EP 177 - Mindset VS Strategy: Which Contributes To Most To Success?

Jul 27, 2022

Like many entrepreneurs, I became interested in personal development at a very young age.

Interested may be an understatement - I became obsessed. While other teenagers my age were plastering their walls with Backstreet Boys posters, I was worshipping about Tony Robbins and the like.

I still love personal development, but I do worry sometimes that it can be misunderstood. I worry  that sometimes we can end up all psyched, all pepped up on goofballs, all ready to tackle the world, and then sprint in the wrong direction.

That’s why I wanted to share with you the six most important mindset tips that have helped me personally to find the right balance between mindset and strategy. I hope they help you too!

Find Your Alignment 

I know for a fact that mindset plays a critical role in how we feel, what we do, and how much we can achieve. When I started my business, I was 20 years old,  and desperately trying to figure out why I wasn't successful. I had read all of the mindset books, I didn't like the reality of my life, and I wanted to change it. I was hungry to take ownership of that, and to create a better future for myself, and so I went into an overdrive of ambition. I was working my arse off, but I wasn't getting anywhere. I wanted to make millions, but it wasn’t happening.

The problem? I was using strategies that weren't aligned with me. I was using strategies of Robbins and Kiyosaki, when I should have been implementing things that aligned with who I was (and still am) as a human. Things that aligned with my values, like the contribution I wanted to make to the world, the lifestyle I want to have, being a mother, being a wife, having friends, traveling - all of those values require different strategies.

Find the strategies that align with YOU. Yes, it might take time. Yes, it might be frustrating. But it is the only way you will reach, and exceed, your version of success.

Your Success Is Inevitable

When people ask me - and they do - if I am surprised about my success, the only thing I'm surprised about is that it took so long.I have always believed that my success is inevitable, and I believe yours is too.

It's only a matter of time. You may not yet have the right strategy, so it’s important to try different things, and view your business and life  like a constant, curious experiment. If something doesn't work, it’s OK to try a different strategy.

I always knew I was destined for a life less ordinary. I've always known I was going to create something epic. I have always known that I will be a wealthy woman. I have always believed It's inevitable. And that means I don't get stressed out by failure, which I think is one of the biggest things that holds people back. I don't see failure as an indication that “ I'm not meant for this” or “I'm not good enough for this”, I see it as a runway to try a different avenue.

I see a lot of people that hit those stumbling blocks but nstead of climbing up them, they stop right there. You do have to believe that your success is inevitable, so that you can open that growth mindset and start trying new things and not being so afraid of failure.

You Deserve Success

This one is hard, because a lot of us have different upbringings and different baggage that might make us feel like we don’t deserve epic success.

Sometimes we self-sabotage, because the struggle is where we feel most comfortable. We  thrive in solving problems. And while we're good with the struggle, where we're not as comfortable is the ease and the success.

I strongly believe that if you have the opportunity to achieve your dreams, it is your responsibility to take it.

And of course, you deserve it.

Enjoy The Work

To me, a proper business is when you're building something that matters. When you actually want to do the work. You don't want to just go and sit on the beach, because your favourite thing to do is the work that you're doing.

The reason that her Empire Builder has taken off so much is because I absolutely love it.

I would love it if it didn't pay me anything. It is hands-down, the most fun I have ever had in business in my life and it astounds me that I get paid so much to do something that's so much fun.

And of course, it's going to go well because I enjoy the work.

There's always going to be components of a business that are going to be harder, and  that are going to cause you more angst, resistance and pressure, but once you accept the heart and accept the pain, it does become more enjoyable. If you want to be one of those few that actually get to a successful level in business, then you've got to learn to embrace it.

Money Is Good, Not Evil 

That’s right, money isn’t the bad guy - and one thing that all people that I know with successful businesses have in common, is that we want a lot of it.

What we determine as individuals as “doing good” with your money is different for everyone, but it's important to believe that money is good, and we can do very good things with our money.

If you've got those old money blocks, or the programming in your mind of thinking money is evil, I can guarantee you that it will definitely not be flowing as much. And there's a lot of different things that you can do to change that.

There are a lot of good things that I do with my money, but I also take very good care of our family. And I want to for the rest of my life. And for generations to come, I would love to be able to hand on legacy wealth to our children and our grandchildren and change the state of our family's finances, and I make no apology for that.

And there is a reason why I make a lot of it, and that’s because one of my values is to create financial wealth and freedom. Imagine being able to see a problem and know immediately, “I can fix that. Here's some money to do it.”

Until my late twenties, all I cared about was contribution and value. And I was never really making the money, because at that time for me, money was going to mean that I was no longer as ethical.

But ethics and wealth CAN coexist. You and I can make great contributions and impact in the world, and still be kind, generous, wealthy women.

Learn, Adapt, and Grow 

There is no finish line. I will never get to the stage in my business where I go, “Okay, this is the finish line, we're done.” There is never the final whistle in this game. The goalposts are constantly moving, and times are changing faster now than ever before.

I am never afraid to look like the idiot, I am never afraid to ask the stupid questions. I am never afraid to grow because I open something up and I think, “right, let's learn this thing. Let's do it. Let's give it a shot.”

And that ability has allowed me to leapfrog past so many people in the same industry, or doing a similar thing, because adapting and learning are my areas of expertise. As things change, I don't get scared. When new things happen globally, I have no fear around what's going to happen to my business because I can always learn, adapt and grow.

I know I can pivot and go where my market needs me to. As times change and as software changes, and as your market changes, you need to be able to always learn, adapt and grow.

If something's not working, change it.

Once you have got all 6 of these mindset keys and you can align them with the right strategy that feels good for you and matches your goals, you are going to be absolutely unstoppable. You will hit that success mark so quickly. When all of these mindset things click into place, and combine themselves beautifully with that right strategy, and when you have both sides of that coin working in unison, life gets a lot more fun.

So go BIG, you got this. 

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