Join business coach Tina Tower as she explore's how to build your empire by packaging your expertise into online courses, speaking, content, podcasting and credibility.

Tina has over 14 years of experience in starting, building and selling companies, she's a speaker, teacher, mumma and traveller. She's unapologetic about living an intentionally big life and if you want too, this show is designed to show you many different options to help you gain clarity over YOUR version of awesome.

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Episode 169: Marketing Your Book For A Best Seller

I love all types of marketing so learning book marketing for my past two books was a very fun experiment to jump into.
I tried everything on my first book, which led to a much more systemised approach for the second book that put Million Dollar Micro Business on the top of the Australian and American Business Book Charts.
I'm sharing with how I did it so you can help your book to spread through the way it deserves.

Get your book marketing Canva templates at bookmarketing.com.au

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Episode 168: Packaging Your Expertise Into a Business Book with Jasmine Womack

On this weeks podcast episode I get to ask all of the questions about how to package your expertise from the incredible Jasmine Womack.

Jasmine Womack is a writing consultant and corporate trainer who helps high performing leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs, and executives connect with others, package their expertise, and maximize their message through storytelling.

Over the past three years, she has worked with over 400 authors to help them increase their influence and grow an expert platform through writing a book and teaching them how to expand their book into a profitable and scalable information-based business.

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Episode 167: How To Write a Business Book

I get asked A LOT of questions about writing a book and it's too much for just one episode so I've devoted the next 4 podcast eps to writing your book!

We're kicking off book month with 'How to Write a Business Book' where I'll cover how to actually get it done and self publishing vs publishing.
Then it will be followed by:
🌟 Packaging your Expertise into a book interview with Jasmine Womack
🌟 Marketing for a Best Seller Book
🌟 Creating a Commercial Eco-system around your Book

I hope it helps to inspire you to share your knowledge through your own book and helps you get it in as many hands as possible.

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Episode 166: Adventures Back Out In The World

I LOVED being back out in the world! 
5 weeks away ✈️ LA >
Palm Springs >
Sedona > 
Costa Rica >
Miami >
Cabo >
Orange County >
Fiji > home. 
I ran a retreat, participated in a retreat, hung with friends, made business deals, ran a launch and spoke on an international stage. It was big and fabulous and reminds me why I love the freedom of business ownership so much! 
This episode is the travel story. Main message - the world is a big beautiful place, get out and chase the joy! x

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Episode 165: Building a Digital Business to a 6 Figure Launch with Caitlin Marwaha

When Caitlin was first looking at joining Her Empire Builder, she was wondering whether a 5 figure launch would be possible... she went and did that and now 18 months later has built her incredible digital empire, CM Style Squad into a thriving membership and digital course ecosystem and just had her first $100k MONTH!!!

In today's episode we talk about how Caitlin did it and the evolution of finding the right product offering, price point and launch style that worked for both Caitlin's lifestyle and her clients.

Caitlin is one of our many superstar members in Her Empire Builder and membership doors ARE OPEN NOW! If you'd like to join Caitlin and other ambitious and fabulous women building digital course empires, run, don't walk >>> herempirebuilder.com

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Find Caitlin at: https://www.caitlinmarwaha.com/

Join the CM Style Squad at https://www.caitlinmarwaha.com/cmstyle

Episode 164: From an $11k launch to  $101k launch with Em Gee

This weeks episode is an incredible success story! As a business strategist, i dream of my clients being able to achieve these sorts of results and today, my fabulous Her Empire Builder member Em Gee is sharing how she had done an $11k launch, then joined the Her Empire Builder membership and GOT TO WORK. She implemented all the things and took a massive level up and then in her latest launch week did $101k!!! Em runs the Unstoppable program and is a best selling author - you're going to get so many beautiful ideas from this episode. If you're also looking to take a massive level up in your business, Her Empire Builder has her doors open NEXT WEEK! You can jump on the waitlist for some early bonuses at herempirebuilder.com In less than five years as a solo-preneur Em Gee has become a best selling author and international business and mindset coach to women all over the world. Her unwavering belief in all women to shine as leaders in their own fields, has led her to teach 'unstoppability' as a quality already there to be unleashed from within every single business owner she works with.

As a mum of two young girls, Em Gee prides herself on being transparent, authentic and true to her values, all while scaling her business in ways not everyone expects. Thinking out of the box is her style, paving the way for others to do the same and get equally unstoppable results.

Let me know what you got most out of this incredible success story with Em Gee.

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Episode 163: From Chiro to Course Creator with Dr Ali Young

We all evolve and grow as we step into our purpose and power and today's guest on Her Empire Builder Podcast is such a beautiful example of that! Dr Ali Young was one of my first members to ever join my Her Empire Builder Membership and so I've had such a lucky front row seat as she's stepped into her light.

Now, we're celebrating the release of her new book 'Work. Mama. Life'! You can pre-order your copy now!

In this episode Ali shares how she's gone from running a successful Chiropractic clinic to a thriving online membership working mamas and a course to help avoid burnout as well as write what I'm sure will be a best selling book - and still look after herself and family as her top priority.

