Sel Watts on living your life your way, unapologetically

Oct 09, 2019

Known to many as Sel, Sue-Ellen Watts disrupted the HR industry over 17 years ago when she launched her business wattsnext from home and has grown it into a national company, one of the largest of its kind in Australia.

Sel is a serial entrepreneur and I’d recommend also looking up Scrappi, Your Secret Sauce and Zzoota.

She’s a mum of 3, a lover of NYC and Gary Vaynerchuck in a massive way and an all-round incredible woman. In this episode, we touch on how Sel has defined her ideal life and unapologetically lives it, even though it sometimes goes against societal norms, how she deals with having her husband as an employee and the experiments, wins, and losses that have made her into the formidable business woman that she is today. Please enjoy this incredibly honest and inspiring chat with my friend, Sue-Ellen Watts.

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