Tina's Tech Tip - Calendly: find a meeting time with ease

calendly tech tip Dec 18, 2018
The last Tuesday Tech Tip for 2019! What a year hey :)
Who uses Calendly already? It's something that has saved me sooooooooo much time and is so easy to use. Check it out of you're not already using it. I'm confident it will make life easier and save you those back and forth emails next time you need to organise a meeting online or offline.
Happy Christmas! xx
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Tina's Tech Tip - Really super accurate voice to text software


This is one of my absolute favourites!

Amazing piece of software to help you to convert voice to text. A piece of is free for up to 600 minutes per month (not 80 minutes). How cool is that!

Use it for notes when you're walking or driving. Use it to transcribe meetings or videos. Use it to dictate blog posts or emails if you don't like typing. It will save you bucket loads of time! 

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Tina's Tech Tip - How to get inspiration to write good email copy


Sometimes you go to write that automated email template and be at a loss for words.

How do you sound like yourself and be personal but also create a template that will be great for the whole database? It's always handy to see what successful companies are doing and this tool gives inspiration in spades! 
Check it out:

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Tech Tip - Use Loom to create screen captures

loom tech tip use loom Dec 04, 2018

Tina's Tuesday Tech Tip Time :)

Wowsers, that's a lot of alliteration! ;) So this is something that lots of people have messaged me to ask, what I use to make the videos - It's Loom. I love it and use it pretty much every day. It's been my easiest and most effective way to communicate if I have to show anything on my screen.

Trying to explain to a web developer where you wanted something put over email was near impossible until this baby came along.

Need to make a training video for someone on how to do something online? Easy. It's free, it's a google chrome extension, it's awesome.

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Tina's Tech Tip - Ask The Audience


Do you ever feel stuck for what to write for your audience? I am totally into creating content worth consuming and this weeks tech tip helps you to do exactly that. 

It's always best to create content that your audience is already looking for so that you can add the most value. This is also great to optimise your site for search. Have fun!

Check out

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