Helping women build their online empires

Join 7 figure business strategist, Tina Tower in her intimate mastermind.

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Want to become an Empire Builder? This is a mastermind designed for coaches, consultants and course creators to accelerate to the next level of business.  


Ready to build your empire? 

Over 15 years in business, Tina has worked with hundreds of business owners to help them level up in both business and life. 

Her Empire Builder is designed to help you focus the limited time you have on taking the action that's going to make the biggest impact on the growth of your business. 

Through launching multiple online courses and memberships herself and building the strategy and design for dozens of thought leaders around the world, you'll be tapping into the latest stats of what's working, what you should be implementing and be shown exactly how each month in the masterclasses. You will have access to Tina 3 times a month where she'll be sharing the complete behind the scenes to online business. 

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All of the evidence shows what a difference it makes to the world when women are empowered and are making money. Women share the wealth by making more donations to those less fortunate and projects we care deeply about. We share amongst our families and stimulate the economy. We're purpose driven and grow businesses with integrity and commitment. It's all good things and I want to help you create your empire. 

It is my goal that by 2025, we have 100 women in Empire Builders who are making over $1 million a year. 

Will you be an Empire Builder? 

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Right now you feel like you're wasting a ton of time, money and effort on building your online course, but not seeing enough results. 

Creating a thriving online community is not easy, but it is simple. It takes effort. It takes spending your energy on the right things and showing up consistently. 

I know you don't have time to waste. I know you have gifts to share.

The Empire Builders Mastermind is designed to show you the blueprint for spending the limited time resource you do have, on the activities that are going to cause the most significant growth in your business. 

You see other people getting results from their online course and you want to know how to that too. I will be peeling back the curtain in my own business to share with you what's working and what's not. For the things that I'm not an expert in, I have a curated list of the best experts in their area of business to come in and share with you their success secrets to help you to get the results that you desire and deserve. 

We're so confident that you'll love being a part of the Empire Builders Mastermind that we have no contracts! If you don't get MASSIVE value in your first 30 days, you can cancel, no questions asked. 

But you know what, we think it's actually going to change your business and life forever, so buckle in! 

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I'm right here with you on this journey

In 2018 I started my first online course while travelling the world. Since that time, I have made seven figures and fallen head over heels in love with online business. After running a retail business, a service based business and a Nation wide franchise company with over 30 locations and 120 staff, I was so excited to discover the secrets to this beautiful online world. 

I've become so passionate about helping other women grown within it because I know how good this life is! We can have a business with a massive impact and it not shoot our cortisol levels through the roof every day. Empire Builders is all about working smart so that we can make the biggest difference in the easiest way. 

Do I Qualify?

This will let you know if the Mastermind is right for you. 

Who it's for

  • You have your business up and running and have already made your first 5 figures in online courses or memberships.
  • You use Kajabi for your website and courses. 
  • You are the owner of 50% or more of your company.
  • You are looking to learn and grow.
  • You're a good human who wants to be a part of a collaborative community of high achieving women. No negative energy or complainers without action here please. 
  • You have high goals and want to shoot for a million dollar online business. 

Who it's NOT for

  • Start ups 
  • People who are not "coachable". Those that have all the answers and aren't willing to put themselves out there and try something new. 



Join the group with other highly ambitious and smart women making an impact in the world.

This is not an online course - it's an experience.

Join Empire Builders

You know the possibilities of online courses and memberships, but there's still 3 big problems...


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You know there's so much to do but you're running out of time to do all the things.

It can be easy when we're going it alone to not know which things to try, and so we try everything! Yep, I know that out of control, running out of time feeling too. As a member of Empire Builders, you're getting a well researched and calculated program so that each month, you can go all in with confidence on focussing on the area of growth that we're doing, knowing that you've got the important stuff covered. 

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This online world can be pretty lonely, and you need some power houses to grow with.

I know even when someone asks me "So, what do you do?" I get a little stuck! Us course creators and membership empire builders are not main stream and it can be hard to talk with others about what's going on in the business, even other business owners. As much as I have all of the experience and the gumption to give everything a go and pass those lessons on, the power in Empire Builders is the community. We have a 'no asshole' policy. It's the place for people going for big big things and wanting to make a big impact with your work. It's a supportive community of experienced and smart women because together, we're so much greater than alone. 

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What you're doing isn't feeling scalable.

How we start is always going to be different than how we continue. The way to go big in this business is to provide massive value, in a scalable way. In Empire Builders, we work on crafting your offer so that you're well paid, and can reach many people, while still having a life! I am BIG on not working yourself to the bone. I even wrote a book on it (ONE LIFE). I want to show you how you can run a leveraged business that helps loads of people, where you get exceptionally well paid, and have an abundance of time to spend with your family, friends and doing the things you love. 

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I'm gathering by this stage, you know who I am or you wouldn't have kept scrolling this far. So I'm not going to reel off my bio. 

