Her Empire Builder Podcast - Celebrating 100 Episodes!

Oct 19, 2020
Her Empire Builder Tina Tower Podcast

We’ve officially hit Episode 100! Today, I'm going to be talking to you about the changes that have happened in the last hundred episodes since I recorded my first podcast way back in 2017. I had a lot of ideas for what to do for the 100th episode, but I settled on running you through the evolution and the changes since I began, and sharing some wisdom that I’ve accumulated over the years.

So the previous 10years of my life were super stable. I continued on a very linear and predictable path that seemed to make sense. I started suburban tutoring centres that then went into licensing that then went into franchising, but after a decade of running the same race I decided to sell my company and start something new - podcasting! I started my first podcast as ‘The Female Advantage’, and in that I was interviewing women that had achieved some really cool stuff in their life. It had no point, no sales funnel and it was nothing other than just sharing inspiring stories. And I loved it! I got to meet some fabulous women and I got to interview some women that I've known for a very long time and learn more about them and ask them questions in a different way. And it was fantastic!

Soon after we embarked on our round the world trip in 2018 in which I put my podcast on hold so we could disappear from the world. And it was fabulous! And then when last year hit, and I was in a place called Ragati in Kenya in Africa, I spent the whole day reading Michelle Obama's ‘Becoming’ book as I was preparing to come back out of this whole self imposed technological isolation, and ready to kind of start talking to the world again and felt like I had a really big break. I knew I wanted to start podcasting again because, man, I love podcasting! I just I love that it's a space to not only interview other people and share their stories and share their ideas, but also to share your own ideas and help inspire people and help to share thoughts that can spark ideas. I want you to be able to listen to any of the episodes and get that little thought in your head and go, hang on a minute …I think I could do this, no matter what it is! I want to spark that idea that's been lying dormant in you and inspire you to go and take action and make it happen. That's why I do it. And so I decided over Christmas, I was going to write this book called ‘An Intentional Life’, and do a podcast to go along with it. And it was very different. It was a lot of me speaking and interviewing others as well. And then a couple of months into it I saw a wonderful woman release a book called ‘An Intentional Life’ …and I was like ahhh!

Anyway, I kept it as ‘An Intentional Life' though for a while because I didn't know what I wanted to do next. I didn't know what I was going to call the book that I was thinking about and and what was going to happen. And then of course, in April 2019 I decided to kick it up a notch my online courses. I got a huge amount of private coaching clients and set up everyone on strategy with how to package their expertise and their IP into these amazing learning programmes that would share their gifts with the world through publishing, podcasting, speaking, webinars and funnels and all of the fun stuff. And so we kept going with that. And then it wasn't until late 2019, that I had the idea for ‘Her Empire Builder’. And it took all of those morphs and all of those iterations to figure out, this is what I want to do. And not for the rest of my life. But this is what I've committed to for this next chapter, this is me, and I freakin love it. I feel like what I'm doing right now, I was born to do. I'm absolutely doing what I was made for. And so the podcast got rebranded into ‘Her Empire Builder’.

And so, with the release of my 100th podcast my biggest take aways are:

  • Doing something for long enough is going to change, and we want it to change! You don't want to do the things that you've always done just because you've always done them. You want to constantly be evolving, constantly be asking is this the best way to serve my audience? Is this the best thing for my life right now? If your situation changes, you can change. We have permission to change, you can decide whatever direction you choose. I want you to remember that just because you started something one way, if there's a better way to do it, change. Stop, morph, change. Because that's what's going to, that's what's going to keep you good. That's what's gonna keep you ahead of your competition. That's what's gonna keep people wanting more because it's always fresh and it's always changing. So follow your dreams and do whatever it is that you want to do.
  • Ask yourself, is this decision serving me right now? Is it not? Is it time to push it or is it time to pause? And that’s okay! You have the freedom and flexibility to do what’s right for you in your life at that very moment.
  • Most people wait until they feel ‘ready’ to get going, but I think if you want to do something just get started! When you start something new, it’s not going to be perfect but there’s no point waiting for it to be perfect because our one constant in this life is change. Whatever you have at the beginning is going to morph, change, ebb & flow. It’s going to be different and that’s great!
  • You’re never locked in. You can change your mind with the life that you’ve got at any moment. We can make very different and simple decisions to steer ourselves in a very different direction at the drop of a hat.

So, I want to say thank you for listening for 100 episodes. I know there is a lot of people that have been listening since the beginning. And it blows my mind. And it fills me with so much gratitude for you that you tune in each and every week. For all of you beautiful listeners that have shared my podcast with friends, I want to say thank you so much. I do this for you, there's no doubt about it. The podcast now is a lovely way to talk to people, to build a relationship, to share knowledge. And I do it because I love it. And I love being able to share that. But if there was no one to share it to, then it wouldn't be all that much fun.

Happy 100th episode of Her Empire Builder and thank you so much for listening. Thank you for listening to this episode of her Empire Builder.

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