Need some self care? Here's some ideas to get you started

We all need to remember that it’s ok, and that it’s essential to take time out to fill up our own bucket so that we can bring our best to the world.

On this weeks podcast, I’m talking all about self care and how to nourish yourself. You can take a listen here.

Here are some ideas that I’ve used when I’m in a moment of overwhelm and feel like I need a break.

If you only have half an hour:

  • Find a quiet place and meditate

  • Do some journalling

  • Take a walk

  • Do a yoga session

  • Get a massage

  • Have a bath (full luxury - candles, bubbles, music, face mask)

  • Watch the sunrise

  • Watch the sunset

  • Call a friend

  • Have a nice meal

If you’ve got a day:

  • Go to a day spa

  • Go to your favourite spot and take a walk, have a good meal and rest

  • Turn OFF your phone

  • Plan an adventure day with someone you love (My favourite is “International Children’s Day” that we made up. I take the kids out of school, give them a $200 budget and they get to make all of the decisions for the day).

If you’ve got a long weekend or a week:

  • Go to a different enviroment. My favourites are:

    • Camping (anywhere)

    • Gwinganna Health Retreat

    • Koonyum Retreat (Byron Hinterland)

    • Rae’s at Byron Bay

    • Silky Oats Lodge (Cairns)

    • Pethers Rainforest Retreat

    • Castaway Island, Fiji

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