What I will say is thank you for getting this far. Thank you for having the belief in yourself to level up. I put my success down to a willingness to try. I endearingly call myself a try hard. I have very big ambitions and I go after them as passionately and directly as I can. 

You have probably also gathered, I LOVE business. I love that we can create whatever we want to. The cliche is so true, 'if we can dream it, we can achieve it'. 

I know jumping into a Mastermind is a huge step. I have been right where you are and still am! I am alsoways investing in my education and am constantly surrounding myself with people who are bigger, better and smarter than me so I can keep learning and keep my mind open to the new possibilities and opportunities. 

I would love to be the person who helps you get you to your goal. I've given loads of information on this page so that you can get an idea for what it will be like and who you will be with. But, if you don't love it as much as I expect you to, we have a 30 day money back guarantee. I'm that confident that I can help you build your empire. 

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  • Never having to ask the question "Am I focusing on the right thing".
  • Having a fabulous group of over achievers who have got your back. 
  • A leader who has the experience  to lift you up and who believes in you more than you ever thought you were capable of. 
  • Days where you come together to connect, laugh, learn and level up. 
  • Waking up every single morning knowing with certainty what you're creating and where you're headed. 

Here's some of what you get when you join the Empire Builders Mastermind


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Monthly Masterclass

This session happens every month giving you a tangible action step that you can implement into your business to increase your bottom line, get more quality customers, build your team, create more joy in your life and increase your impact. 

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Monthly LIVE Coaching Q&A

Often you have specific questions about your business that you need answered so that you can bounce around ideas, get others opinions and capitalise on both Tina's experience and the collective experience of other Mastermind members. This session is open to you every month. 

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Guest expert LIVE session

With Tina's network, she can open her black book of experts and invite them in each month to teach you a specific skill that will grow your empire. This session will be LIVE so that you can also have space and time to ask the expert questions. 

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Video resource library

All LIVE sessions are recorded so that if you cannot make it, you can watch it in your own time. There's also pre-recorded modules for various growth areas of your business in marketing, finances, services, customers, team and systems. 

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Business operational templates

Over the last 15 years and continuing every day, Tina has developed a template for use in so many areas of your business. Whether you need an interview questionnaire for when you're interviewing your new PA, a cashflow forecast spreadsheet or a marketing content planner, we have you covered. 

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2 LIVE in person Planning days

Each year, Tina runs a mid year 1 day planning event in Sydney, Australia and in Newport Beach, California and then 1 again towards the end of the year. These in person days allow you to put a human touch to the faces you'll grow to know over the computer screen and connect in real life. You'll also get the chance twice a year to immerse in your business for a full day to strategically plan out your next 6 months. You can choose to attend either the US or Australian location. 

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Short courses

Any short courses that Tina has or creates in the future that are available through Tina's site or Tower Co, are all yours, for free. 

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Closed Facebook group

We love having a private group just for us. This is the place where you can ask a question of your community anytime and get the support and camaraderie that you we love! 

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Skip the queue on Tower Co Services

Our Digital Agency, Tower Co, can have a big wait time for 'Done For You' services. With everything from new pipeline builder, podcast production, to new program building, we have you covered for all of your Kajabi needs & as an Empire Builder, you skip to the front pass anyone else.


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Empire Builders Membership Opens in...









Still have questions?

Here are some common ones that people ask before joining Her Empire Builder. If you still have more, go ahead and email [email protected] 

What people are saying about being in Tina's coaching mastermind

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Michelle Young

Pop Up Cosmetics

You are so amazing and such an inspiration, not only to me, but whoever you come in touch with.

I could not have made this journey without you. The business results that I have achieved since we started would not have been possible in double the time if I had tried to do it on my own. I have tripled my turnover and learnt to spend my time on what matters most to maximise my day and profits. I have not looked back since and you are a gift to me.

I love that no matter what you have going on in your life that when it’s our chat you stand in the position of what is possible for me.

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Susie Upton & Leza Sullivan

Child Aware and Provisional Psychologist Hub

I have loved every minute of Coaching!!
Since working with Tina we have made significant improvements in growing and better managing our business. We have launched a new online business to compliment our service based business to enable us to diversify revenue streams and increase our ability to work flexibly. Joining Scale Up has allowed us to take some time out and observe our current business operations to analyse what can be done better in order to work smarter and not harder. Having a better understanding of our business has allowed us to make better informed decisions and systemise areas to save us time. I look forward to the new topics each week to view online and love being apart of the Q&A and Masterclasses. Thanks you Tina for being so open and willing to share you knowledge and experiences. Since joining Scale Up we are set to increase the profit of our business year on year and we look forward to seeing what the future holds!!

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Michelle Pascoe

Second Momentum

Having you as my Coach is the best thing I have ever done in my business (I truly mean that).  YOU ARE TRULY AMAZING.