Take the space to immerse in your business dreams and work on making them a reality.

If your business is built on your expertise and your thought leadership, then this retreat is for you.

Monday 23 - Friday 27 March 2020

5 full days of magical immersion to work on building your business in a new way.
You’ll also be able to use the trip to meet spectacular women who are on the same journey and share connections and ideas.

We will hear from guest speakers at the top of their fields to help you to excel in their area of expertise.

Why Palm Springs?

It’s important to immerse. By removing yourself from every day life in this fabulous house in this quirky town, you have the space and time to really dream and think BIG.

Palm Springs is all about  the architecture, design, Mid Mod lifestyle and relaxing in the sunshine! To combine that with some kick arse business strategy and planning is heaven.

The house itself has open concept floor plan, walls of glass, saltwater pool, spa, fire feature, covered outdoor dining pavilion with barbecue bar & breathtaking mountain views. A beautifully inspiring scene to build your empire from. 



What's included?

  • 5 days of interactive workshops to elevate your empire. 
  • Intensive sessions to get done in 5 days what would normally take you months! 
  • A plan for the following 12 months to implement for growth.
  • Lunch and dinner is included on all five days with the final day having a cocktail party by the pool.
  • This is an exclusive event with extremely limited places. You'll be connecting with women on the same path who are having a massive crack at life. 
  • A photography session to get you some new on brand images from the gorgeous Palm Springs house. 


Day 1 

Get to know your fellow empire builders. We will be experiencing so much growth and implementing a lot of knowledge, but just as important is the network of superstars you’ll get to know and connect with.

We'll be working on:

  • Your brand message
  • Vision
  • Your purpose
  • Solidifying you as the 'go to' expert in your space. 

Day 2 

Nothing builds a brand like live events! It's an essential component of growing all the other areas of your business. 

We'll be working on: 

  • Your signature speech
  • Creating a workshop
  • Networking

Day 3 

How to scale your expertise for people to learn anytime from anywhere? An online course. 

We'll be working on: 

  • Your core course
  • Your community and membership
  • Your continuous launch strategy

Day 4 

Content marketing is the most fabulous way to share value and connect with your audience. We'll be looking at strategy, batching and repurposing to save you time throughout the coming year. 

We'll be working on: 

  • Social media
  • Video
  • Traditional Media
  • Podcasting

Day 5 

With so much noise in the market, it's important you can establish your expert credibility. 

We'll be working on: 

  • Publishing
  • Others podcasts
  • Awards

Day 5 will conclude with a Palm Springs Party by the pool! 

Where is the retreat?

All of the sessions, lunches and the Friday night dinner will take place at the gorgeous modernist classic Palm Springs home in California. Designed by Star architect Willian Krisel in 1958 in the historic Twin Palms neighbourhood. 

The house has 3 bedrooms where your host, Tina Tower (me) will be staying as well as two other VIP's. The VIP rooms are available below. There are many other nearby accommodation options to suit your style and budget. It is also within walking distance of what I think is one of the greatest and funkiest shopping strips in the world! So leave a day for that... 

Your host - Tina Tower

Hi! Seeing as though you're looking at spending the week with me, you probably already know of me and my back story. 

But here's a little summary... I started my business when I was 20 and have done all types of business. I've had a toy store, a party place, multiple tutoring centres, a jewellery business, I've licenced and franchised and sold my business, Begin Bright, in 2016 for 7 figures. 

After that, I started in the online course world and I absolutely fell head over heels in love! After working for 15 years in service based businesses, it was a revelation to be able to work from anywhere, and to leverage my expertise to help people, add value and make money, without having to show up face to face. 

I put this retreat together for a few reasons: 

  1. I love Palm Springs, the architecture, the shopping, the weather, the people - all of it. 
  2. I love business. I can't believe we're going to get to sit around the pool in the most stunning award winning house, talk about strategy and growth and call it 'work'! 
  3. I love getting together with women who are having a massive crack. I am often in groups where I feel like I should dull myself down a little. But not at a retreat like this! Every woman is a woman who wants to be inspired to do more, to be more, and to make an impact and help people. 
  4. I want to show you what it looks like simply. I am a big believer in having a life by your own design where you can have it all. To do that, we have to make business work for you! I have spent the last 15 years finding new ways to do more with less. We'll be having super practical sessions that will elevate your profile, your business and your profits while you still live the life that you love. 

See you there!


