Every time you connect with Laptop Life, you help a person in need.

When you choose Laptop Life, you are also choosing to support a project that impacts a human, a family, a whole community.


We've partnered with the Human Kind Project to donate 10% of all revenue received from Laptop Life to help to provide mothers with the ability to give birth in a dedicated medical centre, free from fear and uncertainty. To promote the education and empowerment of overlooked women and girls in communities around the world and and to support microfinance programs, giving people the opportunity to lift their families out of hunger and poverty and live lives full of potential and hope for generations to come.


In 2012, I was lucky enough to be invited on the first Business Chicks Leadership & Immersion trip to Uganda with The Hunger Project

The impact of going on the trip  will forever effect me. I raised $17,000 to go on the trip which at that time was very difficult and got me way out of my comfort zone, though it was nothing compared to what I saw when I was in Uganda. On one walk through a village I saw a boy playing in a banana tree plantation while his mum was digging nearby. Owning tutoring centres at that time, I was really interested in education and I went up with an interpreter and asked why her son wasn't at school. With a beaming smile on her face, she told me he had malaria. I thought we must have got lost in translation so I clarified again. She said, "I am so happy because so many children, including one of my own, have died from Malaria. Now that we have the epicentre nearby, Oscar can get the medicine he needs and in 3 weeks he will be fine to go back to school and keep living". That was it for me. The moment when I know that I wanted what I did in the world to help the greater community. 

It seemed, and still seems, grossly unfair that the lottery of where you're born has so much effect on your quality of life and the opportunity that you're given. I have every intention of using the incredible opportunity and privilege that I have as an Australian woman in business to do whatever I can to eradicate hunger in the world and give everyone an opportunity to education. It's all too easy to think "I'm just one person, what difference can I make?" but every single person can make a difference in their own way. 

In Uganda, I got to witness first hand the epicentres built by The Hunger Project and see how so many people's lives were transformed and hope and opportunity was restored. 

So, this brings me to Human Kind Project. Early in 2018, I interviewed Jacinta McDonell for my podcast and she was talking about her foundation, Human Kind Project and how her business contributes 10% of revenue to help it achieve its goals. All day afterwards I was thinking "10% of revenue??!". For a lot of businesses, especially in services, the goal is to operate on a 20% profit margin, so 10% of revenue would take 50% of profit of a super healthy business. The magnitude of it stuck with me. 

I have always felt that to be really involved in something, you have to stretch yourself, go all in and go to the point of discomfort. So, after being inspired by Jacinta I decided to donate 10% of all of our revenue to Human Kind Project. It's not the first time Jacinta has been my inspiration, she ran one of the most successful franchises in Australia with Anytime Fitness so I've long since admired what she's done, and I dare say it won't be the last time I'm moved to action by her awesomeness. 

Human Kind works with some of the best non profits in the world. As a partner of Human Kind Project, we're able to use our business for good and contribute to support the global goals. 

"193 world leaders have committed to ending extreme poverty, fighting inequality and injustice and ending world hunger by 2030. The Global Goals are designed to get these things done, in all countries, for all people. The Human Kind Project believes that we can be the zero hunger generation. Go beyond business as usual." The Human Kind Project.

The global goals are: 

  1. No poverty
  2. No hunger
  3. Good health & well-being
  4. Quality education
  5. Gender equality
  6. Clean water & sanitation

So thank you so much for choosing Laptop Life to help you achieve your goals, it's inadvertently helping so many others achieve their dreams too. 

Much love,

“We believe in the power that all humans have to change themselves and to change the world around them and that we all work best when we are connected to ourselves and to others.” Jacinta McDonell – Founder, The Human Kind Project

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