Helping your to dream big, plan well and take massive action.


So, you REALLY want to scale up?

I only work with a select group of people individually. You need to be action orientated and be really ready to fly. 

You should be over the "fear" stage in your business, so going for over twelve months. 

Individual coaching is intense and focussed and is designed to give you actionable steps to implement to design both the business and life you love. I work with people who already have the basics down, who are already pretty awesome and who need support, advice and a good enthusiastic cheer on to level up to the next stage of business. 

If you're struggling in business, just getting started, or have your business under $250k per year, the online courses will be perfect for you. 

If you're earning over $10k a month profit and are wanting to pick your revenue up over $1 million then let's have a strategy session and get you all set up and see if we fit as the dream team to lift you to your next level. 

I look forward to talking with you soon! 

Tina x


Help More People.

We want you to be able to grow your business so that you can reach more people in your area of expertise. 


Make More Money

Too many business owners are working too hard and not making enough money. We show you how to leverage your time and team members to make more money with less face to face time. 

Have More Fun.

Business is supposed to be fun! We want to help you to streamline and systemise your business so that you can use your business to live a life you love. 

Thinking of working with me?

Here's what one of my fabulous clients, Melissa Amore, had to say after 6 months of mentoring.

Want to chat?

Let's have a one off strategy session to get to know each other, take a helicopter view of your business and make a plan that will work best for your growth goals.




  • 1 hour zoom call.
  • Access to video module on creating your most epic year ahead.
  • Clarity for where to go in your business moving forward. 




  • Full member access to the site with business operational templates. 
  • Weekly video modules and accompanying printables for the program to scale up your business. 
  • Access to closed facebook member community.
  • Monthly masterclass LIVE with Tina Tower
  • Monthly LIVE group Q&A session
  • 2 x full day in person group strategy planning days

What's Scale Up?

HI, I'm Tina and I LOVE business. Business has enabled me to start, grow and sell multiple businesses, have great teams and travel the world. Scale UP is an intensive results focussed group business coaching program showing you how to run a profitable business and scale up to enable you to help more people and live a life you love.


It's been burning inside you. Are you ready to unleash? LET'S CHAT


"I joined Idea to Launch uncertain of whether I would be able to pull this off. I wasn't sure that I had the time to follow through on such a big dream. From the get go, Tina puts you at ease with her casual and personable manner. Every step is broken down into achievable modules that are easy to follow. Before I knew it, my course was launched and I was so proud of what I had achieved. Idea to Launch saves you so much time by streamlining the whole process. I would wholeheartedly recommend anyone who is considering creating an online course to join."

Sharon Collon
The Functional Family

Let's start by spending an hour together...

There's way too many businesses that are operating and not making enough money or not having enough fun. The owner's are laying everything on the line and feeling like they're not getting anywhere fast. 

I work with people who already have a pretty awesome business, but they need help to take it to the next level. I help smart business owners to amplify their business and simplify their life by:

  • Creating systems to remove you from daily operations
  • Working on time management to ensure you're optimising time to spend on the important and ignore the unimportant. 
  • Create an epic team so that the business success isn't sitting entirely on your shoulders. 
  • Streamline operations to enhance profit. As we know, "revenue is for vanity, profit is for sanity!"

If this sounds like what you need, a strategy session could be a great idea. The one hour strategy session is great if you're not ready to commit to a coaching program because you're not quite sure where to go and what to do next. In the coaching strategy session, we'll cover: 

  • Get crystal clear about what's possible for your business, and the level of income, impact and independence YOU really want to have.
  • Find out the essential building blocks for scaling up your business, fast. 
  • Discover the #1 thing that's stopping you from getting what you want. 
  • Explore what your best growth strategy moving ahead will be.
  • Optimise time to work for you, not against you.
  • Work out how to leverage your money to create more profit.
  • Leave the session with confidence of knowing EXACTLY what needs to happen to create the business you've been dreaming about. 

Pretty great hour hey? If you want to get massive clarity about moving forward, book into your 1 hour coaching session now. It's held on skype so it doesn't matter where in the world you are. Once you've gone through the check out, you'll be redirected to a Calendar page so that you can book in your desired date and time and we can elevate your business. 


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