The Juggling Act - For Mums Who Juggle Business and Family

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This is my first post for The Juggling Act. I have had this on my wish list for over a year now. As I Mum in business I find one of the biggest issues to be time organisation, that is fitting into a day what most mere mortals would take three to accomplish and of course the guilt. There is so much information about to help in these situations though I find most of it leaves me feeling inadequate and that I'm not doing as well as I should be in being business woman of the year, awesome Martha Stewart style house wife and dedicated mother to my two children.

So here I am writing about the Juggling Act. Sharing issues and tips on how to deal with everything that comes along in a woman's life who has children and the aspiration to continue to run a kick arse business. It's something I have been trying to get more comfortable with since my son was born 4 years ago and I went from being able to work all day every day (it's what I loved to do) to having to split my time more evenly between work and family. At times I feel the guilt that I want to work. I do want to. I have aspirations of creating wonderful businesses, a property portfolio and still be able to get to my children's 21st birthdays and know that I was also an excellent Mum and gave them all I had to give.

Let's go on the journey together.

Tina Tower