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Don't waste your time tinkering with your site - use your own assistant!

We here at Tower Co are so obsessed with Kajabi and are convinced that it's the greatest piece of software invented. Where you used to have 3 - 5 software programs integrated to run an online course business, now you can get it all done with this one beautiful product. 

It's intuitive and designed so that you can do it all yourself. But, just because you can, doesn't mean you should. 

We believe you as the course creator should be spending time in your genius zone, on teaching and sharing your expertise. Why spend an hour uploading videos and customising your course appearance when you can be spending that hour creating new business and nurturing your current customers to ensure their success. 

That's where we come in. We have a team of trained Kajabi experts to serve you with UNLIMITED tasks throughout the month so that you can have an idea, submit your task, and know it's taken care of. 

Get UNLIMITED Kajabi site tasks from $449/month!

Here's a few examples of tasks

Increase opt ins with Pipeline funnels

Improve the customer journey with page flow improvements

Create new landing pages for your new promotions

Increase engagement by sending more emails to subscribers

Avoid embarrassment by updating out of date info on your site

Increase search engine traffic with regular blog posts

Some more sample tasks

  • Upload blog posts
  • Set up email sequences
  • Send newsletter
  • Upload podcast episodes
  • Set up HotJar
  • Analyse google analytics
  • Source images for your site to improve look and feel
  • Domain name integration
  • Integration of automations using zapier
  • Create a new landing page
  • Customise the branding on a checkout page
  • Customise the branding on a course
  • Upload course videos
  • Upload course copy and documents
  • Set up automations within your course
  • Customer journey improvements
  • Improve SEO of your site
  • Create a favicon
  • Social media integration
  • Changing format of pages
  • Uploading new videos
  • Uploading testimonials
  • Creating discount codes (coupons)
  • Setting up your affiliate link
  • Create a new opt in
  • Create assessments in your course
  • Create an event
  • Create a new offer
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Create diagrams for your page
  • Convert word and excel documents to pdf for uploads

This isn’t a complete list, we know you always have unique needs, but it gives you an idea of what our most common tasks are.



Once you become a member, you will get access to instructions on how to deliver your request. We create a board and share with you so you can see exactly what we’re working on for you and when it’s due. It also gives you flexibility to simply change your order of priority for tasks.

Tower Co. has been featured in

"Working with Tower Co made everything so easy. I could ask for what I wanted and have it delivered easily and quickly without needing to worry about how and when I was going to have time for it. "

Trillium Health Transformation

Monthly Membership Options

No contracts - you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel at anytime. All price plans are in USD.



Less than $15/day

For fast growth course providers

  • 1 active tasks
  • Standard priority (2-4 day av completion)
  • Pro-active site management
  • Monthly site report
  • Unlimited monthly tasks
  • 30 day money back guarantee



Less than $24/day

For course providers who have their foot on the accelerator!

  • 5 active tasks
  • Highest priority (1-3 day av completion)
  • Pro-active site management
  • Monthly site report
  • Unlimited monthly tasks
  • 30 day money back guarantee



Less than $50 per day

For people wanting more input on their empire building

  • 5 active tasks
  • Highest priority (1-3 day av completion)
  • Pro-active site management
  • Monthly site report
  • Unlimited monthly tasks
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Launch assistance
  • Assistance in developing copy and content
  • We create the funnels for you
  • We create your content marketing plan
  • A dedicated project manager to coach you on your growth
  • Customised suggestions and growth strategy for your site

Want to pay yearly and get 2 MONTHS FREE?

Pay your membership yearly and SAVE.


Try us risk free for 30 days

The easiest way to know if we're a good fit for your needs is to try us!

Simply sign up, submit your first few tasks and better understand how we work. If you realize within the first 30 days that we're not a good fit, cancel and we will give you a full refund.

There's absolutely no risk to you to give us a go.


Can I change plans?

Absolutely. You can upgrade as your business grows or downgrade as needed or if you’re wanting to take back over doing your Kajabi tasks yourself, you can cancel at any time.


Are you a Kajabi consultant or business coach?

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Priority Pass upgrade $49/task

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