Last year I worked as hard as I possibly could. I met some phenomenal people that permanently changed my life and turned my situation around so much more quickly than I could have imagined. It's like the hard work and determination (and so so much resilience) is finally paying off.

So that leads me to my point today. I am off to Istanbul for the Dell Women's Entrepreneurs Conference where I get the opportunity to mix with exceptional women that will change the world. I am so stoked to be a part of that group and can't wait to get stuck into the next 10 years!

Thank you to the people who played a role in the last year in getting me to the point that I am in today. I love you.

Mat Tower (gorgeous husband)
Kai & Cohen Tower (most adorable children in the world)
Emma Isaacs - Business Chicks (not much I can say in a sentence. Phenomenal and inspirational)  
Scott Capelin - Tribe Social Fitness (body moulder, business mentor and funniest man I know) Lisa Williams - ProBeauty Solutions (most beautiful mentor)
Matt Williams - ProBeauty Solutions (business guru, amazing!!)
Leanne Hegarty - PwC (Never knew an accountant could be so influential, gorgeous, funny, kind and had the ability to transform my situation)
Philip Smith - Thomsons Lawyers (A true gentleman and so patient)
Grace Bowe - Bride Body (The sexiest accountability buddy a girl could have).

Tina Tower