Why you should go all in

podcast Sep 25, 2019

This week is short and sweet (15 minutes) with me sharing the importance of getting over fear and going ALL IN! When you have the courage to try something new, you owe it to yourself to go all in. 

Be bold and do big things. Get over the fear, dream big, plan well and take massive action. 


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Playing big and branding bold with Suz Chadwick

Do you want to play big and brand bold? This week's podcast is for you! My guest today is Suz Chadwick, branding expert. Suz shares so many tangible tips you can implement for your brand. Get it in your ears today. 

If you want clients clambering for your brand of awesome sauce or just more people saying – I just have to work with YOU, then you're in luck!

Suz Chadwick is business, brand and speaker coach taking your brand from basic biscuits to amazing ‘got to have' Tim Tam greatness.

As the founder of The Connection Exchange, the creator of the Brand Builders Academy and Brand Builders Lab podcast, Suz works with small businesses build their confidence to ‘THINK BIGGER', PLAY BIGGER and BRAND BOLDER. 

Partnering with both small and large businesses, she finds their wow factor, supports them to build brands with clear and powerful messages that connect with their audience and helps her clients to stand out and make their business the...

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Becoming an influential speaker with Colin Boyd

This week I have the incredible speaker extraordinaire, Colin Boyd. If you need to present in your business on video, webinar or up in lights on the stage, this podcast is a must for you. Colin goes over how to overcome fear and self judgement, how to communicate with your signature story and how to incorporate speaking into your business.

Colin helps experts, course creators and coaches to speak confidently on stage to sell...without coming across pushy or sales-y. He’s obsessed with creating step-by-step strategies that anyone can follow to become both confident and powerful at speaking and selling on live stage, webinar and video. As a keynote speaker for over 10 years, he brings a depth of experience that few have to entertain and also move an audience to action. He’s best known for Sell From Stage AcademyTM which is the leading program for growing your business through speaking. He lives in Newport Beach California with his amazing wife and two little kids.


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Launching our new name - Her Empire Builder

podcast Sep 04, 2019

We're doubling down on what we're good at! 

Tune in for all of the tools and tips to help you to create your own empire. We'll be talking about speaking, podcasting, personal branding, online course creation and crushing content.


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Alexx Stuart on Changing The World Through A Low Tox Life.

podcast Jul 23, 2019

Alexx Stuart is the genius behind Low Tox Life. 

What started as a simple blog, picking up household items and packaged foods, analysing the ingredients and offering better options, has gone on to become a movement.

Coining the phrase 'low tox' back in 2009, as a way of describing better, more informed choices for our health and the planet, the Low Tox Life platform today boasts a podcast with 1.2+million downloads, 9 specialised E-Courses, online classes, a blog full of recipes and articles to help people navigate their low tox life, an online community that reaches half a million people per week and the best selling book "Low Tox Life" that has been reprinted 9 times in its first year - about to be released in Spanish and French speaking countries.

Now writing her second book, Alexx is called on for speaking engagements, is a columnist for WellBeing magazine and a regular on radio. When asked how she keeps herself from being overwhelmed by the challenges facing us today she...

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Why we need to LOVE our bodies to get on with life.

podcast Jul 18, 2019

The relationship we have with how we look impacts so many areas of our life. Life is both too short and too long to not love every second. There's enough problems in life, we shouldn't create one with our bodies. LOVE the body you're in. 

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Nutritional Medicine Expert Emily Connell talks burnout and hormones

podcast Jul 11, 2019

Emily is a nutritional medicine practitioner, trainer, speaker and facilitator and all round awesome woman. When we’re trying to live big lives, we can very easily get caught in the trap of pushing too hard and trying to do all the things all the time. The amount of women in business I know with adrenal and thyroid issues is nuts. 

You know the saying “health is our greatest wealth” - it’s so true. Once our health and the health of our loved ones is taken care of, financial wealth makes everything else so much more fun, but if we neglect our physical health, we can’t enjoy the rest of life. In this episode, Emily is taking us through what we can do to protect our bodies and minds while doing awesome, epic, big things!

Free resource: Surviving to thriving - give stress the slip!

Find our more about Emily’s wellness retreat here:


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Change your state to change your life

podcast Jun 28, 2019

The ability to change your mood and your emotional state will allow you to do the things you want to do in this world. 

In this episode, Tina goes through the different methods that she uses to master her state to perform at her best. 

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Running your home as a TEAM so you have more time for JOY

So many women feel like they have to do everything in the home. You don't and you shouldn't! Today I'm sharing my tips on how to run the home to give you the best chance of business success and how you can have a weekly team planning meeting with your most important team in your life - your family.

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5 Things To Systemise & Automate in Your Business This Week

Hello and welcome to episode 14 of An Intentional Life. I’ve got in a little funk in a few times in the last week. It’s been a month since we got back from 9 months of travel and it’s taken a little more getting used to than I expected. The new normal is sometimes a hard thing to find as you completely change up life. It may be the same for you as you try to step into something new or a change of way of life.

It comes out to play in even the smallest things. Maybe you’ve gone from a employee to your own business, or maybe you’ve decided to ramp up the work you’re doing, or to pull out from the day to day. Any change feels weird and it takes a beat to adjust to the new way of being.

An example of this was on Monday when we woke up and my eldest son Kai had a raging cold (9 months of around the world travel and not one sickness and three weeks of school and bugs everywhere!) and Cohen was just feeling sad. He was the one that I think would have kept...

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