Colin Boyd is an authority on increasing leadership performance, influence & communication. He does that by installing the latest neuroscience, productivity and communication strategies. He has a warm, insightful style that will make you feel apart of the conversation, but will challenge you to think bigger in the process. That’s why companies like Hewlett Packard, Suncorp, Fuji Xerox, Allianz, LS Travel Retail engage him to train their leaders.



Clint will be joining us on our day to enhance online courses, memberships and build communities! 

  • Built and sold 3 businesses by the age of 27 including a dance studio, online magazine and dance competition. 
  • Top 30 under 30 entrepreneur awarded by Anthill.
  • Founder and CEO of DSOA - Dance Studio Owners Association. 
  • In 5 years has built the largest community of dance studio owners globally.
  • From Australia grew his membership audience to be 70% from the USA in 18 months of starting DSOA. 
  • Has an unheard of member retention rate of 94% year on year. 
  • Created the DSOA brand as a stand alone business that doesn't require Clint 24/7. It's been built around the expertise of others. His super power is building community in a leveraged way that doesn't burn him out. 
  • Has over 900 members paying $47 per month and over 150 members $1k per month in DSOA membership levels.
  • Moved to NYC nearly 3 years ago and now runs an Australian and USA company. 

Your investment

The cost for Her Empire Builder Retreat is US$4,990. 

Your price excludes flights and accommodation. There are many accommodation options available in and around Palm Springs.

The retreat starts on Monday 23rd March and concludes on Friday 27th March. Each morning we will meet at the Palm Springs house at 9:00am for our day of learning and festivities and conclude in the evening after dinner.

There are two VIP tickets available which will include accommodation in the Palm Springs house with host, Tina Tower, plus all meals, and fire side chats and the space for early morning swims for USD$6,990.
First payment to secure your place is $3,995 at the time of booking, with the final payment of USD$2,995 due on 1st February, 2020. 



Get your place to this exclusive luxe retreat.



  • 5 days of sessions
  • 5 lunches
  • 5 dinners
  • Cocktail party on Friday night
  • Corporate photo shoot
  • Super awesome guest speakers



  • 5 days of sessions
  • 5 lunches
  • 5 dinners
  • Cocktail party on Friday night
  • Corporate photo shoot
  • Super awesome guest speakers

VIP Ticket 1

Image this is of your bedroom. Check in on Sunday 22nd March and check out Saturday 28th March. Your ticket includes all of the general ticket plus 6 nights accommodation, 6 breakfasts and fire side nights at the Palm Springs house. 


VIP Ticket 2

Image is of your bedroom. Check in on Sunday 22nd March and check out Saturday 28th March. Your ticket includes all of the general ticket plus 6 nights accommodation, 6 breakfasts and fire side nights at the Palm Springs house. 


Frequently Asked Questions

This isn't a business retreat for beginners. We'll be working on elevating the brand and the expertise that you have. If you have your branding and business experience and are wanting to grow your business through online courses, speaking and content marketing, then this is for you. If you're not sure of your direction, it's not going to give you maximum value as we'll be implementing during the retreat. 

It's Palm Springs, so wear whatever you're most comfortable in! If you want to wear a sarong and a big floppy hat, go for it. Dress will be casual and resorty (is that a word?). The Friday night party will be cocktail so bring your most fun cocktail dress. 

It's a full implementation week. We will be learning new and simpler ways of growing business and implementing as we go. It will be tangible and practical so that when we're learning about video, you find a spot and make your video right there and then. When we're learning about improving speaking skills, you'll do part of your presentation in front of the group. It's all about action not just theory! 

The lunches will all be casual lunches prepared in the house kitchen. Dietary requirements can all be catered for. 

The dinners will be a combination of at the Palm Springs house and out to restaurants. 

5 full days of retreat from 9am - 5pm. We'll have the house stocked with snacks to help yourself throughout the day as well as lunch and dinner each day. There will also be drinks and alcoholic beverages available. 

You'll get your workbook on arrival, have surprise guest expert speakers, a bonus photo shoot to take advantage of the gorgeous location and a farewell celebration cocktail party. 

Accommodation is not included, unless you have a VIP ticket. 

Flights and transfers are not included. 

Tickets are non-refundable. However, if something comes up, you can transfer your ticket to someone else before 1st February, 2020. 

All the usual stuff you'd take on holiday and of course your laptop. We'll provide you with free internet connection, workbook, notebook and pens and pencils. 


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