In Her Empire Builder Membership we're all about celebrating wins and helping women dream big, plan well and take massive action! Doors open in just 2 weeks so if you want to level up, head on over to herempirebuilder.com

For all of the show notes and to find out more about Ali, go to tinatower.com/163

Episode 162: How important is your list size to a successful launch

Vanity metrics are definitely a thing in the online course world - revenue, email list size, social media followers... they're important, for sure. But - none of it matters if you don't have profit and quality engagement.

Quality over quantity every single time.

In today's episode I'm sharing with you my thoughts on building your list. If you want to know the top 5 ways that I have found to build a quality engaged email list, register for my free webinar at tinatower.com/list

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Episode 161: How To Create A Winning Lead Magnet

In this episode I am sharing the whole process of creating a winning lead magnet!

A good lead magnet or opt in can change the shape of your business. You can have tons of vanity metrics and followers on social media, but the one key metric that makes the biggest difference in sales is the size and engagement of your email list.

The most effective way to build a highly engaged email list is with a gold standard lead magnet that is high value that your audience absolutely loves!

A lead magnet is an exchange. It’s saying, "Hey, I’ll give you this piece of beautiful value in exchange for your contact information so that I can market to you." But of course, in much more eloquent language.

I have a 4 day Live Lead Magnet Challenge coming up next month. If you want to be shown HOW to do everything that I'm talking about in the podcast, register at tinatower.com/challenge

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Episode 160: Lessons from the Women Online Conference

Last week I ran the first Women Online Conference bringing together women who had made $1 million a year in online course revenue to share how they did it. It was INCREDIBLE! All of the speakers shared so generously and beliefs were broken as inpiration abounded. 

I constantly looked out and saw people having light bulb moments knowing "this is possible for me". 

In today's episode I'm sharing what I saw as the differences and commonalities in the speakers. 

All are fabulous, and all are unique - proving that there is no ONE path to success, your way is going to be the best way. 

You can get all of the recordings from the Women Online Conference at womenonline.com.au 

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Episode 159: Your Inner POWER with Kemi Nekvapil

Kemi Nekvapil is the calmest, most wise woman I know. I have got to work with Kemi behind the scenes and its in those situations that you really find out what someone is all about and I can tell you, she’s even more remarkable! 

Every single time I speak with Kemi I percolate on her words for days. She has a way of saying things that call your soul and help you to make better decisions by tapping into your inner power and my friends, she’s written the book on it!! POWER is here and Kemi is sharing the beautiful lessons from her new book. 

You can pre-order now at kemibooks.com

Show notes for todays episode: tinatower.com/159

Episode 158: Million Dollar Misfit with Kate Toon  

Kate Toon was one of Australia’s early adopters of online courses and has built her million dollar a year business in the ever changing world of digital marketing. 

What I love most about Kate is how she’s refined the rules of business to suit her ideal life and season that she’s in which is why she calls herself a business misfit.

Kate’s one of the 7 figure superstar course creators that will be speaking at Women Online Conference and 

she’ll be sharing all of the behind the scenes including figures and growth statistics that usually business owners keep pretty close to their chest so if you haven’t got your ticket to that one yet, head to women online.com.au to pick one up!

Show notes for todays episode: tinatower.com/158

Episode 157: The Long Game of Millionaire Success with Suzi Dafnis  

Suzi Dafnis is one of my absolute favourite entrepreneurs who has been pivotal not only in my business story, but thousands of other women as well. 

I’ve called today’s episode The Long Game of Millionaire Success because to me, Suzi embodies what it takes for a lifetime of success making a huge impact and living with integrity. 

We are so lucky to have Suzi with us in this episode, and you can also catch her on the stage at the Women Online Conference where she’ll be sharing her story. Get your ticket at womenonline.com.au to attend either live in person, or virtually. 

Suzi Dafnis is the CEO of HerBusiness.

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Episode 156: Momentum & Mindset with Lisa Corduff

Lisa Corduff is a millionaire course creator and speaker at the upcoming Women Online Conference

Get your ticket at womenonline.com.au 

Lisa Corduff ran her first course in 2014 - using free email software and recipe videos recorded on her iPhone!

After helping thousands of women to feed their families more “real” food (without spending hours in the kitchen), and scaling the business to six figures - she started to offer coaching and courses to other female entrepreneurs looking to turn their knowledge and passion into profit.

Even though both sides of the business were focused on teaching very practical, functional skills - the conversation kept swinging back to mindset. After the successful launch of a self-discovery mini course, Lisa spent two years learning from mindset experts all across the globe - and created two new flagship programs, Ready for Change and Momentum.

With over 40K followers on social media, seven figures in revenue, a growing team and some pretty shiny tools and systems - things have come a long way since that first course! But the core values of the business remain the same: community, connection and authenticity.

Show notes for today's episode: tinatower.com/156 

Episode 155: Fired up & ready for 2022

I am so excited for the year ahead and am so ready to get back into it and deliver all of the incredible things I have in store for you. 

Sometimes we just need a really great break to be able to reset, get perspective and get recharged. That is exactly what I did.

So today for our first episode back, I want to talk to you about what was going on last year, what I've got planned for this year, and how I've got my mojo back.

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