Ep112 Mastering your money mindset with Fairien Azeem

money Feb 09, 2021

Episode 112 of the Her Empire Builder podcast is with Fairien Azeem, where she talks to us about how changing our money mindset can have dramatic impact on allowing us to achieve our financial goals. 

Fairien is a multi award winning financial professional who brings money, substance experience, and sophistication with the ‘woo’ in a down to Earth fun and fabulous way. Fairien has over 20 years experience as a financial educator, wealth strategist and business coach, and has combined all of that together, into a program that helps people to slay their money fees and to serve other people as well.

Fairien has come from the corporate world, and has (like so many of us) fallen in love with the online course world. Fairien has created the Money Coaching Academy to help teach people who are interested in Finances, how they too can help & coach others to have a healthier relationship with their money.

Want to know the key initial steps to becoming more financially healthy? Keep reading: 

1. You need to work on your money mindset - this is where a Money Coach can help you!!

2. Then, you need to understand your cash flow, what's coming in & out, creating a budget to suit you and then setting goals for yourself. 

3. Finally, taking the action steps to achieve these goals, being accountable for your actions, and seeing those dreams turn in to reality!


To find out more about Fairien, CLICK HERE.

To find out more about Money Coaching Academy, CLICK HERE.

To see the show notes for this episode, head to: tinatower.com/112

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