Scale UP is an online business coaching course to help you to create your dream business, help more people, make more money and have more fun. 



Help More People.

We want you to be able to grow your business so that you can reach more people in your area of expertise. 


Make More Money

Too many business owners are working too hard and not making enough money. We show you how to leverage your time and team members to make more money with less face to face time. 

Have More Fun.

Business is supposed to be fun! We want to help you to streamline and systemise your business so that you can use your business to live a life you love. 

What's Scale Up?

HI, I'm Tina and I LOVE business. Business has enabled me to start, grow and sell multiple businesses, have great teams and travel the world. Scale UP is an intensive results focussed group business coaching program showing you how to run a profitable business and scale up to enable you to help more people and live a life you love.


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I want to provide you with a straight forward, easy to follow, step by step program to help you elevate your business performance.

As a business coach, it’s awesome being able to cater for people on a personal level but there's a lot of power in being able to do it together with a great community of people (and it's more economical for you) so I thought I would put all of my knowledge into an easily accessible, affordable program that will get you results to scale your business.

The Scale Up program is designed to make your life easier and a lot more fun. I have LOTS of experience in starting, building and selling businesses. I started my tutoring centre way back in 2004 when I was studying primary teaching at uni and by the time I finished my degree, I’d fallen completely in love with business and knew that it was going to be my life.

There’s lots of people running businesses and not making enough money. Australian business statistics show that the majority of business owners make less than $50k a year. If that’s you and it works for you then stick with it.

I have a friend who has an at home tutoring business and they tutor 3 afternoons a week, get $700 in and have no overheads and that works perfectly. Who the Scale Up is for, is for, like the name says, people that want to scale their businesses. Think being able to go overseas for a month because you have people and systems in place, think multiple business locations, think leveraged time, that sort scale.

I started the Begin Bright tutoring franchise in 2011 and in the 5 years that I built it up to over 30 centres, I learnt a lot about what systems need to reimplemented to make a profitable and scalable service based business and what kinds of things you need to work on personally as an owner and a leader to make sure that your business can thrive.

So I’ve designed this online business coaching program that combines everything that I know and it contains 52 modules to last you a year that covers everything from operations, systems, team building, leadership, marketing and all of the little things in between that if you follow it and implement it, will help you to create the business of your dreams.

A lot of people think that starting the business is the hard part. But I know that you know, that’s not true. The hard part is scaling up so that the business isn’t relying on you every minute of every day. The hard part is building a team of people that you can trust to run the business with the same love and care as you would yourself so that you can have that thing we call a life!

I’ve done it lots of times, and I’d love to show you how and help you to do it too.

I used to believe that success depended on hard work and long hours at my desk. I spent 12 years telling myself that if I worked harder than anyone else and put in more effort, I would be more successful.

Yes, my business was very successful, but my work habits weren't sustainable. While one area of my life flourished, the others took a back seat... my family and myself. It wasn't a way of life I wanted to continue.

Sound familiar?

It's not the only road to success. You CAN live a wonderful life with time to grow your business and all of the other areas that are important to you. 

Once you hit the join button, you will get full access membership program which will deliver you the weekly module to focus on for business growth and give you access to all of the templates that you’ll need for scaling and that’s $499 a month.

You also get a monthly LIVE masterclass ran by me which teaches you something new to scale your business and then we also have a LIVE Q&A session so that you get the chance to ask any questions that you’re stuck on and have me answer them so that everyone in the group can learn from that too. PLUS you get access for free to every short course that I've made if you want to take a deep dive further into one topic. 

Then we’ve got a level above that again for our platinum members which also includes a 2 x one hour per month Zoom coaching call with me. One of my favourite things to do. That’s if you’re ready to scale big time and want super personalised attention.

Hopefully I’ll be able to welcome you to the Inner Circle soon and we can make this year your best year of business growth ever.

See you on the inside!

Tina Tower x



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We work on fitting all of the pieces of the puzzle together to ensure your business success

Membership Options




  • Full member access to the site with business operational templates. 
  • Weekly video modules and accompanying printables for the program to scale up your business. 
  • Access to closed facebook member community.
  • Monthly masterclass LIVE with Tina Tower
  • Monthly LIVE group Q&A session
  • Access to all short courses
  • No contracts, cancel any time. 



  • Full member access to the site with business operational templates. 
  • Weekly video modules and accompanying printables for the program to scale up your business. 
  • Access to closed facebook member community.
  • Monthly masterclass LIVE with Tina Tower
  • Monthly LIVE group Q&A session
  • Access to all short courses
  • 2 x 1 hour a month PRIVATE 1:1 ZOOM coaching calls with Tina Tower to help you with your individual goals and keep you accountable to your growth.
  • No contracts, cancel any time. 




  • 2 months FREE
  • Full member access to the site with business operational templates. 
  • Weekly video modules and accompanying printables for the program to scale up your business. 
  • Access to closed facebook member community.
  • Monthly masterclass LIVE with Tina Tower
  • Monthly LIVE group Q&A session
  • Access to all short courses

Tina has been featured in

Can I Afford It?

You can achieve absolutely anything that you want to in business and in life. 

A lot of it has to do with how much we're willing to learn and how much we're willing to step outside of our comfort zone to give new things a try. I can show you how and provide you with a simple program to follow that will multiply your earnings. So the real question is, can you afford not to?

What's Covered

Check out the different membership levels by clicking the button above. Every member of Scale Up receives full access to the program with weekly modules sent to focus on. 

We cover everything from operations, systems, marketing, team building, time management & productivity. 

Feel Amazing

Too many people are struggling in a business where their effort doesn't equal their reward. That's often because we're spending valuable time on the wrong things. 

We have the system to follow that once you implement, you'll be optimising your business and that makes you feel amazing! 

"You are so amazing and such an inspiration, not only to me, but whoever you come in touch with. I could not have made this journey without you. The business results that I have achieved since we started would not have been possible in double the time if I had tried to do it on my own. I have tripled my turnover and learnt to spend my time on what matters most to maximise my day and profits. I have not looked back since and you are a gift to me. I love that no matter what you have going on in your life that when it’s our chat you stand in the position of what is possible for me."

Michelle Young
Pop Up Cosmetics

"I have loved every minute of ScaleUp!! Since working with Tina we have made significant improvements in growing and better managing our business. We have launched a new online business to compliment our service based business to enable us to diversify revenue streams and increase our ability to work flexibly. Joining Scale Up has allowed us to take some time out and observe our current business operations to analyse what can be done better in order to work smarter and not harder. Having a better understanding of our business has allowed us to make better informed decisions and systemise areas to save us time. I look forward to the new topics each week to view online and love being apart of the Q&A and Masterclasses. Thanks you Tina for being so open and willing to share you knowledge and experiences. Since joining Scale Up we are set to increase the profit of our business year on year and we look forward to seeing what the future holds!!"

Susie Upton & Leza Sullivan
Child Aware and Provisional Psychologist Hub

"Having you as my Coach is the best thing I have ever done in my business (I truly mean that). YOU ARE TRULY AMAZING."

Michelle Pascoe

"Having Tina as a mentor gave me the very best start to my business. She had loads of ideas and the experience to back them up. She’s also very good at helping you understand the financial side to things, which is where I needed the support. I’m so glad that I met Tina, I wouldn’t be where I am today (business wise) if it weren’t for her. "

Kate Foster
Begin Bright Leongatha

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