What are the expenses of a digital online course business? The real cost of running an online business

money Jan 22, 2021
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So what does it cost to actually run an online business?
Well, like all business, it's different for everyone. But here's how I run my finances. 💰

By working with percentages it means that I don't overspend and as the business grows, so does my allowance for the other areas that I need to spend on.

I find profit in online business ridiculously great compared with traditional business, but there's of course still expenses.

As I've reached over the $1m now, software and equipment has dropped to under 1% but I've made up for it in course costs 🙂

Half of my revenue comes from membership which is more of an experience than a straight up course so I spend quite a lot of guest expert speakers, parties, retreat and gifts.

My marketing cost is pretty low because we do mostly organic content marketing so my 10% is mostly affiliate fees and promo materials.

I hope that helps to give you a guide. Everyone is different with what they choose to spend their money on, this is the breakdown that works for me.

I divide the revenue after all taxes and merchant fees are paid at the end of every 90 days for the following 90 days to ensure there's always a buffer in the account and I don't level up my income or hire additional team until the affordability is there.

Has this peek behind the curtain helps you with the finances in your business? 🤑

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