Ep 181 - How To Create An Awesome Lead Magnet For List Growth

Aug 15, 2022

No matter what stage of online course creation or entrepreneurship that you are currently at, I strongly believe that a lead magnet is something that is helpful at every single stage.

And that’s why I’m excited to share with you my tips for creating a winning lead magnet that will amplify your list growth, and deliver boat-loads of value to your followers.

 A great lead magnet will always deliver massive value, and leave customers wanting more

This tip is all about opening up the law of reciprocity - you're giving away something of value, and in return, your customers are intrigued and thinking “Geez, if this is how much value she gives away for FREE, what else does she have on offer?”. There is, of course, a bit of debate around how much value to put into a lead magnet.

I have always been of the school of thought that you want to give your best stuff for free (but in a strategic way). By that, I mean that you section it off. Let’s say you are running a program on photography. Perhaps your lead magnet could be a mini-course on how to operate your camera on auto-mode. You’re not going to teach EVERYTHING, but you can dive in and show you a few practical tips and tricks that are going to help your audience take better photos in one, specific way.

Right there, you have a beginning step, and if your lad magnet or mini-course delivers enough value, of course your followers are going to be keen as mustard to take the next steps with you. 

A great lead magnet is simple.  

Making a high-value lead magnet doesn’t necessarily mean you need to create something complex. In fact, it’s quite the opposite - it needs to be simple, and it needs to give your customers a quick win. 

This means that you want to make it achievable, while also ensuring that it makes perfect sense to move with you into the next stage in your journey (ie - whatever it is that you want to see on the back of the lead magnet).

The lead magnet needs to be the perfect precursor so that it makes perfect sense for your customer to make the connection: “Well, if I've got the lead magnet, then my natural next step is to become a customer of yours.”

That's how you know you're onto a winner.

A great lead magnet fits seamlessly into your funnel.

Ahh, that golden f-word that the online marketing world loves so much - funnel!

So, how exactly are you going to make this funnel work for you?

You're going to create your opt-in page first. And then when someone opts in, what do you want to have happen next? So where do you want them to go? Make sure that you're taking advantage of that thank you page to invite people to continue on that customer journey with you, and take that next step. 

Use automation to send follow up emails after their first engagement with you and make sure to take advantage of Thank You pages by directing them to pages like Facebook groups. 

Keep your actions to a minimum in terms of what you're offering people as the next step - we know that in 2022 audiences are decision fatigued, so keep it simple!

A great lead magnet is easy to market.

You want to market your lead magnet everywhere, there's no point in having it and then hiding it. 

You want to put it on the announcement bar on all of your web pages, you want to put it on your homepage, and you want to have a standalone opt in page for it that you can share on all your socials. So whatever social media you're active on, you want to make sure that you sharing it out there and not once, not twice, not three times, but many, many, many, many times.

The thing is, a lot of people don't see what we post, because people's lives are busy and you have to be right at the time when they're first clicking onto their social media to be there when they're seeing you before you get buried in the feed.

So by talking about it multiple times a day for a week means that your casual followers might see it once or twice. They’re not going to see it all day every day, so don't worry about doing “too much” - in this context, there is no such thing.

A great lead magnet is an easy ‘yes’ for your audience.

Ultimately you want this shiny new lead magnet of yours to convert followers into customers, and the way that you do that is to have a very clear avatar in mind of
who it is for.

This comes down to knowing everything about your ideal audience - knowing what their pain points are, knowing the things that are at the forefront of their mind, and knowing what their objections are.

For me, I teach people the skills and give them the knowledge and the tools and everything that they need to be able to build a six figure business in their first year. At $444 a month, that's a really great return on investment - it’s an easy ‘yes’.

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