Keri Krieger: Optimising Your Health For High Performance

Oct 09, 2019

In short, Keri is a wellness magician! She's who I turned to when I had hit absolute burnout and she helped to put me back together. 

Keri helps women come home to themselves. In their practices. In their personal lives. In their bodies. She is passionate to offer women a way to learn how to truly nourish themselves mind body and spirit to step away from overwork, exhaustion, burnout and self-loathing to experience personal peace, stillness and passion for life.

Having spent over a decade working in health retreats around the world with a background in acupuncture and a deep knowledge of Chinese medicine. She has developed a unique treatment style called Rockupuncture; which is a delicious combination of acupuncture and hot rock massage. 

Whilst being brilliant as a ‘hands-on’ therapist, Keri also offers support, advice, and guidance as a health coach with Executives and individuals coping with the overwhelm of ‘busyness’.

In this conversation, we explore the practicalities of getting clarity on what and who actually matters in our world, in putting the expectations of ‘doing it all’ to the side, and learning how to say ‘no’ as a complete sentence. When the immediate needs are taken care of then Keri calls us to then be clear on what is your metric for success whether it’s a health metric or an energy metric, or it’s a connection metric, it needs to be something that is relevant and important to you. Combat the anxiety and overwhelm with real, practical and honest strategies that work. 

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